CheaterVille in the Press Makes Tim Tebow An Offer He Can't Refuse
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March 26, 2012 Makes Tim Tebow An Offer He Can't Refuse  - a website that promotes anti-cheating - wants Tim Tebow to be their New York City spokesperson starting in 2013 for $1 million - Under the proposed agreement, Tim would have to wear the CheaterVille logo on his warmup gear and appear at some anti-cheating events in NYC next year to help spread the message that cheating is wrong - Also they would like Tim to film a PSA for the Super Bowl that promotes anti-cheating, whether he helps the Jets make it to the big game or not. Tim needs to pop his cherry before he can cheat on someone - Definitely a great fit for the holiest QB in the league. You wanna help fight infidelity, post a known cheater now!-TO


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