CheaterVille in the Press
ABC News 10 Sacramento
Article by: CheaterVille Media
September 30, 2011

SACRAMENTO, CA - If you're caught cheating, it might ruin your relationship and maybe now, even ruin your dating life forever.

A new website is targeting cheaters and taking them down one by one.

It's called Cheaterville.

Thesite details names of suspected cheaters, pictures, hometowns and all the details of affairs, posted by anonymous, jilted lovers seeking revenge.

And according to the site, Sacramento is a cheating hot spot.

James McGibney launched the website from Las Vegas last Valentine's Day. He says his site is threatened with lawsuits but is protected by free speech laws that also protect sites such as  Facebook.

"It's up to those reading the posts if they think what's written is true," said McGibney.

McGibney warns: Cheaters beware.

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