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Jason Johnson
lakewood soldier targeting women
Posted By: washingtontruth2012
12/12/12 2:04 AM

This guys name is Jason Johnson. He drives a blue dodge durango and is currently in the army switching to air force. He is married and sleeps with any and every woman who will sleep with him. He abuses his wife and threatens her with their child if she leaves. I met him because he slept with my wife when i was in the field and now my wife and i are divorced and she is having his baby.He is...


Mahammed Mayah
Posted By: Katiesand
12/12/12 9:18 AM

Mohammah Mayah is a player, a heart breaker and a liar. He is not a very nice person, when he talk about being in a relationship with you just say No. He used woman to get what he want and tells them that they does not fit his requirement and standard. He is only after one thing and that is sex and once he get what he wants he is on to the next one.He has *** from sleeping...

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