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Joshua Moles
Cheater, Habitual Liar, Abuser, manipulator
Posted By: steffyC
11/21/14 7:32 AM

Met this male we lived a good distance from each other, we talked on the phone every night for hours and hours and wee text all the time when we met in person and spent time together things seemed so perfect almost like the too good to be true scene. He seemed loving caring and very sweet he was my perfect ideal guy. A month later we were in love and he moved in with me after four months he...

Lin Smith-sands
Cheater to start
Posted By: BS1980
11/21/14 3:10 PM

Met this girl at a restaurant in LA. Started dating me while in a relationship already. This should have been an indicator, but she is psycho and went on later to make many claims that were simply projections from her secrets. she is a loon look out if you are in LA,

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