Cheater of the Day

Khalil Tria
Total Jerk and cheater
Posted By: kblock
10/23/14 10:02 PM

I met him through Imvu the social avatar client and site. He was cool and nice with me and my other friends, it wasnt like the other guys in there from my country and respected me or at least I thought, we shared many things in common and he would flirt me and be very sweet to me, we had a great time together. I fell in love with him, he said he loved me and we kissed many times...

Felipe Robles
Cheaters Never Change
Posted By: Fer1582
10/24/14 8:16 AM

"Hey, I'm writing to admit something to you that I should have said a long time ago. The real reason that I broke up with you was that I cheated on you. I thought it would hurt less by just saying that things weren't working out and that the mysteries of life were the reason that you and I weren't destined to stay together. That was wrong of me, the real reason is that I was a ****bag. I am...

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