Cheater of the Day

Jo Ann Washburn
Posted By: newlyaware1
9/21/14 1:15 AM

Jo Ann Washburn, JoAnn, Joni Washburn - the CHEF. Roaming husband stealing stalking family wrecker. Before her culinary biz, Jo Ann used to work in information technology, around mostly well-educated mostly married men .... which apparently suited her since she went after a MARRIED man over whom she was a supervisor, a father with a wife and young children at home. But encouraging and covering up a sexualized work environment and exploiting her position and preying...

Max Jones
Maximillian Jones, lying cheating porn addicted *******
Posted By: MrsJones74
9/21/14 10:48 AM

Max uses many names, Jason, Craig, Jay etc. He's on AFF, Alt, Craigslist and more. He loves to lie to women and use them for money and gifts. He will talk to them using one screen name to learn about them, then start talking to them with another so he can appear to be the man they want. He has an ***. He's currently driving an SUV with NV...

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