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David Barnes
compulsive liar
Posted By: Rocsi92
8/31/14 1:05 AM

I've had relationship with David for over 8 years now. When I first became involved with him, I was partly in the wrong as he was married. Your relationship went on for 3 1/2 years before he left his wife, I had believed everything that he had confided to me of why he had take his time using his business and financial issues as reasons. He was living two lives. It was 6 months later,on discovering there was another woman...

Yarnell Cosby
What a bust!
8/31/14 8:51 AM

I caught my ex fiance in bed with my roommate.After telling him i wanted to break it off he promised to not cheat again but was trying to get with my cousin at the club a couple weeks later.Giving him one more chance i tried to work things out to later find I was ** with a ** he had given me.Disgusted and no longer trusted.

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