Cheater of the Day

Chris Joyce
Posted By: Misstish
8/28/14 2:42 AM

This is Chris Joyce ! He lives in Bruderhime and frequents Fort Saskatchewan . While dating him he constantly cheated on me , woman from his life told me about it often enough, I was just not wanting to believe it . He consistently lied and accused me of cheating . The first time he threw me around I found excuses for it and stayed with him ! But thanks to some razzing from they boys at work saying they...

Jonathan Rosas
The Worst Relationship Of My Life (No I'm Not Exaggerating)
Posted By: misskitkat
8/28/14 7:55 AM

I'm doing this because I have no other closure... If it protects other woman from this creep than so be it... I met up with this dork because he kept pursuing me ... so i was bored one night and decided to let him pick me up.... he was very sweet and he showered me with lots of love.... he was a little corny for my taste but i decided to try something out of my normal choice for a...

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