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Sue Milio
Harlot Tears couple apart
Posted By: tydurd69
4/24/14 10:12 AM

Sue Milio from Sweden, or Denmark, or one of those places that breeds beautiful blonds came through our this past fall and took to sleeping with a nice barkeep at the Oddfellows Arms this past November, and drank enough voddy to float a thousand ships. HARLOT! She was a sexy one, wearing almost nothing but scanties daily, and proved to be quite a ****. The poor ******* had no idea what hit him...but his bride-to-be sure did. This harlot broke up...

Vernon Carr
Liar. Cheater. Deceiver.
Posted By: Gabbz
4/24/14 11:08 PM

This man will lie to you until he gets what he wants. He claims to be Godfearing but its mostly a front. Stay away, unless you want to end up being played like the rest of his victims. That girl calling at 12 midnight. Yeah. You might catch him in an act and he'll make up another lie to cover his tracks. Don't believe him.

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