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Elena Orriss
Tag Chasing *****.
Posted By: ixposedu2
10/19/14 10:45 PM

This nasty ***** will chase down anything in a military uniform. She especially has a fetish for married men with families. She has ruined countless marriages and families. So if you are a service member or are dating or married to any military man and it doesn't matter what branch they are in this ***** will ruin and destroy your family. She especially chases down soldiers from JBLM. Be Aware.

Phillip Boyd
Phillip/Pershawn/PJ/ Purp
Posted By: Miche
10/19/14 10:53 PM

PJ is the ultimate liar! I've known this man for approximately 10 years and we started off as a summer fling... Make a long story short, we ended up being together because of our history and things started going down hill. I found out he was cheating with random females and asking them to go hotels/motels with him. <<< woman's intution. He denied it, by explanation which I didn't believe. He sells dreams that will never come true and try...

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