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Bobby Gutierrez
Crazy stalker
Posted By: lala14
10/22/14 7:33 PM

Since the beginning of our relationship 5 years ago this man has done nothing but lie and cheat on me. I found him on numerous dating sites including and but most recently I found out he was having a relationship with a "friend" that is married, I found their secret Instagram, classy. And even more recently I also found out he's screwing multiple woman at once including Jackie Vasquez! He loves to play the victim but don't be...

Brandy Bachman
The Brandy Bachman Saga
Posted By: ForesaknMalteseCross
10/22/14 8:28 PM

Met this beautiful woman in WA state back in 2002. After making a good faith promise to divorce our current spouses (which I was already separated and divorcing my wife), Then in 2004, she asked me to move her and her two teen daughters back to KS. In 2005 her husband moved down to KS to try and reconcile their differences. I moved back to TX in 2006. Since then she has told me that she has...

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