Cheater of the Day

Ron DiPietro
Repeat Cheater
Posted By: ScornedByOhio
10/31/14 12:25 AM

Cheater was engaged to my friend. They dated over 2 years. He cheater on her from Day ONE! He slept with old ex girlfriends. Constantly text and face timed strippers, ex girlfriends. Proposed to her twice. He was a weasel. He was married twice. Cheated on his first wife. Abandoned her. Then married a girl that did threesome with other girls. So he cheated on her. He is a SEXUAL ADDICT. Final straw my friend saw a text that he...

Clay Parsons
Horrible human!
Posted By: Gjaaay
10/31/14 11:59 AM

Clay is a master manipulator and is able talk his way out of almost anything. Has no moral compass. Will sleep with anyone, even his girlfriends friend whilst she is asleep in the next room. Is a repeat offender. He will charm you, buy you expensive gifts.. But nothing is worth the pain he will put you through!

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