Cheater of the Day

Tom Frechette
liar/ out!
Posted By: iwillfindout
12/18/14 10:14 AM

An affair that started when his babies were 6 months and 2.5 years so no real conscious. Now married to the one he cheated with...she will surely experience the same one day! :(

nolan settles
cheating lying *******
Posted By: TinaSettles
12/18/14 4:36 PM

we met in school but didn't know each other. 2 years ago we met on site and i took him out of a shelter in washington, dc and moved him in with me. i thought i found something great in a person finally. well we got married a year later (i know quick). my children adore him being as though i have a girl she adores him... well a so called friend came to stay bc her mothers house...

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