Cheater of the Day

Jeremy Slezak
The Pathilogical Liar
Posted By: 1LovelyL
11/26/14 2:58 AM

After many years of lies, having children and a marriage. Jeremy finally left me and our children once he received a disability lump sum. After looking through phone records I discovered my "faithful husband" never came home until midnight because he was with this home wreaker. He was texting this female, he claimed he had nothing to do with her for MANY YEARS but during my pregnancy he would text her up to 100 times a day. He left me...

Greyson Walker
Your Average Neighborhood Liar
Posted By: AmyLH
11/26/14 12:30 PM

Greyson Tyler Walker is a former psychology student and last I heard was in the Army. He led me on, thinking that he liked me as a girlfriend but never would ask me out on a date, so I stayed his friend because whatever. Later I found that he was using my name as a cover, saying to other women when he would leave their house and go to another woman's house that he was actually hanging with me, citing...

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