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Mario Syrkett
Tells a Great Story
Posted By: hewasa*****85
12/18/14 11:41 PM

Hello, This boy has been telling me the greatest story for years. He has broken my heart more than once. He tells me he loves me then disappears. This has happened on more than one occcassion, He is currently living with another woman telling me how much he loves me and wants to be with me. I feel sorry for her.

Carol Brewer
One women not to mess with. Cries ****, battery, *********ation on men, says the
Posted By: CarolBrewer
12/19/14 9:04 AM

I was ****ged and drunk most of my life with this women who took me at age 15 and brainwashed me into believeing i was a no body and that no one wanted me. She was 28. After 17yrs i finally got tired of the cheating theies the abuse mentally and physically. When i finally got out the car one nite..and never looked back. She got rid of everything over nite. Had her son/boyfriend shoot my motorcycle uo..she got rid...

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