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Marita Fulmer
CHEATING Married Mother of Three, Spends $$$ on herself nstead of her children
Posted By: Heike
11/21/14 7:59 AM

Married mother of three children who spends all of her free time on social media and flies back east T have sex with Gary, a career criminal. Pretends to be a good mom, but spends money on Botox for her face and cheap shoes instead of on her young daughter. Leaves her 14 yr old daughter in California ot fly back East to have sex with an idiot clown boytoy.

Ken Armer
Ken Armer is a cheater
Posted By: Jenn1978
11/21/14 12:33 PM

He is 37 and lives in Gloucester VA with his WIFE of 1 1/2 yrs, they have a 6 yr old daughter and she has a12 yr old son. They have been on and off for 7-8 yrs until he says she "trapped" him by getting pregnant. He met her while she was married to her 1st husband. And he has cheated on her ever since. He moves from job to job, cannot keep one more than 2 yr,...

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