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Adeniyi Oke
******* now knows he needs to protect his wife and family
Posted By: TeenaJ
3/05/15 9:26 AM

Okay, so coming out of a bad relationship or what I thought was a relationship in the latter part of 2013, I decided to post an ad on Craigslist just for kicks. Nothing serious, just wanted to meet some new people because I was new to Rhode Island. Here come's this idiot named Niyi or so he calls himself. I never had the intention of having sex with him when we met up but hey, things happen. All the...

Destiny Barrier
Break up a happy home!
Posted By: Manoflove
3/05/15 4:28 PM

I'm a gay guy and we know our ****! All the ladies tell us their baggage! This cop would come into my job and visit Destiny Darlene. She is also engaged with some guy. She bragged about wanting to **** him and that she did ! ***** sleeps her way around! Knew he was married and didn't care. She got the job I should have. We've even helped his wife shop for makeup at Ulta!

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