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Bridgette Weiss
Pathological lying cheater who uses her kids as an excuse
Posted By: rickkno
7/24/14 12:36 AM

Married for a couple years, but she was on online hook up sites the whole time. Gave her everything she asked for, and she kept on lying. Tried to take the house, the cars, everything. She's heartless, has no morals or compassion. Stay far away. You've been warned.

Jason Cole
Jason Cole from Kansas City Missouri Is A Pig
Posted By: birdwoman
7/24/14 4:47 PM

This loser thought I would not find out about his cheating ways but I found out when I saw a pic of him all hugged up with another woman. She must of weighed 300 pounds. Looked like Miss Piggy. Lied about the whole thing to me. Give this man my heart and he walks all over it. Lying piece of crap.

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