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Carlos Lopez
Married and cheating in Corona, Ca.
Posted By: Imgonnatell
1/24/15 12:03 AM

I met what I thought was a great guy who said he wasn't married. My friend found him on craigslist today trying to hookup with women. His ad says he's married. So much for keeping my date with him. I'm not sure if this is even his real name. Here's what his ad says "I'm Latino 44 yrs old married I'm looking for a friend I need excitement in my life I wanna feel something different I know is somebody like me...

Vince Kaercher
Should of know prince charming is a ******
Posted By: ScornedWoman2345
1/24/15 3:04 PM

he cheated on his wife that he was married to for a long time. then he cheated on his girlfriend with his wife and anyone else who was willing. the whole time nether of them knew anything. he told me we were exclusive but he was talkin to other girls, i can't say for sure if he was hookin up w/them but since he'd done it b4 i'd guess yes. Watch out 4 this 1 ladies. he seems like a...

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