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Dan Turock
cheater in Camarillo
Posted By: statru2uni
9/29/14 11:41 AM

Met Dan on pof. Found out he had a gf! He broke up with her and continued to pursue me. I gave in. Just to find out he was still with his gf. After confronting him he had no remorse. He just deleted his pof and instagram. Asked me not to ruin a good thing by telling.

Darrell Robins
Beware of Damarri (uneekd)
Posted By: nogood951
9/29/14 2:34 PM

This man is marry, but claim to be single on dating sites. He is on dating sites pretending to be single and playing games with women heart. He steals photos off websites making it seem like he live in this beautiful home. He also claim to live in corona which I found out later that was a lie as well being he live in Moreno Valley with his wife Latasha. Don't fall for his lies and beware that most what...

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