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Doris Josie
Doris a married women of 8 yrs cheated with Rick Hunt
Posted By: scornedwife50
10/30/14 3:29 PM

Doris worked with Rick at **where they began their affair that is still ongoing to this day. There is plenty of evidence on phone logs. She was fired from the store in April but they are still keeping up the affair. Both are married and it was Rick's wife of 25 years that discovered the affair. His devastated wife is now proceeding with divorce since learning of the affair. Both parties have children and their selfish...

Neal Caplan
Cheating ******* almost hooked my wife
Posted By: MadDadHubby
10/30/14 4:01 PM

My wife and I are having some issues with our marriage, then I found out that she started communicating with this guy before I confronted her about it. I am trying to reconcile with the wife but want other people to know about this ****bag. He apparently offers empty properties he purchased/financed for trysts. This guy posts an ad on Craigslist trying to hook married women. I posted a copy of the ad here: ============= ==================== =========== You're Married and Secretly here... You are here looking...

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