Cheater of the Day

Lee Simpson
Sex Addict Grocery Store Employee
Posted By: yeahthatsme
7/29/14 12:18 PM

The story does not check out with Lee. He is not who he portrays himself to be. If you do a simple search on his preferred screen name LeeLand80, you will see he has accounts on ****book, How About We and OKCupid. He acts like the nice guy and he is realllllly good at it. He uses lines that even my player guy friends think are smooth. That's funny because Lee will have you believe...

Stuart Pembery
Serial cheater operating in London, Chichester and The US.
Posted By: BritChick
7/29/14 3:36 PM

Stuart Pembery seems like a lovely guy but do not trust him. In my long recent relationship with this man he cheated continually. I only found out when emailed by the other women and contacting an-ex.. I dumped him but he is still doing it and then lying through his teeth when caught out. To my knowledge he has asked them all to be exclusive and talked of love and building a future together, whilst having several others on the go. He...

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