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Philip McHugh
Pathological Liar
Posted By: nothappy70
4/15/14 10:02 PM

He is dishonest about other women in his life. Some are "friends', which are not friends at all. He is sleeping with them. His ex-girlfriend who he has a child with is still involved with him sexually, though he will tell you that is not the case. He and I had sex, then he later that day got a bj from her, but did not tell her we were together. He is sick and needs help.

K Whelan
Cheated on his sick wife of 26 years with married colleague
Posted By: Krassdaddy
4/15/14 11:12 PM

Cheated on his wife with a married woman 14 years his junior after several years of playing the friend and colleague. When she was vulnerable with stress and unhealthy husband, he made his move an began an affair that included overnight trips to several countries, staying in posh hotels with all expenses paid by company. After a drunken one night stand she tried to stop it, but he told her he loved her and has for a long time....

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