Cheater of the Day

Anthony Vazquez
City Of Chicago's Real Pay To Play
Posted By: 312ChitownPays2Play
2/28/15 6:40 AM

Anthony Vazquez.... He has been with his beautiful wife for 17 years now, she has supported him while he was out of work since she is the head of household/bread winner. She is the one that finally got him on his feet. He now works for the city of chicago streets and sanitation division thanks to his wonderful wife, who not only has been there for him through the good, and bad, but has always made her 3 children (Including...

Jeffrey Hardee
Longtime Cheater, Cult Member, Narcissist
Posted By: Justice19
2/28/15 8:46 AM

Jeff E. Hardee cheated on his fiancé with at least three other women, including one married, often drunk woman. He is a selfish, manipulative liar who will use anyone to get what he wants. He will claim he has changed. He hasn't. This is only part of the story. Please be safe and stay away ladies.

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