CheaterVille FAQ

Can a post or comment be deleted or edited?

Once your post is made visible to the public, it cannot be deleted or edited. However, a rebuttal or addition to the original posting can be made at any time. Furthermore, you have the option to login to your account and make the post "not visible" to the public.  Please note, if you set your post to "not visible" it can take 48 hours, or longer, before the change is made. 

A post made about me is not true, what can I do?

As stated in the Terms of Service (located at, Cheaterville, Inc. does not control User Content submitted by its users. Users of are solely responsible for the information contained in the User Content they submit to, as well as the removal of any such User Content. If you would like the User Content to be removed, please reply to the User responsible for the submission of the User Content in question and request that it be removed; Cheaterville, Inc. will not remove the User Content. The user who submitted the post can login to their CheaterVille account and hide the post from the public. If you wish to dispute the information contained in the User Content, please do so in a reply to the User Content. Any such replies submitted are subject to the Terms of Service. is an interactive computer service provider under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (47 U.S.C. Section 230(c)(1)), and pursuant to that law, shall not be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by the Users of As a result, and its affiliates are not liable for statements contained in User Content available on the site. Please direct all claims for relief to the User responsible for the User Content.

In an effort to help facilitate people who may be falsely posted as a cheater on our website, we have teamed up with a 3rd party arbitration company called TRUTH IN POSTING. CheaterVille is not affiliated with TIP, however if you feel that you are being falsely accused of being a cheater, we highly encourage you to not only directly reply to the post to proclaim your innocence but also contact Truth In Posting at to file a formal challenge. Truth in Posting can help facilitate the removal of the false allegations posted on our site if THEY DETERMINE, through an independent arbitration review, that the allegations are indeed false.

**Any inquires sent via our website or email portal with respect to legal questions or concerns will be referred to the aforementioned explanation, including the Communications Decency Act of 1996.

Does CheaterVille make money off of removing its posts? That is, can I pay you to take down a post about me?

No. You may not pay us to take down a post about you. We would not take down a post for any amount of money. You can offer us $1,000, $2,000, $10,000 or $100,000. We do not remove posts simply upon demand, request, nor as a result of threats, cajoling, or assertions of liability. We only remove posts if ordered to do so by a court order or an arbitrator.

Aren't these “arbitration services” just an end run around to taking money directly?

No. We currently only work with one arbitration service which is Truth In Posting. All of these services are completely independent from CheaterVille. We do not own nor are we affiliated with Truth In Posting. The reason that we adhere to their decisions is that we understand that unscrupulous individuals may post false profiles about other people. We also recognize that there are two sides to every story, but we do not wish to be in a position of deciding which side is valid, nor do we feel qualified to do so. Leaving aggrieved parties with no recourse except going to court means that they will have to spend thousands of dollars to retain an attorney and wait for months, if not years, for a final disposition of their case. On the other hand, the arbitration services charge a fee well below a filing fee for a court case. Additionally, they allow the matter to be resolved in an expedited manner. Sometimes, people file an arbitration and the posting party responds with credible information, resulting in an arbitration decision that posts should remain up. Other times, decisions call for the post to be removed. We have no influence upon the process nor decision and do not make any money off of it. The arbitration services are provided as an alternative so that someone who seeks and/or deserves justice will be able to get it cheaply and quickly. We will adhere to an order from the court or Truth In Posting. We recommend Truth in Posting because we are familiar with their processes. If you prefer to use another independent arbitration service, we will adhere to any established, independent, tribunal or arbitration panel of any type. You may contact us upon receipt of an arbitration decision in your favor, and we will provide you with the necessary forms and releases to remove or modify the post consistent with the arbitration decision.

Why is my post and/or comments to a post being reviewed (up to 48 hours) before it's made available to the public?

CheaterVille's top priority is protecting our members' privacy. Posts are screened for inappropriate content, including but not limited to:

Home or work address (or current place of residence.)
Phone #'s or other contact information
Threats of physical harm.

CheaterVille reserves the right to remove or edit a post and/or comment if these, or other violations are discovered. Further information can be found within our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Can I contact the author of a post directly?

The only way to contact another member directly is by responding to a post.

Can a comment I made about a post be removed or changed to "not visible?"

No it cannot, once a comment is made about a post it stays attached to the original post. The only way a comment can be made "not visible" is if the person who created the initial post hides the post.

Can I upload video?

Yes you can, our new video, phone, text and voice-mail upload feature is now available.

There is a photo of me on CheaterVille - how do I remove it?

Once a photo is uploaded it cannot be removed. Please review our posting policy for additional information.

Someone posted information about someone I know, how can I get a hold of them?

The easiest way is to comment directly to the post. The person who created the post will automatically be notified that a comment was made to their post.

Can I add a photo to a post after I've submitted a post without a photo?

Yes you can, simply login to your account and you will see the option in your account settings to add a photo. You cannot replace a photo once it's been uploaded.

How do I know my account information is secure?

Privacy is our top priority at CheaterVille. We use advanced encryption tools to ensure that your account information is secure.

How do I edit my account?

Once you login to your CheaterVille account, you will see an option which will allow you to edit your information.

How do I deactivate my account?

Once you login to your CheaterVille account, you will see an option which will allow you to deactivate your account.

When I deactivate my account, do my posts automatically become "not visible?"

No they do not. You must first make your posts not visible manually before deactivating your account. If you deactivate your account before making your posts not visible, they will still be visible on

I made my posts "not visible" and they no longer appear on but show up in search engines?

CheaterVille has no control over how often our content is crawled and indexed by popular search engines. (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc...) Your post will remain visible until the search engine crawls and indexes our site again. 

How do I retrieve/reset my password?

Once you login to your CheaterVille account, you will see an option which will allow you to reset your password.  There is also a "forgot password" option once you click on the login section of our website.

How do I add an additional comment to a CheaterVille posting about a cheater?

After you've successfully logged into your CheaterVille account, you will have the ability to post directly to the thread already in place.

How do I add someone to my CheaterVille network?

After you've successfully logged into your CheaterVille account, you can add as many users to your notification list as you'd like.

How do I change my display name?

Once you've created your display name, it cannot be changed.

What picture formats can I upload when creating a new post?

JPEG (yourfilename.jpg), GIF (yourfilename.gif), and PNG (yourfilename.png)

Why did my post or picture get rejected?

There are a number of reasons why your post could have been rejected. Please refer to our posting policy for additional information.  Please note pictures that include children will not be posted on  A post of an alleged cheater who is under the age of 18 will be rejected as well.

I didn't find who I was looking for; can I be notified if someone posts something about them?

Absolutely, once you've created a CheaterVille account this option will become available to you under your My Account section.

Can I be notified if someone posts something about me or someone I know?

Absolutely, once you've created a CheaterVille account this option will become available to you under your My Account section.

Can I submit proof with my cheater post?

Absolutely! You can upload up to three photos with your cheater post. If you have proof, we recommend you upload one or two photos and a .jpg / .gif / .png image of the proof you have (i.e. screenshot of emails or IMs.)

If I search for someone and the search results show that the person DOES have a cheater record but no visible posts, how can I view the posting?

A post is made "not visible" when the user who created the original post goes into their account settings and makes their post "not visible." Once this occurs, the post cannot be made visible again.

A post was submitted about me and has since been made "not visible" but the record still exists in your system, what can be done to remove it?

Once a record is created it CANNOT BE DELETED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.  CheaterVille needs to keep every record submitted for legal purposes.  

Why can I only search up to a certain number of cheater records per hour?

To ensure the quality and responsiveness of our cheater searches, we limit the searches to a specific maximum number per hour.

Can I email someone a link to a cheater post anonymously?

You sure can! Near the top right of each cheater post is a link "Email Story Anonymously". Clicking on this link, you can then enter the email address of the person you wish to send the story anonymously to through the CheaterVille email portal, and click the "Submit" button. The email that the user will receive will be from "" with a link to the post.

Within my account settings, when I make a post invisible am I able to make it visible again?

Once a post is made invisible, that specific post cannot be made visible again.

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