Jessica Boetjer
Female | Ewa Beach, HI  
Posted By: BustyououtUser Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Male
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11/10/11 10:59 PM
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JESSICA BOETJER, currently married to Jeremy Boetjer, who is currently deployed in Afghanistan.
Jessica is a notorious tag chaser, she loves those military guys. She tells all these men that she is a single mom and that her "ex husband, Jeremy" is a deadbeat dad who doesn't pay child support, beat her, and so she supposedly divorced him. Well, she lied, it turns out. She was dating a Marine and an Army guy at the same time and they found out about each other, texted each other, and kicked that bitch to the curb! The Army guy had even let Jessica and her toddler daughter, Jayden, move in with him because she said her lease ended and she had no place to go. She told both of these guys that she loved them and whatnot. When she was at the Marine's house, she even received texts from her Husband while she was there and she would make fun of him, bash him, and mock him....all the while he is deployed and clueless to his whore wife's ways! Sickening. She exposes their daughter to all of this and was even found to be feeding the child rotten moldy food!! She also hacked all her husband's email accounts and deleted emails from us warning him about her. So, let's warn him any way possible!!
(In her info, I'm actually not sure if she has tattoos or not. So I'm gonna go with no.)

Proof of Cheater's Actions

Her and another guy

Jessica and another

Text between Jessica
and another dude

No proof audio submitted yet.

No proof video submitted yet.

Posted By: jeremybUser Verified | 11/11/11 6:06 AM
this is all lies. i am jessicas husband and i know for a fact that all these are lies. she has done nothing wrong and it is very low for some one to post such volguar acusations on a web site. who ever did this is obviously a very very imature person and needs to grow up.
Posted By: D.W.User Verified | 11/11/11 12:11 PM
Is that you kiss her in the photos?
Posted By: johnredcornUser Verified | 11/11/11 3:08 PM
Although I respect the fact that you're in the military and constantly being put in harms way for our benefit, I hope you're not protecting this sk*nk just for the sake of saving face my brother. You deserve better than what she's doing to you. If you can't see that, then you're a FOOL. This reply doesn't sound too convincing though... I'd bet my life that this chick Jessica is pretending to be Jeremy and posted this response. You can't deny the proof dude.
Posted By: jeremybUser Verified | 11/11/11 8:49 PM
ok dude chick what ever you are. i really dont care if i sound convincing to you or not. no one knows the whole story about what is going on with my wife and i. the people that posted this post dont even know what has been going on with us. also no this isnt jessica it is most deffenitly me jeremy.
Posted By: BustyououtUser Verified | 11/12/11 8:37 PM
You both are cheaters, but you have more to lose. End of story.
Posted By: jeremybUser Verified | 11/13/11 3:01 AM
Obviously you are a little p*ssy and so weak and pathetic that you have to be little people on a web page and cant confront them either once face to face or with a phone call. im pretty sure you know both of our numbers and have talked to each of us. so instead of being a immature little bitch why dont you just give us a call instead of slandering peoples name and posting pictures of them up sense i bet you your self dont know the whole true story.
Posted By: BustyououtUser Verified | 11/13/11 3:30 PM
If she were the good wife you assume she is, she'd spend less time putting penises in her refund gap and more time in being diligent about taking her Valtrex everyday like the doc told her to.
Posted By: Sns4rMass | 11/13/11 9:02 PM
your wife is a skank one of my boy f*cked her
Posted By: babybunny068User Verified | 11/13/11 11:17 AM
seriously, why would she use her phone number as a screen name ?
Posted By: NoneYooUser Verified | 11/13/11 9:19 PM
More power to her! She is just a cute girl who finally dogged a dog! I think you are just a couple of military guys who are bitter because she wouldn't have you! She burned you so move on!
Posted By: BustyououtUser Verified | 11/14/11 1:07 PM
I'm sure they will without a doubt, Jessica!
Posted By: JBsSIS | 11/14/11 11:02 PM
This is ridiculous. I am jeremys sister, please remove this post. This is slandering my brother, sister and also putting my nieces name out there. Whatever is going on between the two of them is their business. This is hurting my family more than any of u know. As an American Soldier I am very embarrassed and ashamed that my fellow Soldiers are acting this way, childish, posting these things on the Internet. If ur such a good person and want this to be put out there, why can u not say who u are? Please, take this down.
Posted By: jeremybUser Verified | 11/15/11 10:55 AM
thanks sis
Posted By: jeremybUser Verified | 11/16/11 12:49 AM
Hey you might want to take this one down as well Jamie. Unless you want what i said all over that last one spread out there all over this one like the other profile you made my wife.
Posted By: Sns4rMass | 11/16/11 1:21 PM
Since you're to stupid to let this h*e wife go just go out and cheat on her and call it even ;-)
Posted By: BustyououtUser Verified | 11/16/11 2:22 PM
Jessica, you obviously have no idea who this is but for starters, it's not a girl. sounds like you're trying to blackmail someone and that is 100% illegal. I've taken a screenshot for records.
JBsSIS was headed down the right road. You want this removed, you're going to have to ask nicely. You apparently can't see when anyone is trying to help you, but ignorance is bliss. And "stripper" accusations coming from 2 confirmed cheaters is such a pathetic display of desperation to avert blame...sad.
Posted By: johnredcornUser Verified | 11/16/11 12:59 PM
But Jeremy, if this isn't you in the pics... WHO IS IT? You deserve better dude. How are you gonna protect a cheater like this. I know she's your wife and all, but this despicable behavior.
Posted By: JBsSIS | 11/16/11 2:08 PM
Regardless of who's right and who's wrong, this is still noones business but my brother's and sister's. To whoever the weak person is that put this up, take it down. Seriously. What are u gaining out of this. All ur doing is causing even more problems. No one will know who's in these pics because the ppl doing this are weak. Who are any of u to cast judgement on Jeremy or jess? Please, if u feel so strongly about this situation, let me know who u are so I can pick apart all ur imperfections and put u on blast all over the Internet. Obviously none of u have lives of ur own or ud handle urs instead of getting involved in others. Grow up and let them work on this between themselves. I can't believe this is grown ppl on here. And Soldiers at that.
Posted By: BustyououtUser Verified | 11/16/11 2:31 PM
See, there's the problem. I'm normal human that does not appreciate being burned and want to prevent that for others the in the future. If that makes me weak, then I'm just a string.
What's WEAK is being a supposed dedicated wife to a deployed hero and then treating him like sh*t behind his back and there being proof of it all. But hey, I'M the weak one here right?
Posted By: JBsSIS | 11/16/11 3:05 PM
Yes, yes u are weak. I'm sorry if u "got burned" but a real man would puck his head up n move the f*ck on rather than act childish, but hey, if that's who u are....then do u. More power to ya.
Posted By: johnredcornUser Verified | 11/16/11 2:37 PM
"let me know who u are so I can pick apart all ur imperfections and put u on blast all over the Internet."- Like people are really gonna give you their info. so you can trash them... c'mon. This wouldn't be an issue if your sister wouldn't have stepped out of her marriage. I mean if she was so innocent in all this, why isn't she here defending her integrity... why isn't she here defending her name. Obviously, she WAS cheating. I feel sorry for your brother. He must be REAL strong guy to even THINK about taking her back after reading those texts. How can you even look at her the same way after this. Good luck with the mind movies, Jeremy.
Posted By: JBsSIS | 11/16/11 2:51 PM
Ur right, ppl won't give their info cuz noone wants to be put out like this. So how is it right that they'll do it to someone else. I'm not saying he's right or she's right. My point is, it's their business and noone elses. Let them figure it out. That's what's pissing me off. Do u like when random ppl are in ur business? Especially as personal as something like this? Seriously, it's crap.
Posted By: BustyououtUser Verified | 11/16/11 2:59 PM
johnredcorn, I'm almost contemplating removing it cause it finally clicked. They are swingers! Oops. LOL
Posted By: JBsSIS | 11/16/11 3:20 PM
Grow childish as u are, no wonder u "got burned" and I hope u continue to.
Posted By: BustyououtUser Verified | 11/16/11 3:55 PM
Case and point.
Posted By: johnredcornUser Verified | 11/16/11 4:46 PM
"They are swingers!"- Well then, if that's the case then- "Que Sera, Sera." No wonder Jeremy was so adamant about her NOT cheating-- SHE HAD HIS PERMISSION! How funny. They should've said that in the first place and saved a bunch grief. In reference to "u got burned," I guess it didn't work out for you and Jessica, huh? She must have them lined-up out the door then. LOL.
Posted By: JBsSIS | 11/16/11 2:39 PM
Bustyouout Aka.....weaka$$....I did try and ask nicely. Ur not helping anyone. If u think that's what ur doing, ur a little f*cked up. Ur making the problem worse. This imformation was already known by the ppl that need to know it. Putting it on here has helped who??? Not me, not my brother, sister, niece, or family in general. And those are the only ppl this really has anything to do with. So, while ur trying to act like a saint....let's talk about blackmail.....screenshots for record?? That sounds like blackmail also. Face it, ur a p*ssy and a snitch. A bitcha$$ kid who feels some kinda power right now, but as I said....also too weak to step up n say who u really are. Go ahead n hide behind ur screen name. Go ahead n take pleaure in other ppls pain, n while ur at it, get a f*ckin life. If u think I'm gonna beg u to take this down, u got me f*cked up. The ppl that matter know what's up....n u don't matter. Jump off a cliff. Punk b!tch.
Posted By: TheBigDaneUser Verified | 1/23/12 1:07 AM
It´s same guy on both pictures, and it´s obviously an army guy. I just wonder how you managed to make a cam shot of the chat from the screen? And why make it in the first place?
Posted By: jeremybUser Verified | 3/18/12 3:03 AM
This is just low why would someone want to put someone else name up on blast and try and hurt someone else and there family. Yeah got it something might have been done. but honestly whats going on in there lives is between them not the whole world. This site is low and is for people that have nothing better to do with there time or life but to batter other peoples name and lives. Honestly think about what has been posted you think that soldier would want to see this about his wife. Who knows those two could have been talking about this the whole time and might have even taken a break from each other. But to post something up like this is absolutly out of line. Think about what that did to that family and how much stress that is putting on that soldier over seas fighting for our country. risking his life so that you people civilians can do stuff like this and put garbage up like this. This not only reflects on her but on him as well. They both have the same last name and if someone was to look them up then they would see this kind of garbage and bull crap posted up about them. I mean honestly think about it. its doing more harm then it is doing good.
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