Rick (richard scott) McCormack
Male | Overland Park, KS  
Rick McCormack spent almost 4 years of lying and cheating
Posted By: 4yearsburnt
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Other
11/10/11 11:31 AM
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works for**** ****** as a technician/mechanic. we were together nearly 4 years. His promises of a life of forever were nothing but lies to keep me hanging on while he spent his days at work running around chasing every available skirt on his route. He would tell me of dirt bike trips with buddies.. and use those trips to go cheat in the ozarks. just hang in there with me baby he would tell me. I love you.. I'm just playing right now and they mean NOTHING to me just WILD OATS.. just dont give up on us. then november 9th I had enough.

just beware of this man he is slick, and crafty with his words... and a snake...

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Posted By: looking4theone | 12/26/11 9:23 AM
This is not the full account and is the sole view of one person. There is more than one side to every story.
Posted By: liesalllies | 4/11/12 7:42 AM
Why are you still hanging around him then? Cervical cancer? I survived it. Cant belive you pulled the Im dieing card....Really? How desperate are you? He left me stranded at the airport Easter sunday to run to you over some bullsh*t like that.....This guy doesnt deserve someone as great as me. Wasted time....Lies...all lies
Posted By: aclosepalUser Verified | 4/14/13 11:52 PM
She is telling the complete truth. We are close friends them. So many times Rick did wrong by her. She is probably one of the sweetest most caring and loving person. I have ever known. An absolute doll. Why she forgave him time after time is beyond us. Just shows me. How much she really must have loved. Many times I wanted to tell her about the other gals Rick would drag along to our group outtings. I just don't understand what is wrong with Rick...he had the most wonderful gal and all he wants to do cheat and chase strange and hurt her repeatedly. The first responder above is clearly Rick. The second one I'd guess would be the one he was cheating with down in Texas when he told her he was going to step daughter's wedding. I personally know of three others........So yes ladies BEWARE. He screwed around one too many times and lost probably the best thing a dog could ever hope for.
even worse is we have lost a good pal in her.Sorry Rick but someone needs to stand up for D
Sandy you never would. You're a stupid and selfish man
Posted By: looking4theone | 4/15/13 4:49 PM
Sandy is awesome! I couldn't of asked for a better woman. But there was big time friction between her and my daughter that I'm not going into. I chose my daughter! It tore me in two for damn near the whole time we were together. So yes, I was looking for the one that could replace her. Women say that they have to kiss a lot of frogs to find their prince....well I'm looking for my princess and Sandy set the bar very high. I'm looking for the same connection I had with her. And honestly I don't know if I'll ever find it.
The people that set up this site are the same people that want $800 to remove your name from it. And anyone can say anything about anybody. Women I've been interested in have actually googled my name and then won't take a chance with me.....thanks Sandy! Maybe I should tell the story how I loaded the uhaul with everything you owned and drove you to Florida so that you could help your girlfriend from high school......,that turned out to be a guy you met on tagged? There is a whole lot more to that story....should I smear your NAME on here too? Maybe even your pictures?
I have never connected with a woman as much as with you.....this sucks Please remove it if you can. And please NO MORE POSTS! Tell me how do you find the right "one" without breaking hearts? It's impossible!
Posted By: 4yearsburnt | 4/20/13 9:28 PM
I'll tell the story of Florida. We had been dating steady for 6 months. Neither one of us would be the first to say I love you. We fought against saying the L word. everyone around us could tell we were deeply in love. I had already fallen deeply in love with you and was scared to death to allow myself to feel that way. I gave you ample time to tell me how you felt about me. Neither one of us had committed ourselves to each other at that time. And you had told me you wanted to see other people. So in order to try to protect my own heart I was moving far away from you. All I wanted to hear with three little words sandy don't go but you never said them ..two days before I left for Florida you finally said I love you. But You never Asked me to stay. I knew him before I knew you and when I was dating you I wasn't in contact with him until you told me you wanted to see other people. so we made the trip to Florida and said goodbye and I thought that was going to be the end of it. You were on plenty of fish here seeing other people and I was seeing him there. Being apart from each other was tearing us" up inside. Finally on April 2nd you told me you didn't want to live life without me and asked me to come home .I came home April 5th
Posted By: 4yearsburnt | 4/21/13 7:18 AM
Then you couldn't even stay faithful for 6 months after I up uprooted myself again to come home to kansas just to be w/you. If I had known The humiliation & heartache that was to come over the next four years I would have never came back from Florida. Middle of August 2009 you told me we cant go out on Friday night because you had a bachelor party to go to. that was the first time I found you cheating AFTER we had made our commitment to each other. Remember ole Monica! The next day Saturday when we were at your dirt bike race in Warrensburg She texted you during the race To say what a wonderful time she had last night with you I found her sunglasses in the back of your van on the mattress and I busted you after the race. You called her on the way home, said you were sorry you went out with her and that I was the one you loved and you would never do it again you swore to me. I was mad but I forgave you. I found out three weeks later you went out with her again. I said the hell with it. Went back to florida. Every time I would walk away from you try to restart my life you would draw me back in w/words of promise & hope. May 26th 2010 There in your garage You asked me to put my ring and pendant back on and take you back once again. You said you wanted me & only me for the rest of your life. You knew that it meant if i said yes it was All in ..100% for the rest of our days. Together forever me & you that's what you said. Then it began just one after another after another. Monica, Tina, LIsa ,Jo Marie, Paula ,Holly ,Joyce, the fat waitress & the hotel clerk down in Ozarks & the one you went boating w/ while I was undergoing chemo,and took her the next day to the lake w/our friends & the receptionist in cloverleaf bldg #1. Only ones I can think of without looking at my long list. Your a habitual cheater. OMG you even advertised on POF 4 a mistress while Married! You're only using daughter as excuse she's grown & in college. Sad thing is we STILL love each other
Posted By: looking4theone | 4/22/13 5:26 AM
Should I address each accusation individually. Don't have time for this. You're painting me as the villain and you're the innocent victim, ok, I'm the bad guy ,whatever , you win. You went thru my work phone. Several of those women are married ,work related contacts that I've never had relations with. What if their husbands saw this. Enough's , enough. Or you could get me in trouble at work. And stop texting me. You're in a nose dive.... pull up
Posted By: 4yearsburnt | 5/03/13 9:20 AM
I am the innocent victim I'm not the one that cheated every time a man walked by me. And as for blaming the breakup on Nicole you need to get a grip she is a grown woman and in college and she could care less about what you do with your time. She and I got along just fine that week she was in. You're the one that makes a huge issue out of it if you would stand up and be a man and just let them know that this is the way it is everything would be fine she'll be married soon and won't even have time for you then what. Irony there anymore! ! I'M GONE.. And she told you before she didn't care who you dated. I would do anything for those girls and you know it. They never once gave me a chance because you fell in love with me right after you divorced their mother and they can't stand that. And I went through your phone long ago when the only phone you had was your work phone & you were cheating & I had to make sure. Maybe a couple were from work as well..And if you're screwing around with other married girls at work then everybody should be getting in trouble, their husbands should know as well. Either way from work or not the contents of their texts & pics was definitely not work related. I still have all the numbers I wrote down perhaps I should make a few phone calls myself. Let's see there was the one that wanted to do you on her desk hmm perhaps she should be the first.... is that work related. No I'm not in a nosedive Ive just had enough... you can only hurt someone so much before you feel your own repercussions. You didnt even have enough respect to put A COVER ON IT WHEN YOU CHEATED. Women beware he likes Spreading it alllllll around.. KARMAS A ***** !! I'm putting it in her hands now.
Posted By: liesalllies | 5/10/13 9:49 AM
Posted By: liesalllies | 5/10/13 3:46 PM
I just wish I had the thousands of dollars back I spent traveling back and forth and vacation that cost 2000 dollars. He is definately #1 on the ****** bag list with me. Sandy, move on...TRUST me there are nice guys out there.....you sound like a great person.....hes done enough to you. move on. Texas.
Posted By: 4yearsburnt | 5/19/13 2:52 PM
You wouldn't believe how Many gals have contacted me through facebook.. we should all get together and have rick roasting...there's SOMETHING I would enjoy dangling over a hot fire ..we would probably have to rent a hall. Tho..lol.. even had a new one contact me the other day
Posted By: liesalllies | 5/23/13 4:14 PM
Holly motal
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Cheater Details

Name: Rick (richard scott) McCormack
Age: 52
Sexual Preference: N/A
Location: Overland Park, KS
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Profession: Other
Education level: N/A
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Tattoos: Yes

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