William Thomas (Bill) Navin
Male | Marysville, OH  
BEWARE!! Stay away from him!! He's severly bi-polar, a user, and a cheater!!!
Posted By: pissedoff112276User Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: PlentyOfFish.com
10/28/11 9:02 AM
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HE USES WOMEN!! He preys on women with children and tells the woman that he wants to be with her and that he loves her and wants to be a step-dad to her kids, all within in a few days of knowing her. I was duped but didn't get as far as the other girls, I stayed at his house, and he stayed at mine. He doesn't have a good job, I found out that he's a pothead and can barely pay his bills so he asks women to borrow money. He owes at least two women hundreds of dollars that he has not paid back. He tells you that he's close to his family but when he gave me my phone back he left his email open on the phone and I was able to see EVERYTHING!! There were emails from his parents that was wondering where he was because he hadn't talked to anyone in his family, he didn't give them the new phone number that he got, they were worried sick and he then emails them telling them that he hated his life and was just going to end it all, all the while he's sitting next to me kissing me telling me he loved me. He's been charged with domestic violence in 2008 for beating his ex-wife. He tells you what you want to hear, then when he doesn’t get his way he’ll delete you from facebook, his life and will never talk to you again. There were so many messages from girls wondering what happened to him why he never called them back or returned messages. He left my house one morning telling me that he loved me that he would see me later, kissing me hugging me, telling me I was the best thing ever and I didn’t hear from him again until I unexpectedly showed up at his house and low and behold he had another girl at his house, he had begun messaging them the morning he left my house. I got my stuff and told her what he was like and left and so did she. He is on plenty of fish, zoosk, yahoo, flirtand a bunch of other dating websites. Userids wtnirishguy, osufan1978, michfan31, bill.navin, he goes by Bill. STAY AWAY!!!!

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Posted By: bustincheatersUser Verified | 10/28/11 2:56 PM
Never trust a man with a weak chin, especially if it is a weak double chin. Seriously though, a manipulating pothead who may/may not be truly suicidal, history of domestic violence- he is a user and a loser.
Posted By: inabetterplace!User Verified | 11/07/11 2:37 PM
I'm his ex-wife.... I'm sorry u had to deal with this guys crap! If I had known such a site existed, I would have commented long ago. This guy is dangerous and doesn't know what its like to live in the real world. He lies to get what he wants, or thinks he needs. He is severely bipolar which saddens me.... most likely, he'll never mature and continue to be a danger to himself and others. During our separation he admitted, he had been with a prostitutes...and then wanted to know if I would take him back if he came back negative for any diseases. At the beginning of any relationship, things may appear normal, but the deeper he gets in his lies, the more frantic his moods are - especially if u start asking questions. He has what is called rapid cycle bipolar. He can experience a range of emotions and outburst, including rage, confusion, depression, anxiety, and anger all within a few minutes of eachother. He can be a very dangerous person. Please be careful around him.
Posted By: pissedoff112276User Verified | 11/08/11 8:40 AM
I have heard his story about you and knew there was more to the story than what was said. I did a background check on him and knew that he was no good. I feel bad for him and do worry about him because he is a serious danger to himself and others. As a Christian it was hard to turn my back on someone that needed help and I thought that I could help him. We did talk about marriage and he wanted to move in with me right away and it was then that I kept my foot down and said no. I will say that after I got done with him he will not be calling me back or anything of that nature. While going through his facebook I messaged all the girls that he had been messaging to make sure that they were aware and I also had his passwords and usernames to some of his dating sites and did the same thing to those girls that he messaged. I will say that if he got the help that he needed to fix himself he could be a really good guy but in his head there is nothing wrong with him and that is what makes him a dangerous person. I’m also sorry for the torment that you went through with him and I’m just glad that mine never got that serious and I walked away without any pain or lasting effects.
Posted By: annadnhi | 4/11/12 9:17 AM
OMG I met him less than a week ago on POF and he wanted me to immediately meet him or let him come to my home. I'm not stupid! I passed. He continuously called and text once he received my numbers and although he spoke of how "confident" he was, I could tell it was all a show. From the few days I had contact with him I could tell he was bi-polar. He tried to guilt me into meeting up with him, which I never did, and it was only because he asked me to look him up on facebook and add him that I came across this warning. Then to look at his facebook page with over 800 friends and almost all women... That was basically the final straw. He called and text me continuously during Easter even after I told him I was going to be with family and would text him when I was finished... All the signs were there of major issues with the few days of conversations. BEWARE!
Posted By: pissedoff112276User Verified | 4/11/12 9:37 AM
That is where I have met him and a handful of other woman that have come to me as well. Please beware of him. I actually found out that a friend of mine and I also had him in common and he did the same things to her as well. Very bad temper, can go off with the slightest little thing. He has a tendency of coming a few months later and writing or emailing or texting and saying how sorry he was for the way he acted. He's a mess. Your best bet is to just stay away from him all togther.
Posted By: Inshock00User Verified | 4/17/12 2:41 AM
My brother found this site and this posting. I am so greatful he did. I am supposed to be Bill's current girlfriend. And as I read these stories they are all true. He pushed and pushed to meet my family until I finally gave in and introduced him. At fist things were normal, but lately he has been MIA a lot and when he returns my calls he is appoligitic and convincing. Things have started to get even more weird: he asked if I would place him on my cell phone plan (in which my response was no. Have you seen Judge Judy) he then asked to borrow money from me for lunch (I felt bad and gave him 10 $) lastly he asked to borrow my debit card ( in which I told him hell no) He tries to act like he had money, just last Sunday he bought a 150 dollar pair of sunglasses. He then wanted to look at engagement rings. Apparently after seeing this site and some of the posts, I am not the only girl he has been seeing. All my suspicions are confirmed: from him having his Facebook blocked, and him not wanting me to meet his parents he is supposed to be so close to.
Posted By: Inshock00User Verified | 4/17/12 6:25 AM
Oh yeah and he goes on and on about how he has had cancer. I have to wander if he ever really had cancer at all or if he just wants others to feel bad for him.
Posted By: pissedoff112276User Verified | 4/17/12 8:40 AM
Just give it time. He will take the sunglasses back, he did with me. We looked at rings and everything. I also wondered about the cancer and he even showed me a "scar". Where did he take you to look at rings? Probably the same place we went to. Everything you said is the same thing that happened with me. He wanted to borrow money and I told him that I didn't have my debit card, he wanted to move in and I quickly told him NO! He got so pissed that I gave him a time frame to shut him up, knowing that it would never happen. I gave him a phone line that was already open which helped me because I wasn't wasting my minutes or texts but you best believe I showed up at his house to get it back. He messed with the wrong chick when it came to me. He messaged me a few months ago and said he was so sorry and to remember that family was important. I told him that as a Christian I accepted his apology and unlike him I knew that family was the most important thing. He's a mess. RUN RUN RUN away from him and never look back. Tell other woman about this website to be able to find him and stay away from him. I thought about putting a post on plenty of fish.com because it seems that is where most of the woman are meeting him. I even thought about contacting his parents because I wonder if they really know what he is doing and how ill he really is. I'm glad that I posted this profile and I'm glad that you and others have seen it and been warned.
Posted By: pissedoff112276User Verified | 4/17/12 8:51 AM
Oh and as for his parents...he met my family and we did drive past his parents house and pulled into the drive way and I could see his mother in the window but we never stopped or anything, never was I introduced. Another thing to be cautious for is a he has a very bad temper he got so pissed one night that he kicked his coffee table across the room and threw his cell phone and put a huge hole in his closet door. That was my sign to leave all because he had no money and there were smudge prints on his phone. There was a time when he went MIA when a friend of mine had found out that he was still on POF when we were supposed to be off and when I confronted him about it he denied it and then I didn't hear from him for about 3 days. He then calls me and tells me that he had been in Indiana because his aunt was dying of Cancer and had to have surgery and was barely hanging on. He's full of crap.
Posted By: Inshock00User Verified | 4/17/12 10:57 AM
I met him on POF too. When I first met him he had a d
Marysville phone number and then he also had another random number. He told me it was because he was trying to use up minutes to a prepaid number then he would switch to his new number. THEN he switched his number for a third time. He now has a smart phone with a Dublin phone number starting with 614-707-**** We went to Kays to look at rings. He even went as far as filling out an app. to apply for a credit card, he was denied pretty quick! I even caught him red handed talking to other girls on POF and he continued to lie through his teeth and tell me he loves me. I may be too nice sometimes for my own good, but I am do pissed that I may have put myself at a risk because of him. I am now positive he sleeps around even though he had me convinced he had only been with 3 people him whole life. Sh*t it could be more like 300 for all I know now. He is SO convincing it is scary! He did the same thing with me and showede some kind if scar that was supposed to be from his cancer surgery.... But who knows. I have seen the whole in his closet door actually it is still there. I am so ashamed in a way and so pissed that I fell for this loser. I made a doctors appt. and and am SO nervous (not that anyone needs to know this) but no women should have to go through what is going through my head... He could have given my something you never know especially since he has been with prostitutes. He is very quick to say 'I love you' and he is SO convincing. I believe he lives in his pun world for sure! Women stay away from this jerk!!!!
Posted By: pissedoff112276User Verified | 4/17/12 12:16 PM
If you need anyone to talk too you are welcome to email me at ns112276@yahoo.com.
Posted By: Inshock00User Verified | 4/17/12 1:27 PM
Thanks! I may have to take you up on that.
Posted By: relieved1984User Verified | 4/18/12 5:35 PM
He messaged me on Easter. Asked to text right away. He called me a week later and was super pushy even after I told him it would be impossible to meet the following weekend. Luckily he didnt call back because I was thoroughly creeped out from the one conversation. Luckily a friend told me a story about someone he was seeing and it all added up. Im just glad i didn't get really involved. I feel for those who did.

His new username is smalltownguyusa
Posted By: angeleyesnohUser Verified | 4/25/12 1:28 PM
He's a busy boy... He's was harrassing me on Easter to meet as well after only have talked to him a couple times and tried to guilt me into it, saying his family he is so close to were out of town for Easter. After reading this I told him it wasn't going to work and I'd prefer he leaves me alone. He text again a week later and after asking him who it was he responded surprised I had not kept his number. Then he called again a couple nights ago and again surprised I didn't know who it was and didn't want to talk... And again last night, talking about how he wants the chance to get to know me and all I've heard (read) is a lie. He's been texting me throughout today as well. I definitely noticed he was "off" from the beginning... He moves far to quick... He seems very needy... and VERY persistent. All signs of everything you all have described here. Hopefully he gets some serious helps and takes a hint.
Posted By: Inshock00User Verified | 4/27/12 6:49 AM
Wow he is a busy boy! He is also calling and texting a girl that my brother's fiancé works with. This guy is dangerous. I thought I could help him change his ways but he just got very angry with me. I would advise any girl to stay away from this guy until he gets professional help!
Posted By: pissedoff112276User Verified | 4/27/12 8:00 AM
Please don't try to help him. He can't get help until he, himself, admits he has a problem. I would hate for him to hurt you and I've seen that temper flare. He once told me that he would hit my son in the mouth if it was his child all because my son repeated something that I had said about Nascar Racing. I told him that if he ever laid a hand on any of my kids he would leave my house in a body bag. Needless to say we were done two days later.

I'm also wondering if he changed his username yet again because I did a search for a friend of mine because she thinks he's talking to one of her friends and it's not on there anymore. Everything her friend says about this guy is exactly the way that he acts. Scary. He's making his way around the state. Keep putting this site out there and warn all your friends and anyone you've met on POF or any other site that you may have met him on, he is very dangerous to himself and others!!
Posted By: Inshock00User Verified | 5/02/12 8:14 PM
He may not have a new user name. What he does is on most dating sites you can make yourself "unsearchable"; thus, he can still search and talk with other girls. Then he tells his current "fling" how much she means to him and that he has deleted his account on such dating site just to get to know her and only her. This guy is a creep!!! I want to stress to the girls that read this that we are NOT a bunch of scorned women trying to ruin this guys life. EVERYTHING we are saying is true about this guy. He will try to tell you that none of what is above is not true but sadly it is! We just want to help other women out so that you don't have to waste your time, feelings, and heart on this loser! He is a VERY smooth talker and can lie to your face without blinking.
Posted By: AmandaM7542User Verified | 11/01/12 8:43 PM
thank god i looked on here. he is on okcupid under the name buckeyebilly
Posted By: angie1680 | 6/17/12 4:26 PM
Thank all of you for posting this. I came into contact with Bill on plentyoffish. I was supposed to go out with him on Tuesday. But because of everything I have read here I won't be doing that. Something told me I needed to search this guy and I'm glad I did. I've been thru enough with guys I'm just not doing it with this one. Btw he is going by the name smalltownguyusa
Posted By: Inshock00User Verified | 7/06/12 9:19 PM
Angie, I am glad you made the decision to look further into this man! Good choice in not going on your date! Like I said before, we are not bitter women, we are just looking out for each and other women who might come in contact with this man. Best of luck to you!
Posted By: inabetterplace81User Verified | 7/22/12 2:09 AM
This is his ex eife again... im sorry for the different username. I made my original account inactive. I had every intention of not commenting again, but as I continue to read the experiences you ladies are having, I feel it is very important to share with you some truths about this guy. Ive mentioned before that he has what is called rapid cycle bi-polar disorder. He can experience a range of emotions from anger, frustration, inadequacy, depression, and rage all within hours of eachother. This guy, when he is properly medicated is a decent guy! My family loved him. However, during the course of his cancer treatment... yes, ge was diagnosed with stage 3, almost stage 4 cancer, he was forced off his medication. He has not since been regulated. When we were married, he did not have the support of his parents. His family didnt want to believe he was mentally ill. He went to college to be a cop... he owned a nightstick. Not sure if he still has it. He would hit himself with it. One day, I walked in on him be*ting himself badly. I tried to stop him, and he turned on me. With bipolar, this manic stage he reaches, he doesnt know what hes doing. By the time the police came, and he was evaluated at the hospital, he had already cycled down, and because he wasnt out if his mind at that point, they sent him to jail. He didnt remember any of it. I was also treated for my injuries. He lies.... he steals.... During a manic episode, he stabbed the inside of his truck, ruining the stearing wheel, dash, and seats with a pocket knife my mom had gifted him one year for christmas. He also ripped a whole section of cupboards off the wall. When hes manic, hes super strong! He has almost a compulsive disorder when it comes to his clothes, getting haircuts, sunglasses, and watches. Ladies.... please be carefu! U cant help but be sad for him, but this isnt the charity case you want to take on. We were together for 3 1/2 years... too many stories to share.
Posted By: Grateful | 8/11/12 12:09 AM
Thank you. Had dinner and was supposed to go out. Canceled. Wasn't comfortable with the same stuff as described above. Also felt compelled to do some background searches. Found this site. Grateful I did. Thank you ladies. If Bill finds this, I wish him well and good health.
Posted By: lolomgUser Verified | 10/18/12 4:11 AM
Wow. This guy needs to change up his MO. He too told me everything I wanted to hear and was super pushy. I declined sharing my FB page with him because that's really for my family and he bugged me about it. We met one night, and the very next night I went to his place to chil, only to find that he 'didnt feel well' and I left. Still has a hole on his closet door ladies. I will be so happy to never hear from this guy ever again. He needs professional help.
Posted By: reallynow | 10/24/12 12:51 PM
Great... sound like we were seeing him at the same time. He seemed nice but I knew in my heart something was wrong.
Posted By: fckmen37User Verified | 6/21/13 1:01 PM
I first met William Bill thomas Navin in 2005 we dated but like you said he was all i love you in like the first day then he wouldnt talk to me then he would come show up at my house. I got married in 2006 and he was gone even ran and hid from me in Walmart. When I got seperated he was back in my business. Wanting to go out with me take care of my kids he loved me. after my divorce I did see him a few times always kissing on me making out saying he loved my legs etc that he wishes we would have go together maybe we could get married some day blah blah blah. He lives in some ****ty apt in a house its pathetic he is bipolar he dead get arrested for ****ing his wife.....he is a ****ing loser with a lame ass job and a pot problem.... How romantic when he takes you to his bed with just a sheet on it. He started asking me for money I told him to go f off. I cannot beleive I found this on here yet I do Pissed girl I would love to talk to you. He too acted close with his family and I think he has goten evicted from his apartment..... OMG gilr we need to talk

Cheater Details

Name: William Thomas (Bill) Navin
Age: 37
Sexual Preference: N/A
Location: Marysville, OH
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Profession: Other
Education level: Some college
CheaterVersity™: Hocking College
Found Cheating On: PlentyOfFish.com
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6 ft 3 in
Weight: 220
Tattoos: Yes

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