John Jimenez
Male | San Diego, CA  
Posted By: cheater-hater
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Other
10/26/11 9:30 PM
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Well, we've been together for almost a year and he never told me he's married. He kept on telling me he's never been married. In short, he lied to me within those almost a year together. He cheated on me, too, though he was already cheating his wife and 2 kids. The last 2 months we were together, I felt something different, you know how women's instincts are. And he spun me around every time I accuse him or he was even being defensive if I was asking him some personal questions, of course, I was his girlfriend, I have to know. And yeah, I found out about this other girl (and thanks to facebook!). I talked to this other girl and she was surprised and we were both pissed off. And when we talked to the "bestfriend girl" of John about me and the other girl, she told us, there are some other girls, too, not just us. So, gross! So, you ladies out there, better watch out with this doctor. He is a cancer doctor and he has his own business. He works out at LA Fitness. He might be using his profession to get you ladies and please don't fall for his sugary-coated words and being sweet at first because, he was only telling you lies, nothing but, lies. Not to mention he asked money too much but, I really don't care about the money he asked me (he paid me back 3/4 of it anyways, better than nothing) but, still, he is a DOCTOR and supposed to be making more money than me having a regular job that pays enough for my bills and expenses. He's such a JERK, LIAR and CHEATER!!!

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Posted By: Arie | 10/27/11 4:04 AM
Dear "Cheater-Hater",
So do you hate yourself?
I mean you DID continue to date him after you found out he was married. What does that make you skeezer? I have no sympathy for your dumb cheating azz. You sound like the common sense portion of your brain had a benign tumor that totally ate up the little amount of intelligence you acquired before obtaining your GED.
Posted By: cheater-hater | 10/27/11 9:21 AM
Did u even read amd uinderstand everything. I have dated him for almost a year and never knew he's married because he never told me he was. The last 2 months of almost a year with him, I felt something was going on and so, I started to figure it out. So, I found his facebook and there it was, the girl posting on his facebook that they are always together. I don't believe in Psychic but I got the guts and my first time to talk to this Psychic and it was the Psychic who told me he was married and I was so shocked and to get it confirmed I talked to this other girl who he cheated on me with and yes, she told me he was because one of the girl in the gym yelled at her that he is married. So, after that confirmation, I stopped dating and broke up with him. I NEVER KNEW HE IS MARRIED BECAUSE HE NEVER TOLD ME HE IS AND HE LIED TO ME ALL THOSE A YEAR TOGETHER, OK! Got it? Why would I still date him if I knew he was married, I am not that STUPID and I even told him I don't want to be a homewrecker so, he better tell me, but, he told me and even got mad at me for always asking the same question. Would u blame me? And I don't hate myself, I just regret that I wasted my time spending it with the wrong dude. And he is 44 yo and eh should know better but, I think HIS LIFE IS FULL OF LIES. He lied to his wife and kids. Maybe even for his cancer patients or other patients, he lied to them too about his treatment just to get money. Oh well, I'm done and over with. And after I found out, I sent him email and after few days I saw him in the gym and confronted him there in front of the other woman and I was with the other girl who he cheated on me with. The girl that he cheated on me with and I are friends now. She was the one who told me to post this. Got it???
Posted By: Arie | 10/27/11 8:47 PM
Bit*h eat a di*k and move on...
Posted By: cheater-hater | 10/29/11 12:10 PM
WTF!!! I have moved on, a long time ago since I knew he was married. And WHY THE HELL you are so mad about. You are the B*TCH cuz u don't even know what's the story and you already attacked me for I don't know what I did. And I don't even know you for attacking me like that. You need to get a life, B*TCH!!! And I think you are the one that needs a D*CK to suck in not me.
Posted By: MsGullibility | 10/29/11 7:02 PM
@cheater-hater: Anyone with half a brain understood your posting. Ignore "Arie" and his ignorant postings. Maybe it's the doctor himself posting, or his new girlfriend, you never know. The only thing that's obvious is that "Arie" has some sort of motive for wanting to incite you. Ignore the ignorance!!

PS: I'm sorry you wasted a year of your life but, better only one year than several and several children, etc. In a sense, you are lucky to find out now and not even later. Rest assured, he will get his just desserts; payback is coming and Karma is a MF
Posted By: cheater-hater | 10/31/11 9:31 AM
Thank you MsGullibility...I think you are right. I haven't thought of that maybe it's him or his new girlfriend (me being damn again!)...poor wife and kids. I don't care anyways, cuz I'm just telling the truth and he deserve this. I don't know how many women he cheated on besides me and my now friend. For you cheater dude: "You're smirking because you think you won. I'm laughing because I know you haven't. Continue the game, dude. Karma's got my back. ;)".
Posted By: truthseeker11 | 1/10/15 1:00 AM
Hello, I am sorry for your pain and there are new victims going through so much. If there is any information you can offer me that might be helpful. Please email me at

Thank you for sharing here, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be able to do what I am doing.
Posted By: truthseeker11 | 1/10/15 12:57 AM
If you have any information please email me Especially cancer patients. It has gone on too long. I am prepared to do everything I need to do. Together we stand and something can be done. Women are broken with cancer. I need to help on their behalf. This does not leave male patients out, but because this is a cheaters website, it is all I have right now.
My email is
All in good time, but hopefully not one more woman will suffer.
Posted By: Arie | 10/30/11 6:54 AM
Uhm if you had moved on you wouldn't be posting on this site...
So do you want sympathy for being dumb as hell since u claimed you didn't know he was married for a whole year?
Bytch please, eat 2 di*ks, get a life and move the fu*k on :)
Posted By: johnredcornUser Verified | 11/01/11 10:07 PM
Damn Arie... you are relentless. I'm laughing my ass off every time you post. Anyway, back to it... I think you should expose this guy to his wife... she has a right to know what he's been up to. Who knows how many girls he's done this to. i think girls let their guard down just because he's a doctor, and that's pretty dispicable behavior.
Posted By: cheater-hater | 11/02/11 12:29 PM
@johnreddcorn: The other girl who he cheated on me with and I were trying to expose him to his wife. That's why she told me to post him here and who knows some of their friends will see this. And I'm with you, his wife's right to know all his u have any suggestions or ideas to spare on how to expose him to his wife???
Posted By: MichelleM | 3/15/12 4:00 PM
Arie - give it a rest! Cheater-hater - tell her! Wouldn't you want to know???? Have proof, texts, emails pictures, whatever you can to Prove it, otherwise, she will not believe it and just ask him and he will deny it like he did with you. Feels good to flush it out there and help you heal, get past it and help others who may fall prey to him!
Posted By: singleinsdUser Verified | 7/01/12 3:51 PM
Thank you for posting this!! Us girls need to stick together. I met him off POF and he claimed he was 34!! I met him only once and I'm so glad I found this! I was supposed to see him next week. Well...l not after reading this I'm not!! I can't stand liars and cheaters! NEXT!!!
Posted By: singleinsdUser Verified | 7/01/12 4:48 PM
BTW...I can understand why there's no "proof" posted. His phone shows as unavailable on caller ID. Even when I added him as a contact in my iPhone (Verizon), it would still show up as unavailable? I don't know how he pulls that off, but he's obvioulsly good at covering his tracks. He told me it was so when he calls his patients they can't get his cell number! Unbelievable!!
Posted By: cheater-hater | 7/01/12 5:54 PM
Hahaha, that JERK! How did you know about this website? So glad that you got a chance to check him through here? My friend just told me more than a year ago to post him here. Glad I did otherwise, more females will become a victim of this predator. He is our pharmacy technician professor at UEI and I heard about how he f*** girls in school but, he covered that to me pretty good and I beleived him. He is a LIAR! Don't believe in everything he'll say. You can even ask my friend, the other girl who he cheated on me with. He's so good in talking and will compliment you in every way until he'll get you. Yup, his number is blocked. Plus, if he won't answer your calls, he's home with his family. His eldest is 14 yo and have I think 4 yo boy now. And everytime I dropped him off to his "supposed" to be a house and he was just renting a room but, no, he lives at the other block. He just let me dropped him off there so, I won't find out. But, me and that girl already know where he lives. And plus, he will spend money for the first few days and after a while with him, he will ask a lot of money from you. He's a "DOCTOR" and no money??? Weird, huh? That's why he owed me a big money that time but, he only paid me half. He had this guts to tell me that he will only pay me this much. That nerve!!! Oh well, my friend told me better than nothing! So, after that, I never saw him again and I hope I won't see him again. He's such a d***, cheater, jerk! Not to mention I always drive him back and forth to his patients in L.A. every week!!! Well, that was so stupid, I admit. He is a USER!!! But, glad you found this. Good-luck!
Posted By: singleinsdUser Verified | 7/01/12 6:19 PM
I was a pharmaceutical sales rep for nine years so I know a lot about medical stuff. I had a wierd feeling about him so I googled him. I found this post on around the 10th page! I'm so glad I kept looking! I text him and said..."I thought you might find this interesting...I know I did!!" along with a link to this post!! Haha! He text me back and said.. "what??? What a psycho...thanks for this. I just sent this to my lawyer." LOL! I actually don't even think that he's really a licensed doctor! I might be wrong, but everything he told me sounded fishy. He also told me that story about living with a bunch of roommates. He said he's going to buy a house on the beach in Del Mar soon. Doubt it!! I KNEW there was something that just wasn't right about him. I just couln't put my finger on it. Thank you so much for posting this!!!
Posted By: singleinsdUser Verified | 7/01/12 6:28 PM
Here's the link to his Plenty of Fish profile; d=1&profile_id=**
Posted By: cheater-hater | 7/01/12 7:26 PM
Haha...hey, that's fine if he wanted to show this to his lawyet, as if I care. Who is he threatening? I have my lawyer, too, actually was about to sue him about the money he owed but, I didn't bother anymore at least he had pay me back. And I still have all the e-mails & pictures he sent me that I can use against him. Good thing I have not deleted them yet. So, we'll see...& tell him I'm waiting to hear from his lawyer (as if he has one...LMFAO...made me laugh sorry). And can't wait what will be the reaction of his wife. He's a guy with no balls!!! You're welcome!
Posted By: singleinsdUser Verified | 7/01/12 7:54 PM
Even if he showed this to a lawyer...there is nothing one could do. This post is anonymous so good luck to him proving it's you who posted it! I think he said that to me to try and save face. Thanks to you I've blocked him on POF and on my phone so I never have to talk to that loser again!! :-)
Posted By: truthseeker11 | 1/10/15 12:53 AM
On the contrary, I have been getting facts, dates witnesses and names. If you wish to report anything that you think may be helpful please email me at The list is growing and it is not as difficult as you think when it comes to cancer patients. Thank you for your post. It takes courage.
Posted By: IzzymeUser Verified | 2/04/14 1:37 PM
WOW wtf...I am a bit shocked...but deep down... not so much. When something smells could be fish.
I had a weird moment a while back, and today, by chance, I googled him...and low and behold, this is the first thing I see.
Posted By: singleinsdUser Verified | 7/02/12 9:09 PM
Want to hear something funny? I just googled his name with San Diego after it and this link is now coming up first!! Haha! Serves him right! I hope his wife finds this!!
Posted By: mary888 | 10/26/13 9:01 PM
fyi, he changed his name to Dr.Nisim John
Posted By: cheater-hater | 2/06/14 11:47 AM
Are you kidding me? Wahahaha...OMG, this jerk is still a jerk. Now, he change his name. Changing his name won't change his jerkness!!! How did you know Mary888??? Have you been a victim by his jerkness, too???
Posted By: Smokie39 | 3/24/14 10:11 PM
He is on FB under that name Dr.Nissim John! Thanks for sharing this useful info with us!
Posted By: truthseeker11 | 1/10/15 12:51 AM
If you have been a victim and want to share your story and give your name. There is a list. You can email me at He has victimized cancer patients. Especially if you were ill, this is important. Thank you.
Posted By: truthseeker11 | 12/27/14 11:29 PM
I tried to get through all the comments here because this is actually more serious than just him having an affair. I think if everyone tries to keep the posts more informative instead of bashing one another we could help more women that come here. I was upset with all the women bashing one another and could barely take it seriously. Not cool to do that. Now on a more serious note. CANCER PATIENTS BEING TREATED BY THIS MAN. If anyone has been emotionally abused (these are the reports coming in, or seduced while under his care. Please write down what happened. Unfortunately there is an actress that was treated by him for cancer and she is promoting him, she is aware of his unethical and seductive handling of at least 2 patients and is still promoting him. All I care about is stopping it from happening again. If you are on this page and have experienced him persuading, manipulating or in anyway deviating from the treatment protocol that you paid for. At least write it down here to warn others. Thank you. When we report and do not attack each other we are taken seriously, so please anyone that has had this experience and is angry, please write constructively. This man cannot get away with it anymore and women need to step forward.
Posted By: patate | 1/09/15 11:31 PM
I'm a cancer patient being treated by this man. I'm a victim. I have so much to say that I don't know where to start .
Posted By: truthseeker11 | 1/10/15 12:46 AM
I will help you, you are NOT ALONE. You can contact an advocate at and it will be in confidence. There is a team of us that has warned the actress that is promoting him. She promotes him by using good people that have spent years building a good reputation on a quest for the cures. They are so busy that they are not looking deeply into the seriousness of what is happening and this will eventually be on the news. Lourdes Colon knows and is still recommending. You are not alone. She knows what he has done in the past and has still recommended and, promoted his facility in Mexico. There are other people with good reputations being fooled. I will do what ever it takes to assist as an advocate. God bless you and know that you are not to blame. None of you are. You may be adults, but being lied to and coerced, tricked by a doctor is not just some conspiracy theory about natural medicine. This is a violation of the human spirit that leaves a mark worse than the poison of chemotherapy.
Posted By: Tiredofbeingcheated | 1/02/15 1:29 PM
I would really like to find out more information regarding this individual. I recently met him and I will say he is quite charming. I find it odd that he hasn't denied being married (currently separated) according to him and he does claim his children. Perhaps, he is aware of such post and he prefers not to lie regarding his past life, if he indeed is no longer with his wife. How can I find out more about him and his current status?
Posted By: patate | 1/10/15 12:20 AM
Be careful .....he lies!!!!! He's very handsome, very nice but he's a big LIAR!!!!
Posted By: truthseeker11 | 1/10/15 12:49 AM
If you have been a victim and want to be on the list please contact Thank you for the warnings. It is very helpful.
Posted By: truthseeker11 | 1/10/15 1:06 AM
email correction

Cheater Details

Name: John Jimenez
Age: 48
Sexual Preference: N/A
Location: San Diego, CA
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Married
Profession: Medical
Education level: Postgraduate degree
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: Bi-racial or Mixed
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: N/A
Tattoos: No

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