Phillip Mahaney
Male | Sacramento, CA  
A married con man
Posted By: Same name/not the same heart
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Other
9/30/11 12:09 AM
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Cynthia Mahaney Your husband deceived me for over a year.We were in a relationship until I found out that he was married 8/2011. Phillip contacted me in Feb 2010 on the classmate’s sites.We went to school together. We conversed until the class reunion 9/2010. Phillip came solo he convinced us all he was a widower and he had five children, with pictures for us all. Phillip continued to peruse me and we began dating shortly after the reunion.Phillip went to my friend’s homes, met all my family. Phillip told everyone he was an attorney and he wanted me to work for him at his business. Phillip portrayed being an attorney with my daughter and kept personal paperwork of hers. He went to court with me several times as representation. I moved closer to Sacramento for a shorter commute, and so we could see more of each other. Phillips excuse for not meeting his family was that his grown children had been so hurt by his last girlfriend, that we had to develop our relationship. Phillip also used an excuse that his mother was a famous starlit, Marilyn Monroe and no one knew this so he had this very secret life. I could no longer handle his excuses and stories, Phillip produced a divorce paper with a fictitious last name for you, and he had filed in 09 a few days after my divorce was filed. The levels of deceit became more and more embellished as he struggled to keep me in his life. Any time anyone found anything out about Phillip’s life he became enraged in anger and would do anything to try and change my mind. I found out that this is his MO and I have the same name as a girl that cheated on him. Mahaney is also a con man with an estate planning business In Sac on Madison that takes money from the elderly. His silent partner is David Sherr and has several cases pending against him for elder abuse and giving legal advice in Santa Clara and San Francisco. They get into homes and pressure elderly to pay for services that are already free to them.

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Posted By: Same name/not the same heart | 10/02/11 1:06 PM
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Add to Contacts To: Yes, you are my friend....but more than that we share our hearts & souls, and you are my everything girl. you've got a hold of my heart and now and I have a hold of yours. Thank you for sharing sand & stone, I love the way you say how you care so much!! Forever, Phillip
Posted By: dramazmama | 10/22/11 12:17 PM
Phillip Mahaney is a sick indiviual. He plays a hurtful game. If only his wife could get a clue, but he has made it impossible for her to even have a face book account for he is a major controll FREAK! I really think he is a perv, the way he talked about his so called was about the waxing of his daughters that made me want to throw up! His childhood has left him with deep scars.....alcolholic father......fostercare thats his real story. He is a CON MAN that needs to be shut down!!!! He's a sick LOSER and thats the worset kind.
Posted By: caligirl48 | 3/10/12 10:49 AM
I too had a relationship with Phillip back in 1984-1985 he hasn't changed at all. He was arrested in 1985 for some pretty bad stuff he is a perv and he will never change for anyone. He used my family and friends to his advantage and his father told me have him to tell me everything but he didn't. I found out when he was arrested in Concord and put in jail. He is a JERK! I do feel bad for all of his kids they don't deserve any of this, he is a deadbe*t father. I know this because I have 1 child by him. Please all women stay away from him he is no good.
Posted By: Same name/not the same heart | 3/12/12 1:09 PM
Thank you for your reply callgirl48. I agree Phillip is a disturbed person. It is sad that he is a business owner and continues to spend his life praying on the elderly and taking their money with another con man. Another disturbing situation is if he is abusing woman and using his deranged mind to use them which is his MO. I am concerned that what you have said callgil48 about Mahaney if he is abusing young woman at the church his wife is so wrapped up into for the past ten years. As far as family reported to me he only had one child.. According to you he has more children and yet he claimed he had four girls and one son all imaginary children from his church. They call him papa and I heard phone messages..It is scary to think how far he might really go...
Posted By: Same name/not the same heart | 5/02/12 5:00 PM
For any one seeking out Estate planning with a location in Sacramento with a man that goes by the name of PHILLIP MAHANEY... He claims he is an attorney and will claim he has been one for as long as twenty years.. HE IS NOT REGISTERED WITH THE BAR AND IS NOT AN ATTORNEY OF ANY KIND. THIS MAN IS AN ABSOLUTE FRAUD . People please do your research.. MAHANEY HAS NEVER BEEN AN
Posted By: hardy55 | 3/28/13 6:11 PM
Can you tell me more about Phillip Mahaney and his wife Cynthia? I am looking for my daughter and I believe she is living with them. Thanks
Posted By: Same name/not the same heart | 4/08/13 8:46 PM
I would be more than happy to share with you anything on my private email. it is
It is posted above and others have contacted regarding other issues.
Look forward to hearing back hardy55 Take care.

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