Steven Gale
Male | Bedford, TX  
He cheated on his wife!!!!!!!!
Posted By: SickandTiredUser Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim:
8/22/11 11:29 PM
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He is a very good con artist. Swears to be in the military, but has never stepped foot in the service. He is a recovering alcoholic/drug addict and doesn't deserve a good woman, because all he'll do is take all their money, make them feel less than themselves, and screw every woman he can. Meanwhile telling you how much he loves you! TOTAL BS!!!
Golden tongue gonna get his butt killed. He lies about everything!!!

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Posted By: tigersblood | 8/23/11 9:57 AM
Another guy acting like he was in the military to get some action, LOSER. I bet he used to tell women he was a firefighter after 9/11 too!
Posted By: E=MC2 | 8/23/11 11:32 AM
ATTENTION WOMEN - Men with this type of facial hair are creepy scum so stay away
Posted By: Morrison | 8/23/11 3:32 PM
he looks like the lead singer from U2 on crack
Posted By: dreamer1879User Verified | 10/02/11 9:14 PM
I am another one of his victims!! He was engage to another girl (now my best friend) at the same time as me AND was dating a third girl!. I believed every stupid lie he told. He is just that good at it. You see the movies where the guy leads two totally different lives....thats him. He took me for about 40K. He has been in prison twice and IS NOT A MARINE!!! DO NOT TRUST HIM!
Oh and he has many alias...Rocky, Hunter, Rocky Gallizzo, Steven Brehem(not sure how to spell some of these... lists alot of them
Posted By: Judy73User Verified | 1/07/13 11:17 PM
I think this guy has made a victim of my sister, is there anyone who knows how to contact his wife? Or anyone that can tell me more about him??? PLEASE HELP!!!!
Posted By: dreamer1879User Verified | 1/08/13 12:04 PM
Which wife? The one that started his profile above, or one of the two wives he's had since then. Yes I know him personally and would love to help you and your sister. Email me.....
Posted By: sly41979User Verified | 1/18/13 9:48 AM
Yes WHICH wife is RIGHT...this man is NOTHING but a liar, cheater, user, con artist!! He wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in BUTT...he took me for well over 10K & used my kids as pawns...worthless!! myself & dreamer1879 have become best friends & we were the winners in that situation!!! UGH men...oh & he has recently contacted myself via facebook!! GO FIGURE!!!
Posted By: Huzzy | 6/21/13 9:10 PM
Update on this low life. He rescently mucked one of his friends for all their possessions and was bumping the stuff off. The friend went to confront Steven and get what he hadn t sold back and Steven had the cops waiting on him coz he knew he was riding dirty. So the guy is currently in tarrant co jail with poss of cs 4-200 charge. He also is currently having a relationship with another friends wife- while that friend is layed up in the hospital! So as if being a cheater wasn t bad enough, he's also a mucker and cop caller!!
Posted By: dreamer1879User Verified | 6/22/13 3:36 PM
I heard Steven is in jail. So Steven had the cops waiting for the guy that came to get the rest of his stuff? They arrested both? I had another one of his girl "victims" contact me recently. I hate this man with a passion and hate that he screws up everyones life!
Posted By: youcheatedwithhim | 6/25/13 6:45 AM
Ok I am the wife that got cheated on, its funny how your the one that started this blog but neglected to say that your one of the ones that he cheated with... even after you knew he was married you still cheated, invited him to your home... yes he is a real piece of work,,, BUT WHAT ABOUT YOU... you knew he was lying when he moved in with you and all I can say is that Karma is a *****, you lost him just like you got him... if doing this makes you feel less guilty... well rock on. but remeber the part you played in all of this
Posted By: dreamer1879User Verified | 6/25/13 1:58 PM
Hi "youcheatedwithhim". I cant speak for the one that started the blog, but I am sorry to hear you got wrapped up in his lies as well. I do not condone cheating at all and I am not taking sides but he very well probably fed her lies too saying he wasnt with anyone. Who knows. Me and sly1979 had no clue he was with the other one when we were seeing him. He portrayed her as the crazy ex that wouldnt go away, yet he was with her the whole time telling her lies about me. I hope for your sake you moved on. I would believe one word from his mouth. What a crazy!!!!
Posted By: sly41979User Verified | 7/01/13 11:51 AM
Hi "youcheateedwithhim" just because someone "cheated" with him, doesn't mean she wasn't a victim as well!! He is VERY good at lying & making everything seem to be better than it really is, and has a GOOD way of keeping you on the loop all the while draining every ounce of emotion & money if you have it! He has cheated on at least 4 wives that I know of & was engaged to 2 different women at the same time! He ALWAYS has a A,B,C plan because he will NOT ever be able to be faithful to ONE woman!! I wouldn't believe one word from him & I am VERY happy he's NO longer in my life & unfortunately Dreamer & I get contacted on many different times by new "victims" of his!!
Posted By: youcheatedwithhim | 7/02/13 1:16 PM
Yes I am happy to say I did move on, We divorced in 2011. and yes I do know his games and lies. And I am grateful today for the women he cheated with, because that was God doing for me what I would not have done for myself. It made walking away possible.......and the one particular woman that I am talking about she knew.. i talked to her and she chose to to continue, whether he was lying or not to her... she knew and for her Karma bit her...... she thought she would be different...hahahahahaha
Posted By: dreamer1879User Verified | 7/02/13 4:52 PM
We should start a club....'Black Cadillacs' bahahahaha. Seriously, im glad we all got out. :)
Posted By: sly41979User Verified | 7/03/13 6:02 AM
LOL...yes we should!!! HAHA I totally agree if someone knows & still continues w/the lies & cheating its on them too!! Thankfully we were smart enough to FINALLY walk away!! My life is much better w/o his drama & craziness!!! Kudos to us!! :)
Posted By: ummyummy | 8/04/13 8:13 PM
I have met this guy, and I believe his whole family to be con artists, and thiefs am I right?
Posted By: dreamer1879User Verified | 8/04/13 8:26 PM
They are all a piece of work. He plays them too and they believe his lies that in turn made my life miserable. His mom called my children *****s. They were about 9 and 12. One of his sisters is a crack *****. I hate his whole family!!
Posted By: awwhaa | 8/09/13 8:48 AM
Yes in deed his mother is ugly old hag, who lies, and steals also, she has a sailors mouth.I can't stand the whole family. the brother George is a thief, I know from living here in Indiana that he ripped his wife off for thousands of dollars worth of god, diamond rings, her retirement, and invited a fat old **** woman, named Kim Jackson in the house owned by wife when she went through all of the wifes things stealing everything she could get her hands on it was very sad. The old bag sister Loretta, was there at the house stealing also. I wish there was something i could of done. In the end I am sure George and loretta will get justice by god, and Kim Jackson needs to be put in prison for grand theft.
Posted By: Beyondmad6 | 9/26/14 7:24 PM
If anyone wants his cell number I have it,Im not finished with him yet ,Why is he getting away with doing this to all of us?? Hes going down
Posted By: CorSi458User Verified | 10/15/14 8:46 AM
I am another victim of this dog. My misfortune was back before this original blog was posted. As it has been said many times, he is a liar and a cheat. A true womanizer, and uses women to pay for his way, to buy him things, etc. His stories are so elaborate, you would think they are right out of a movie. He has not been in the military, he has not graduated from any collage, with no degree. He didn’t study Philosophy or any other subject for that matter, because he never went to college. He can’t keep a job. He says he is a recovering addict but still does ****s. He was living with me, while living with another lady at the same time…. and taking a 3rd lady over to the 2nd live-in’s residence to have sex with her. All the while, keeping a 4th on the hook. And if you ever start questioning him, he will say “that is just my crazy ex that won’t go away”… right dreamer1879? I am sure we have all heard that line. He uses different names, but his real name is Steven Wayne Gale. He will take you for a ride and leave you penniless and humiliated. Beware… if you ever cross paths with this ****, run as fast as you can in the other direction. I wish someone could post the link to this blog on his facebook page for the whole world to see.
Posted By: CorSi458User Verified | 11/26/14 10:13 AM
Update... he is in Tarrant County Jail as of 11/22/14. LOL
Posted By: Beyondmad6 | 1/07/15 5:42 PM
That just tickles me to death,Probably got busted for selling ****,I just so happened to be lucky enough for him to leave his password on my computer,so I got to see what he was and has still been up to,He messages so many different women daily how gorgeous they are so they will bite on his b.s.Im talking atleast 25 a day.he just takes any women ,fat ,skinny young ,old so he can move in for the sting and take what he can,he is so pathetic,hope he rots in jail

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Name: Steven Gale
Age: 43
Sexual Preference: N/A
Location: Bedford, TX
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Married
Profession: Other
Education level: N/A
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 210
Tattoos: Yes

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