Adriana Arroyo
Female | Newark, NJ  
Ultimate Skank
Posted By: Whatcomesaround
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Male
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Other
8/18/11 11:57 AM
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Adriana (aka Audrey) Arroyo is the type of girl that loves the challenge of going after an attached guy. She tried unsuccessfully numerous times to destroy my friend's relationship. When my friend first started dating her now fiance, this woman who claimed to be a friend, got between them and broke them up. Of course it didn't last because she cheated on him and he was right back to my friend after realizing what a huge mistake he made. Months later she tried again to reestablish a relationship with him and when confronted by my friend she said that she will have him if she wanted him. Well he cut Audrey out of his life but she kept coming back, swearing she only wanted to be friends but would try to come between them each and every time. She didn't really want him, she just liked the "win" of it all. Eventually she got the hint when he slammed her in a text message. She's got some severe psychological issues and thinks way too highly of herself. She's not even comparable to my friend looks wise and she knows it to.

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Posted By: TTYL | 8/18/11 1:40 PM
telling another girl she will have her boyfriend if she wants him, she is an ultimate skank
Posted By: Whatcomesaround | 8/19/11 9:16 AM
Absolute skank. She always did things to taunt my friend. Meanwhile she had a man at the time to.
Posted By: karmaville2012 | 5/01/12 7:04 PM
My name is Adriana Arroyo...those are my pictures...but the claims on this website is completely false!! I will never do such things, i am not a sk*nk nor have i ever done any of the allegations on this site... not one bit of this is true and to know that this was brought to my attention and that someone would stoop so low to create such a horrific thing and people believe in such stupidity is horrible. Crazy how photos can be taken from facebook and on this site you can put false allegations n you cant do anything about it! Its crazy and unfair. This site is horrible and disgraceful and I hope that wh*ever did this knows that the bible states as your screen name..what you do in this world, you will pay in this world...and what you have done here is against one of the ten not bear false witness against thy neighbor... may God forgive you and bring justice on you. You can do justice by removing this false and horrific post! May God bring light to your life because it is obvious that for you to create such lies you must have a really low self esteem and low morals in life... May God give you the ability to see your wrong and shed light to your life. I will pray for you and for those who believe such filth. I am a great person and am horrified at the damage you are creating here for me and my family and kids. I will never do such things, never have, never will. May God forgive you and hope that people out there can read thru your lies. God Bless
Posted By: Whatcomesaround | 5/29/12 8:58 AM
Well then your karma must be hitting you hard. Since what you do does come back to bite you in your ass. That's why this site is up. Teaches people that there are consequences to their actions. Nothing stated above is false and you know that. You can quote the bible all you want but following it is different. Focus on your own life and stay out of others.
Posted By: Whatcomesaround | 7/17/12 7:02 AM
I was sitting on this for a couple months and I asked my friend if she knew you as some bible thumper and she said "Oh please, she sent my fiance at the time pics of herself in lingerie while she was still married. We had a 10 month old baby at the time." So honey, your claims of innocence and never, never, never doing such things is beyond phoney. Her man had to block your number because he was sick of the games. I hope you have changed your ways and can enjoy your life without interferring in someone else's. God bless to you Audrey.
Posted By: karmaville2012 | 7/17/12 8:02 AM
Its crazy that after a year of ur last post u n ur so called friend are still with this phony crap. I cant believe that u two are still going with this... First n foremost again its not true. I dont know where ur so called friend is coming up with this but i pray that she gets closure on whatever issues he has. Ive never done such things n i sit n wonder is this friend of urs with this so called man still?? Must not b to continue with these false allegations... Listen, u write may God bless me n wonder is that something christian of you because i christian would never put such a site up especially with going on he say she say. Again. 10 commandments. Thou shall not place false witness on thy neighbor n that is exactly what this site is. FALSE!!! Im in disgust that you keep this charade going... I have children... A family... N u trying to put this up, do u have no conscious? No guilt? Has ur friends heart turned so cold that u two think this is funny n deserving? A punishment u claim for my actions that never ever took place... Do u not think God does not sees this? Do u think God awards ugly? I dont care what ur friend claims... I have not done these things... Who is this friend? I pray for her n urself for such horrific allegations n pray that God forgives this sin u continue to recreate. FOr the sake of my children remove this falsely post n may God bless u n ur friend so that the Lord can bring peace to both of u.
Posted By: karmaville2012 | 7/17/12 8:20 AM
Listen... Honestly these allegations are 100% false especially the last comment u posted of pics sent. However, i know that no matter what i say u both will continue to keep this going n not remove such horrifc postings of me.. Not for my kids nor for ur own conscious n God. All i will say because i refuse to continue to post or respond to such negative comments....I have done many mistakes in my life...who hasnt but what u claim i havent done. I do pray that ur friend gets closure n finds God to bring her peace. I pray that this does not affect my kids in the future or my family... I pray that one day u can look back n see that trying to punish me as consequence as u claim does not carry guilt with you. I pray ur friend gets answers to her heart n pray God will bring happiness with or without this so called man. Im in a good place in life with God n as long as i know n my family knows the truth im ok. May god forgive you both n may he bless u both from here on out. Everyone will believe or not, its their choice n opinions. I only care of the plp who love me n ok with that. If u want to keep this post up n not delete it... What can i do? Just pray. Wh*ever did hurt ur friend... I pray For th as well. May God guide u both n all who r inconsiderate in hurting others. I truly hope ur friend will receive peace n happiness... Life is truly very short for this... God bless u both n all who reads this. I wont respond anymore. I hope u both have reached what uve been striving for in this... Take care.
Posted By: Whatcomesaround | 7/17/12 8:29 AM
Unfortunately it is true and you didn't think about her child when you were trying to ruin her family. I am done as well. My friend is unaware of the posting. I did it because you chose to keep pursuing him for so many years. And they are still together and very happy. I just don't like seeing people treating my friends like cr*p, especially when they don't deserve it. I think women should respect other women. Like I said, I hope that you have come to this place in your life and that you are happy. Because honestly everyone deserves happiness. I do believe in justice and karma. My job is done :)
Posted By: Whatcomesaround | 7/17/12 8:46 AM
I don't like being called a liar either. She showed me the pics of you. One of them you were wearing a fedora or top hat or whatever and you had a nice little bob haircut. The hair was longer in the front then the back and it was lightened or highlighted.
Posted By: karmaville2012 | 7/17/12 9:24 AM
Wow... Fyi not to continue this but last time i had my hair in a bob or anywhere near my shoulders was when i was 18-19 yrs old. Im 34 now. So if those pics u say u saw were more than 15 yrs old. Highlighted n longer front shorter in the back... Was after i gave birth to my son. Hes 16 now. really not doing this... I dk why this is happening or if he told her it was me... But again i have never ever done this what u claim to ur friend or any woman in that matter... Only God knows the truth n i can only pray this stops. Do u know what uve created has reached my sons hands... I hope u see that this post was not intended to hurt me... But my kids. Ur job of hurting many ... Ur right... Job well done. I truly did not destroy her family or interfeared... May God bring peace to us all... As i said. I wish nothing but the best for her n hope one day u see this post is no longer necessary n delete it. I truly dont have anymore in me to keep commenting back n forth... I can only now leave it to God n trust in him that all gets taken care of n all parties can live in peace
Posted By: karmaville2012 | 7/17/12 9:28 AM
Take care n God bless
Posted By: Whatcomesaround | 7/17/12 9:31 AM
Well you sent him old pics of yourself then. Funny how I know the exact cut of your hair though. But yet you didn't do it. I'm sorry your son has seen this but again, you shouldn't have done what you did. Blame yourself for it and not blame me for exposing the truth.
Posted By: karmaville2012 | 7/17/12 10:03 AM
Wow... Ok common sense here... Who in this world would send a guy a pic of themselves 15 yrs old!!! C'mon now!!! Exposing the truth? Ok then... If its true, whos the guy? Whats my phone number or email that i supposeably sent him... Show it! Show emails texts that ive sent...when was this? Dis i know him 15 yrs ago? Girl y am i gonna bother sending someone my teenage ys... U cant cause it NEVER HAPPENED. U say how funny u know my hair ... Hello? Did u not steal the pics u posted on this from facebook? Obviously u or ur friend can get pics from anywhere... I did this to myself? I never did this sh*t n tired of this... Show the proof!!! Show me what i said in black n white. Ive done nothing n i see u have no conscious!!! May God forgive u!!! All u got is a pic from 15 yrs ago n thats ur proof. Wow. Really not worth it. I know the truth!!! Hope u can sleep at night Bye!!!!
Posted By: Whatcomesaround | 7/17/12 10:14 AM
Yes but how would I know who you were from Facebook Audrey? Obviously I knew what you looked like from the pictures my friend showed me. You did have a bob and not back when you were younger. Look, you can lie all you want. Not many Adriana's out there who go by Audrey. I just hate it when people do devious sh*t and then get embarassed when its public. This happened awhile ago Audrey but this site didn't exist back then. So continue on living your life. Stop digging a deeper hole.
Posted By: karmaville2012 | 7/17/12 10:30 AM
First dont call me Audrey. Only my family n friends do this... Second it happened years ago n ur still with this? Please. Digging a deeper hole? No ... Its clearing my name. N ur absolutely 100% wrong in the hair issue, only at that time. Im starting to believe there is no so called friend but its you... Look i never did this sh*t to you n u say years ago... Ur dwelling still on this... u tell me to stop. Girl this is my life... My son seeing this crap n u want me to accept something i havent done!!! U put me out there... Publically... So show it! Whos the guy? Who are you?! Girl God sees all n u dont want to delete this for what reason? Its been a yr since ur first post... N it was yrs! U want to believe it... Whatever floats ur boat. As i said... Anyone can find anyone on fb... Steel pics. If n a big IF I did such a thing y in the world would i send a pic 15 yrs ago!!! Not me now if i was so called trying to take the guy... Look u really need to stop this crap... Do u feel better of urself doing this but when asked whos the guy? Who r u? U cant say? Dont know if u believe in God but i do n God does not reward ugly... Ur actions n hurt u caused on my kids is not acceptable in any means. I pray if u one day have children or already have no one does this to u. And NO I DIDNOT DO THIS ... Either answer me who it is or just STOP!!'
Posted By: karmaville2012 | 7/17/12 10:34 AM
Delete the post... It been a yr u got what u wanted...job done. U hury my kids n my family. In the name of God delete the post... Smh!!
Posted By: Whatcomesaround | 7/17/12 10:37 AM
Sad that you don't know the guy. I wonder how many you did this to then. Listen, like I said, it isn't me. My friend told me the story and I found out about this site and decided to post because it pissed me off that much. I don't know why you would send old pics. You sent 2, one with a hat on. I have no problem stopping, you keep pushing the issue. Like I said, have a great life. You were the one who commented on this posting and that's what sparked the back and forth a year later. Like you said, those who know you, love you, so this posting shouldn't matter to those who care. Right?
Posted By: karmaville2012 | 7/17/12 10:44 AM
Exactly. A year later n it still here... N ur right but my kids do not understand. N no i ddnt do as u said. Ill have a great life when i dont have to worry my sons friends googling this n making fin of him... This has caused bullying him. This isnt about anger or my life. Its my kids...i can handle the crap but is this really worth it to u? U know... Do as u wish. I cant. Definitely Job well done!! As u move forward... I have no other choice but to b strong for my son until u see it fit to delete this ... Thank you. I wont respond anymore to this. GOD BLESS U ALL
Posted By: karmaville2012 | 7/17/12 10:48 AM
Fyi... Unless u delete this because u were the one who created it... It will stay for years n years... Regardless if i comment or not.
Posted By: denisei | 6/23/13 7:30 PM
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Name: Adriana Arroyo
Age: N/A
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Location: Newark, NJ
Gender: Female
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Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: N/A
Profession: Other
Education level: N/A
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Tattoos: Yes

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