Shondra Deherrera
Female | Rocky Ford, CO  
Pregnant and cheating
Posted By: guesswho69User Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Male
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Other
5/08/11 2:30 AM
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I speak for a friend who cannot speak for himself. My friend met this woman in school and during their relationship she ended up pregnant. My friend refused to walk out on his new babies (twin boys) and the woman he was with. Unfortunately, he was to deploy to Iraq and was unable to be with her during the pregnancy. No matter how hard it was he decided to support her and his new family. He gave her money every month, payed off all her nursing school debt and even had a life insurance policy in her name in case the worst was to happen to him while in Iraq. He made sure that if he wasnt there that she and his babies would always be taken care of. Two months after his children were born she left him for another man while he was still deployed. He even supported her and the children the whole time she was seeing another man on his dime, she took all his savings. Returning home she told him that he was not the father of the children and that another man, the one she started seeing, was the actual father. He moved his entire life to be with her and his babies only to find out that she was already with another man. She came over to his house with the police to tell him she had a paternity test that proved the other man was the father and she never wanted to see him again or have him call her or ever try to contact her again. She even named one of the boys (middle name) after the man she left him for. A little over a month went by and he ran into the man she left him for, this is when he told my friend he never had a paternity test done. My friend went to the court house and had a court ordered paternity test completed, which came back in about 4 weeks that proved he was the father. Ever since that day she has been trying to get 100% custody of the children and has done everything in her power to ruin any means of him to be a father. Needless to say she is no longer with the man she cheated on him with but is now promiscous with multiple men.

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Posted By: guesswho69User Verified | 5/08/11 7:30 PM
Her name in pueblo colorad was PLASTIC F*CK DOLL. Her boyfriend and the rest of us gave her that name. She is such a hoe. She was also left the night club Eden once by her friends, she was 19 at the time, she ended up f*cking a 40 year old plus man just to get a ride back home from colorado springs to rocky ford. She just recently ruined a marriage as well. What a perfect mother figure.
Posted By: Jay1986 | 10/17/12 4:49 PM
I no longer speak with her but i find it pretty ridiculous that you attempt to claim that you had anything to do with the nickname. I was her boyfriend that your talking about and I don't know you. I didn't give her that name it is from the movie Beerfest. She only "acquired" that name while my brother and her were messing with eachother throwing disses at one another she burned him pretty good first! I remember it like it was yesterday and that was 5 years ago. You had absolutely nothing to do with it, the only time she was ever called that was in a joking manner it was never a nickname. I'm sure she just told the wrong person about it because it is indeed a hilarious story, but they took it and twisted it to attempt to make her look bad with it. You shouldn't attempt to put yourself in a story just to make her look bad. It definately hurts your credibility! As far as your other accusations I can't comment because I don't know anything about it. Her and I maintained a good friendship for a long time afterward, and the person you are trying to make her out to be is not the woman I know. Granted she could have just hidden things of that nature from me but I never had the slightest inclination of her acting anywhere near as scandalous or inappropriate as your accusing her of. She is by no means a perfect person and has many flaws as we all do, but you make her out to be about the worst person on the planet and that is simply unfare and untrue.
Posted By: MeatyMan | 5/09/11 12:28 PM
dirty your boy getting joint custody of the kids?
Posted By: guesswho69User Verified | 5/09/11 1:36 PM
He has been fighting for his boys since day one. She has done everything possible to get 100% custody from telling the cusotdy judge that he is a petifile to accussing him of Domestic Violence, she even tried to have him trown in jail for 90 days for giving his kids a haircut. Colorado is a big mom state so it doesnt matter how good a father you are. This poor guy has a clean record never been introuble with the law, doesnt do drugs and even supported her while he was deployed to Iraq. It took him wanting to be a father for his kids to ruin everything he ever worked so hard for and she doesnt care. Instead she left him for a drug addict and now just sleeps around the entire town. She even dated one of her own cousins back in the day, small town but that just shows how much of a hoe she is.
Posted By: Sheen | 5/10/11 12:26 PM
Sounds like you need to fight fire with fire man. You and your buddy should find a way to record a conversation of her saying some crazy stuff or video tape her without her knowing and show the judge her true colors. Say stuff to her like "you know its a lie" and get her to expose herself. I hate it when women abuse the father in court knowing judges lean toward the mother in most cases so they play the victim role.
Posted By: lawyer | 5/11/11 1:22 PM
Prove that she is doing drugs and associated with a drug dealer and it should help your case
Posted By: guesswho69User Verified | 5/11/11 6:28 PM
He cant afford a P.I. and last he tried finding out infromation she said he was stalking her and he was screwed. Colorado is a mom stater. He was found guilty for giving his kids a haircut because she wanted to let the kids hair grow out long and you know what she did after she won in court. She went and gave the kids a haircut. The judge doesnt care about his kids only sees a pair of tits.
Posted By: Romeo | 5/13/11 5:16 PM
I wish the supreme court could jump in and over rule in situations like this and it doesnt take mulitple years. Anyone can tell she is just using the kids to jerk around the dad. I hate the justice system sometimes!
Posted By: guesswho69User Verified | 5/24/11 4:15 AM
You know what else is bad. My friend doesnt know but there was one other guy she thought was the father too. So there was Nicholas ****, Vincent ******and my friend. He was completly used. She was sleeping with tho other guys that could have been the father. My friend was doing his best to do right by her and this is what she did to him in return. She could have easily given him an ** and she didnt even care, she used him instead. Sad that in todays court room everything is considered No Fault. Nobody is held responsible for their actions anymore and what the judge and my friends ex has put him through is a prime example. To bad her parents never taught her better.
Posted By: guesswho69User Verified | 7/04/11 7:40 PM
WOW. Just found out recently that my friend won in court about his Domestic Violence case. TUrns out she changed her story a few different times and was even caught in a lie on the stand plus everything she has done came out. She looked like the biggest piece of shit in court. To bad though none of it can be used i his case for custody. Also found out that the District Attornety that was prosecuting him was sleepng with her during the trial. Apparently the public defenders office was told about the relationship and now he has to go through all these loop holes to report it and try to file charges. I hope people come forward to testify against this whore. He still tries to be nice to her for the sake of his children but I dont know what I would do in his situation. He goes from falling truly in love with this woman and then she does him dirty like this after all he did. Apparently he even has forgiven her for everything in hopes she comes arond. When I spoke with him last he said its like the movie forest gump, Jenny probably did not deserve a man like forest but he truly was in love and waited and they had their family in the end. I think hes an idiot for hoping that she will come around one day. I know he does it for his kids and for her but cmon, she screwed him at every turn and he believes in her. A guy like that is rare and she will keep having sex with whoever and use the kids against him. I heard he was moving away anyway so good for him, she lost the one man in this world that women would give aything for. He really is a good guy even though he thinks its his fault for deploying to Iraq and ruining the relationship. What an idiot. He should just move on and forget her. He deserves so much better.
Posted By: ZigguratReave | 3/02/12 5:20 PM
You would think with all these stories, there'd be proof. Don't get me wrong, it's clear that such an "esteemed" reputation must hold merit. But there isn't even a pic of a doc*ment, let alone a nude.
Posted By: InvistigatorPIUser Verified | 4/06/12 7:24 PM
I completely agree with you ZigguratReave. There has got to be some evidence to support everything that was said. So I did some invistigating since the story about her wanting the father to be thrown in jail for giving the kids a haircut would make a really good story. I went to the court house in Otero County and viewed some publice records. Sure enough that story at least was true but he was never thrown in jail. The judge found him in contempt and if he ever tries to give his kids a haircut then he goes to jail. I started asking around the Rocky Ford area and it seems this girl has a reputation that precedes what was written thus far. This girl apparently is from rocky ford born and raised and I had the privlage of speaking with some family and friends and they were more than willing to talk about her but refused to come forward to back anything up. Apparently its a small town and everyone knows everyone so getting on someones bad side is not an option. To bad, the things I found out would make a great story. When I mentioned her name at the court house everyone automatically knew to who I was reffering too. She apparently had an inapropriate relationship with a district attorney in a certain case and the District Attorney's office was under invistigation for it as well. The judges would not talk with me on the matter since it could relate to a custody case that is going on, or probably the bad publicity. The latter im sure. Again pictures and eyewitnesses would have been wonderful but difficult in such a small community. From prior experiences I can say beautiful women do believe they can get away with everything as long as there is a guy in the position of power they might be able to manipulate. Ive seen alot in my invistigations and this person is no different from other people. Just one of the few not embarressed to put it out there. But hey dont take my word for it check out the public records at the Otero county court house in la junta. All Evidence
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