JaVon Glover
Male | Porterville, CA  
Once again very secretive
Posted By: SilviaAlvarez1972
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Other
10/31/13 4:27 PM
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Once again very secretive. Javon has a history of cheating on me before. Therefore, it did not surprise me that he was acting suspicious. He was receiving mysterious phone calls without my knowledge and going placing longer than usual. When asked who calls, He would make up names in which I have never heard before in the past 13 years of living together. This time my proof was when I viewed his cell phone contacts only to find out that he had changed my name from (Silvia my love) to plain Silvia !!! JaVon did the same thing one year ago when he acknowledge that he was cheating on me. So look out you can not trust him. He will Lye, make up excuses, and can not be trusted with a relationship.

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Posted By: MizzCalderon | 11/16/13 5:55 PM
This man accepted you along with your 3 kids (all from different men). Even the fathers of your children didn't want to be with you. Remember, you were the one who called him a ******. You were the one who would flirt with your male co-workers ( the 2 that said they wanted to get in your pants) You were the one who was dancing inappropriately with those same 2 male co-workers at the club, in which javon had to find out by 1 of your co-workers. You were the one who invited those same 2 male co-workers to the house for a pool party while he was back East visiting his family. You were the one who would make jokes about his skin tone. You were the one who put you hands on him out in public. You just have such a ****ty attitude and if you weren't so *****y, controlling, hypercritical, and treated him better perhaps this wouldn't have happen. He stayed in in Cali for you. He misses out on his family because of YOU. He lives in a place he doesn't like because of YOU. He gave up on one of his dreams because of YOU. When you no longer appreciate someone and treat them wrong they will retaliate.
Posted By: jess1401 | 11/16/13 9:06 PM
I have known this person for 4 years and she is nothing like what your discribing. She is a good friend always willing to help and a very devoted mother. This does not justify a reason to be unfaithful.
Posted By: Fatherofone | 11/17/13 8:21 AM
This message is for Mizz Calderon. My ex-wife Silvia and Javon have been together for a little more than 13 years. I did not appreciate you targeting our kids nor us the fathers. I will speak for I, Silvia and I decided to apart our ways in the best interest of our relationship in which does not concern you. Silvia is not racist nor ever showed me any disrespect. Silvia has been a great mother to the girls. I still care for her very much due to the fact that she is the mother of my child.
Now by reading your comment, it gave me the impression that you know too much information about Silvia and Javon. Could it be that you are the other women that Silvia mentioned in regards to Javon cheating???
In the future please try to mind your own business, because at present time Silvia and Javon are still together working things out. For the sake of the children mind your own business.
Posted By: yayaporterville | 11/17/13 10:50 AM
I would like to respond to a Mizz Calderon’s comments about my mom Silvia and My step-dad Javon. I do not know how you got your information. My mom and Javon have never argued, yelled, or disrespected each other in our house. My step-dad Javon has been living with us for 13 years. He is in my mind the only dad I have ever had. One year ago when my step-dad cheated on my mom, we kids now teenagers girls took it very hard. Mizz Calderon you must be another women that my step-dad cheated with!! My mom posted my step-dad after one year of him cheating on her. She told me that my step-dad has never apologized for his cheating. The family is trying to work things out. Javon has told use kids that he cares about us and wants to work thing out, because he is still living at home with my mom. My step-dad and mom are doing very good at this time. So, I will ask of you (who ever you are) to stay out of our families problems. They do not concern you in any way.
Posted By: treuefriend1990 | 11/19/13 10:39 AM
MizzCalderon Get your story right!! My daughter is in High School with Silvia’s teenage daughter. They have been best friends since elementary. I found out about your comments yesterday. Your story does not give Javon the right to cheat!!! Silvia and myself have been friends since 1990. I made a pass at Silvia while she was single, good looking, and smart back in 1990 and again in 2000. Your story is wrong. It was one summer night that all of us co-workers went out for some drinks. Myself and the other guy had our girl friends with us that night. We all danced together in a circle, then we all ended up at Silvia’s house for a swim. Silvia spent most of the time call her boyfriend Javon. At the end of that night Silvia made sure we went home safe. That's all that happened!!!!
MizzCalderon your story happens to be a low ****. You are using poor vocabulary s****s with profanity. So Ghetto(LOL)!!! Silvia has always been my role model as a parent. She has owned two or more houses, earned her B.A degree. And is now focusing on her first grandson. MizzCalderon you are obviously the third wheel in their relationship. Javon will not leave Silvia For You!!!! Your to Ghetto!!! (LOL)
Posted By: CuriousPortervilleUser Verified | 11/20/13 9:18 AM
Addressing MizzCalderon,
Not that it is your business, but I am Silvia's best friend. Every incident that you have mentioned, I have been present. Your information is all wrong. I'm regretful to inform you that it's obvious he has lied to you in the attempt for you to feel sorry for him and take his side. For you to know so much information, I believe it is safe to assume you are the other woman. My question is... Are you posting an attacking response to her because you are upset he left you to go back to his real life? Just know that your opinion of her holds no value. Especially, since the only information you have is twisted and misconstrued. I was under the assumption that the females involved were the victims of this situation. Now, I'm assuming he might have been manipulated by you and that's why things got out of hand. Please be smart enough to know that men don't usually leave their wives and children for homewrecking h.u.s.s.i.e.s. She is a loving, wonderful, and extremely kind Mother, friend, Aunt, Sister, Daughter and Grandmother. There's nothing you can say to change anyone's opinion of her.
Posted By: PrinceCharming | 2/08/14 8:30 PM
Hey CuriousPorterville or should I say Eva P. Didn't you sleep with your neighbor's husband years ago? Well that is what your best friend Silvia told me.

Also for the one who deleted her post/account: Aren't you the one who lives in Southern California and is Silvia's cousin who visits Porterville to hook up with your Sancho? Didn't you leave a watch for him at Silvia's house. Well that what Silvia told me. For you self-righteous, holier-than-thou, hypocrites.........go find a bridge and jump off.
Posted By: ArmyStrong100User Verified | 11/23/13 7:17 PM
This guy actually married you knowing that you had three children by three different men?? What a desperate loser. You must be one good-looking woman.
Posted By: 49erGirl | 11/25/13 7:16 PM
Dayuum! That is one fine brotha. Let me know if things don't get right, I'd give him a try.
Posted By: cheaterviewer | 11/27/13 9:40 AM

I am just a cheater viewer. You think that this brother is fine. Good for you!! Now you are showing that you are desperate in finding a man of CheaterVille. Leave this couple alone. They don’t need you posting that if things do go right, you will give him a try!! The guy seems to go back to his woman every time. I feel sorry for this lady. She needs to let the loser go. Don’t you agree? 49erGirl try getting your men in another website. It looks like this guy is not going anywhere!!
Posted By: ArmyStrong100User Verified | 11/27/13 4:38 PM
Get her cheatereviewer (LOL) I am starting to think SilviaAlvarez1972 post is a bit bogus like a lot of the others. I've noticed that she doesn't reply to what's being said and she has all of her friends defend her. If he has a history of cheating why does she keep going back? The probably are having problems but perhaps she is just doing this to get the last laugh. I still think he is a loser for marrying a woman with kids from 3 different men.
Posted By: 559CROSSFITVISALIA | 2/03/15 6:14 PM
I know this pinchi vato loco. I looked up his name from a business card Venomdrip. Mi primo needs a sponsor for Fresno 559fights at Valdez Hall on Friday, Feb. 27. Now that we see that this vato is a loser. F-U dude. Our lady’s don’t care for your S.h.i.t. vato cheating on your lady was not cool. Keep Your S.h.i.t and go sell elsewhere

Cheater Details

Name: JaVon Glover
Age: 41
Sexual Preference: Straight
Location: Porterville, CA
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Maiden Name: Unkown
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Profession: Other
Education level: Some college
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: Black or African American
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 220
Tattoos: No

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