Male | Riverside, CA  
BILLY JOSEPH GIBBS is a pathologica liar and a sociopahth Riverside-Corona CA
Posted By: prettylady2013
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
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7/20/13 1:15 PM
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Billy Joseph Gibbs AKA Joseph Gibbs is my ex-husband, when we first met he feed me all kinds of lies...that he had an exclusive contract deal with a manufacturing company in China, that he owned a patent to a material that would "replace" the MDF material, that his "uncle" was co-owner of that company etc, etc. He actually calls China in front of you to convince you he has deals with this company!! He told me he had 2 children with one woman that lived in Alabama and that the kids were 12 and 10, after we got married I found out he has a 3 year old kid with a woman here in California!! He introduced me to a family and said they were his cousins and then I found out they were not blood related at all-I am glad I shook him off my life!!--- He’s very spiteful, he text me a video having sex with someone else when I ended my relationship with him. He's very angry because I posted this here but I needed to warn other women of this lying, deceitful predator...I wish someone had warned me what a snake he is!! He always has ulterior motives for anything good he says or does. If you see him coming your!!!

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Age: 45
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