Kempton Olney
Male | Mitchell, SD  
A pathological narcissist with a drink problem.
Posted By: ItGotTooBad
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Other
3/04/13 12:51 PM
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A pathological narcissist with a drink problem. He will stalk facebook looking for women who look like they can provide him with money (their Pictures of their houses and horses will reflect this), more recently he's been targeting women who appear to have funds sometimes through being widowed with children and if he's lucky enough, in possession of a large insurance policy.

He will talk very sweet, ask you to have his baby, seems like the most romantic man, send you lots of songs sung by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, "Rush" by Tom Sawyer and some Indian Love songs that he sends to at least 6 girls at the same time on fb. He will have a relationship with you whilst meeting and sleeping with numerous girls in addition to the fb variety. He will have at least 5 at any one time. He is in a partnership with a women, they are members of adult friend finder their hotmail email contact is managed by her so they can meet up with strangers for 3 way sex.

He uses the death of his friend to gain attention from women and can turn on the tears at the drop of a hat. He will accuse his latest conquests of stalking him, to whatever girl he happens to be with at that time. He will admit to having a previous drink problem and say he needs to be with you as the reason to keep him out the bar. He will say he pays child support for a child he has never contributed a cent to and hasn't seen in 5 years. He moves around a lot so could turn up anywhere from California, New Mexico to South Dakota.

He will lie about everything, he tells women he owns a ranch and cows in SD, where in actual fact he was a (work) hand. He had several horses he neglected so bad they were near death. He will lie that he was (not) married and engaged twice, once to a relative.

He will have you look after him, buy him things, feed him and expect you to be impressed at all his 'imaginary' successes. He will cry if you accuse or question him on anything and will promised to try to change, he will never, never admit the truth even when caught red handed in a lie. He will blame you for his shortcomings. Once he's done with you he will ignore you, which is why girls think they're still with him and try to contact him, he never finishes a relationship.

He is amazingly successful at fooling out, he'll bleed you dry. One last word, be careful of ***.

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Posted By: daphne120 | 3/04/13 7:26 PM
Why does this profile start off like Sean Sanders'?
Posted By: beentheredonethat46 | 11/01/13 3:50 AM
True Story this is the same MO he has used on many, many women.
Posted By: Tinatrauma | 3/30/14 1:13 AM
You need to update this to show it's men an women that he's now targeting. And still spreading things u don't want otherwise it'll cost u a fortune in Doctors bills. Every word out his mouth is a lie. Watch your credit card, and his has a different name on it. He's a wrecker of lives, told me this person is a bitter stalker, but I've found out it's all true.
Posted By: catfished | 10/21/14 3:02 PM
You missed out his bedwetting, you will also have experienced this if you spend any time with him.

Cheater Details

Name: Kempton Olney
Age: 38
Sexual Preference: Straight
Location: Mitchell, SD
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Profession: Education
Education level: N/A
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On:
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 174
Tattoos: No

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