Christy Loflin
Female | Franktown, CO  
DOUBLE LIFE of a Rodeo Star
Posted By: ridingthewindUser Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Male
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Other
2/27/13 7:34 PM
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Christy Loflin, barrel racer, tries to portray herself as a wholesome All-American barrel racer. When she was married to Mr. Loflin, she was never a faithful wife to this good Christian man. She wanted nothing more than to make it to the National Finals Rodeo. She was so driven by it that she started cheating on her husband with a guy that would ultimately finance the whole thing since her husband couldn’t afford it. In all of her PR pages, she never mentions the Ex husband who supported her and kept her kids while she was on the road. Her husband kept her kids while she was off carrying on the affair with the man who bought the horse for her and financed her dream. She also never mentions the man who bought the horse, she would have everyone believe she did it all on her own, with nothing but her “talent”. While she was carrying on the affair, still married, professing her love and faithfulness to her husband, she was taking her own children over to the other man’s house. She was leading a double life and thought it was normal only because she was getting what she wanted. She made it to the NFR with a horse that was bought by someone else and she paid for with services rendered, she was never going to get there on her own with the horse her husband could afford. Sheza Blazin Move was acquired by her boyfriend in 2010, while she was still married. She wrote several blogs on about how parents should not have to give up their dreams just because they have kids. She justifies being away from the kids because it’s her job to rodeo but how do you justify making them watch you have an affair just because that gets you what you want. Of course the children and her friends are going to be supportive, what choice do they have? Do you think any child is going to publically say they hate what their parent is doing to their step parent? To out their cheating to the world? Everybody who really knows her knows the truth; she is for sale to the highest bidder. Now that she has made the big time, she has sponsors to pay her bills. Med-Vet pharmaceuticals, Professionals Choice, Rock and Roll Cowgirl, Justin, and others have been misled about her morals and ability to represent their company to the more conservative public.

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who owns the horse

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Posted By: farmerstanUser Verified | 3/14/13 12:22 PM
Oh Geeze this woman is so well known in Walsh CO where she used to live with her husband. She caused so many problems in so many marriages getting caught with husbands, text messages getting found.The man who bought the horse for her was also married at the time but she didn't care. She is nothing but a ***** and will always be nothing but a *****. Even after her husband caughter her IN the act with the other guy, he was crazy enough to believe she would change. It doesn't matter how many "good deeds" you do to make yourself look good, you can't erase the bad you've done nor can you erase the fact that deep down you are only happy when you are the center of attention. Way to show your children that having a happy marriage, putting your kids first and being faithful is not even important to you.It just makes people wonder WTF does she think?
Posted By: oneslickbradly | 5/06/13 7:25 PM
It is all so true. Thomas F. Jacobs paid for that mare Sheza Blazin Move and also bought her a nice ranch to live in. The ranch was just recently sold. Mr. Jacobs also bought her several prospects as well no doubt this guy has spent over a million on Christy. Never mentioned him once during her stardom in Vegas. I feel very sorry for her children as well. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants. He also owns the F-450 she is hauling in along with the trailer.
Posted By: ridingthewindUser Verified | 6/24/13 5:22 PM
Since she bankrupted the boyfriend, wonder who's taking care of her expenses now since she's not winning anything...... Sponsors can't be paying that much-perplexed as to why they would ever pick her up to begin with, would not want her representing my company with her morals. I bet she finds some other victim soon.
Posted By: ridingthewindUser Verified | 11/03/13 4:48 PM
Her ex husband (the one she cheated on for 5 years) recently passed away in a farm accident and she's using it to promote herself "pray for me" "he was my best friend". She NEVER mentioned him last year in all of her write ups for the NFR-it was just Mr. Timmons who got her into barrel racing--no mention of a second husband at all!!! Her husband went to meet his maker thinking he wasn't good enough for her to be faithful to. Every time Christy rode "Movin" she was betraying her husband because the horse was bought by her lover. After the relationship with Mr. Jacobs fell apart, Mr. Loflin let her come back home, thinking she would, possibly, maybe be ready to be fathful--nope, she started texting one of Lance's best friends-wanting to hook up. Hey, he's got money and a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...... Anybody who knows Christy AND her ex husband know she never deserved him. AND he did NOT deserve to be treated like she treated him! It's pathetic! We will see how uch she uses this tp promote herself at the NFR this year.
Posted By: surprisedyou | 4/16/13 4:48 PM
I actually feel very sorry for her kids and (Ex) stepkids. She's a nice enough in person but everyone who knows her or her kids knows she has no moral compass as far as marriage and cheating is concerned. I guess her and the two men she was sleeping with were adults but you really should set a better example for the kids in your life or they are going to grow up and think it's OK to cheat on their husbands/wives. Sad that her own kids have to stand up for her.
Posted By: farmerstanUser Verified | 7/30/13 12:18 PM
WAIT!! SHE DID GIVE HIM CREDIT AT THE NFR! BARRELHORSENEWS.COM In the NFR preview, Quoted her as saying "Tom Jacobs owns a big part of Movin!! LMAO--this ***** is so screwed up in the head! Now that she's famous, she can't keep the lies a secret. He owns the horse alright and as long as he does she will have to keep putting out. Love the post on her private facebook page how she just wants someone to be afraid to let her go....well stop sleeping around and only wanting men for their money! No man wants a *****--if you want a dude just for his money then that's what you're gonna get-just being a kept woman. If you can only get a guy because of the services you provide and you only want a guy for money--well you know what it is when a woman has sex for money.
Posted By: FTLfarms | 11/06/13 12:14 PM
Ok, I find it a little ridiculous that I have to do this, but you people obviously aren't going to stop. First things first, I am the daughter of Lance Loflin, whom recently passed away. It makes me sick to even think that a site like this exists. It makes me wonder what the world has come to. The person that posted this article and anyone that commented DOES NOT have their facts straight. Yes, my father and her were married. Yes, they got a divorce. And yes, my father went to the grave forgiving and loving Christy. She was truly the love of his life. Other than those facts, you people have no business gossiping about my family. I know you guys can't possibly know the facts because I am just starting to learn some of them myself. A fact that you guys can go off of that is 100% the truth is that Christy made a mistake, my dad divorced her but didn't quit loving her. After their divorce and the realization that she had made a huge mistake she commited to my dad. My dad and her had things to work on but they commited to each other and worked things out. She was suppose to move back in but my dad **** her to heaven. My dad wasn't a stupid man, he knew Christy was the love of his life and he trusted her. Christy is a good person, and I hope to follow in her footsteps one day. She has taught me many good things and I look up to her. My dad chose and amazing person to be in my life, because I need her more than ever, especially now. God has a plan for everything. Yes their relationship wasn't ideal, but how many are. Unless you've lived a perfect life, I suggest you quit preaching to the chior. And until you know all the facts about something, don't talk about other peoples lives. Your're only ****ting on this already ****ty world, so good job, keep it up and see how far it gets you. And finally, please quit talking about my dad, my step mom, my brothers and sisters, it affects us all and we especially don't need that right now. Thanks!
Posted By: HollyKJohnson | 11/08/13 9:30 AM
I hope over time Christi's family has time to heal without the likes of the judgemental hypocrites on here. I am trying to find a single person here other than Lance's daughter that is the "perfect person and moral judge." It is obvious that you all are the perfect people that go to church twice on Sunday, tell everyone what a God fearing person you are and then turn around the following 6 days engaging in the works of the devil. I dare say that all of you pointing the finger don't even see the other 3 pointing right back at you gleeming with the lack of character you carry inside and out. As time passes I hope it all comes back ten fold and bites you in the ass and leaves you with nothing but your sad moral compass to guide you through the rest of this life.
Posted By: copycat19 | 2/08/14 11:35 AM
As you can see by the post that came after yours, she is not what she portrays herself to be. No, I don't think anyone here is the "perfect person" however nobody else on here has their own self-promoting website and tries to make the public think they are the perfect person. There is nothing wrong with letting the public know the truth is there? Nothing that has been posted here is false. The purpose of this website is to warn others about people who have a tendency to cheat. Men who think they could have her AND the women who have husbands she might want to go after--they have the right to know. Her sponsers have the right to know they are giving money to someone who has no family values at all and will wreck a family in a heart**** if it means more money for her to chase her dream. The public has a right to know this person they "worship" is nothing but a lie--the ex husband she professed to love so much after his death? Yea, she was cheating on him with a man he considered to be a friend. The man she was cheating with has two little kids-did she care? Nope. She may be a good barrel racer but she's a cheater and a homewrecker too.
Posted By: FTLfarms | 12/03/13 3:41 PM
Nevermind!!! I take back what I said! Christy Brown (Loflin) ruined another marriage. I recently found out that she had been cheating on my dad all the way up to his death and after with a married man. Whom I know the wife and kids personally, and so did my dad. It makes me sick that a person like that is representing our last name! All I have to say is what goes around comes around and karma will catch up eventually! Thank goodness my dad is free and didn't have to hear the lies about this one!
Posted By: ridingthewindUser Verified | 11/01/14 8:09 PM
This is information provided by Christy herself. The horse was purchased FOR her BY Jacobs. SHE was married to Loflin at the time and Jacobs was married when she started sleeping with him. Now she broke up another marriage since Jacobs ran out of money. When she started sleeping with the current married man she was trying to get back with her ex husband that she screwed around on

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