Debbie Apfel
Female | Lakeside, CA  
I don't do married men while with their wives NOT
Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Male
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Other
1/11/13 6:05 PM
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This Christian Harlot lives with her mother in Lakeside. She works at a ** in La Jolla & says she never kisses, holds hands or has sex with men who are still with their wives, which is not true. She had been exchanging sexual emails with a married man of 36, now 40 years. His name is Louie **. He now lives with her in the home of her mother. She knew/knows he is married, has kids and grandkids, but elected to ***** around with him.

They lied to family and friends and were sneaking around until Louie's wife busted and exposed them to everyone.

Here is the email that they exchanged: http://**

Proof of Cheater's Actions

Debbie A Apfel &her
married sex partner
Louie Ruiz

Debbie Apfel,
Christian Harlot

Debbie Apfel,
Christian Harlot1

No proof audio submitted yet.

No proof video submitted yet.

Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 3/08/13 6:19 PM
Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 7/02/14 7:37 AM
Cheaterville removed the emails between these sexual partners, who got married on June 28 2014 so she could be a June bride. He filed for divorce and the court gave him single status so he could get married to THIS "Christian Harlot."
Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 5/01/13 7:55 AM
see Louie P. Ruiz of Lakeside, CA on this site. He is married to another worman since 1973, but is shacking up with this woman at her mother, Lois Apfel's home. The proof is in their sexual emails that they were sending each other while he was living with his wife. Debbie A Apfel calls herself a Christian, says she is an innocent victim, yet she became sexually involved with Louie while he was living with his wife. They have been shacking up since 2010 and had an affair for 6 months before that...
Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 7/25/13 12:01 PM
The wife also knows she is into witchcraft, which his great grandmother was involved in, yet he and his deceased mother pretended that they didn't like or get involved in witchcraft. once Louie brought a woman to the house & said she, "Sage/Victoria" was a Christian but within 5 minutes she was telling his wife that she was a practicing witch among other things... How deceived...
Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 7/18/13 10:31 AM
The proof was provided under Louie P Ruiz of Lakeside CA, where he has shacked up with this "Christian Harlot" since 2010. Their sexual emails were turned in as proof of their adulterous affair/infidelity. Louie is a man with small man's disease, into pornography, calling himself a Preacher. He has never taken responsibility for his lack of control over his genitals and he never wants to be accountable. She works for a school of preschoolers and plays the "antisemetic" card to her advantage as a liar.
Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 7/18/13 10:50 AM
Louie laughed when he told a Christian couple, his wife, and daughter how she begged to be "given another chance" while she cried at a park next to his workplace. He has been playing her like he does everyone and he blames his wife for the things he has done. He is a construction foreman, who manages men and throws his weight around but says his wife cursed at him, when he did that on a regular basis since 6 months after marriage. He has shoved his wife when she was pregnant, knocked her to the ground saying he was practicing karate, choked her, and abused her: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. He's also bad mouthed her to his family (in-laws) and the children (since they were able to talk/understand). His wife never bad mouthed him to the kids or family. He said his wife "set him up" when he tried to run her over with her car. She didn't understand because that was what he was doing. The wife wanted to expose these people so others will know in case they get involved with them in the future and because their sins will follow them. They wanted to hide under cover of darkness, but everything is out in the open and exposed. Lord bless them as they lie and hurt other people by their behavior, including her mother who is battling cancer. These 2 tell her mother, Lois, that they are Christians while they are screwing in her home... how sad.
Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 7/18/13 11:09 AM
Louie called his wife and told her Debbie was going to sue her for liable and slander and his wife told him to tell her go ahead because she is the wife and has a right to expose their affair when she found their emails and everything she saw and heard was proof about their affair. His wife has every right to let others know because their lies have been exposed and others need to know in case they do the same to others. He then put her up to getting a restraining order even though his wife never knew her or met her, but only confronted both of them via email.
Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 7/18/13 11:16 AM
The other interesting thing is that they both teach and had mandantory health classes, but he said he would get check for ***s if he came back and neither of them used protection for ***s--Louie said "yes" she used protection "the pill." His wife laughed because the pill is for prevention of pregnancy (she's an OLD MAID) and ***s are***--DUH, HOW STUPID!
Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 7/25/13 11:53 AM
Their sexual emails were submitted as proof, which you can see a "PROOF" listing under Louie P Ruiz, shacking up with Debbie A Apfel in her mother, Lois' home in Lakeside CA. These 2 thought they were being sneaky by hiding their sexual affair, when Louie was living with his wife (married in 1973), but she said she didn't allow herself to be involved with married men living with their wives, but she was having sex with this married man since 2009, then he ran off in 2010 to shack up with her without telling his wife. He told his wife he was fasting & praying in the mountains for their marriage. He was leading his wife on, leading Debbie on and hiding it all from family, friends and co-workers. Debbie thought she had the right to counsel the wife & family, but the wife told her she did NOT. Louie married his wife on 12/22/1973 & to date their is no Divorce or Legal Separation. In order to feel good about themselves, he & she have become increasingly angry because the wife exposed their affair as she told them she would if they continued in their behavior. It is not revenge, but exposure otherwise they would have continued doing this. Louie told the re-enactment group the "Hole in the Wall Gang" of Lakeside CA; he is V.P., that his wife was his EX--NOT SO. He also told his wife that they were using sexual protection "THE PILL." HA HA HA--they both have teaching credentials and had to take health classes for that credential. The Pill is only for protection from pregnancy and since this woman is an OLD MAID --I'd be afraid of her getting pregnant & then having a child that isn't all there. ***s are sexually transmitted diseases, which is what his wife was talking about when she asked him if they were using protection. These 2 deserve each other. The wife also reported them to their church, Shadow Mountain, led by Dr. David Jeremiah (Turning Point on TV, a Baptist Ministry where these 2 were hiding and pretending to be Christians.)
Posted By: Dash26 | 10/22/13 3:05 AM
I don't see the emails. The woman's face is almost as long as the horse's. Witches put mentrual blood into men's food and drink in an attempt to cast a spell on them and control them. I bet this ***** has done that. FYI, libel is spelled l-i-b-e-l, not liable. That's something else, dipwad.
Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 10/22/13 3:16 AM
Cheaterville removed the emails, but they and the pictures are/were my proof that this married man is involved with a "Christian Harlot." He filed for divorce a month ago so it will be over soon! LOL I will be free and get some resources that I haven't had in quite some time.
Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 12/02/13 5:26 AM
These are planning a wedding & Louie isn't divorced yet after 40 years of marriage. He was spotted buying a wedding ring at Zales.

Cheater Details

Name: Debbie Apfel
Age: 52
Sexual Preference: Straight
Location: Lakeside, CA
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Profession: Education
Education level: Some college
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Weight: 160
Tattoos: No

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