Darrell Gallivan
Male | Worcester, MA  
Sociopath with Narcissistic tendencies, excessive use of narcotics, thief, con
Posted By: Hubble4321User Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Other
12/25/12 4:37 AM
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Darrell is an extremely intelligent con artist who is addicted to opiates, Percocet/Fentanyl. He will make up believable stories about his soon to be ex wife, he will ask to borrow money for various reasons, he will lie and swear on his children's lives. He is unemployed, pretends to job hunt continuously, he is very arrogant at times and has mood swings due to the **** abuse and mental illness. He has a police record which displays theft and more. He owes a large amount of child support but chooses to spend any money borrowed on his **** addiction. He uses women, pretends to care for them, will even tell them he loves them. He is a very greedy, needy person. HE desires much attention, wants to be admired and praised. He will say things that sound legitimately kind but it is all part of his game to "hook, line and sink HER". He has a hatred for anyone that is successful, he is extremely envious and will sabotage at any/all costs. This guy is very dangerous, he will try to develop relationships with your children and seem like Mr. Nice Guy. Darrell is NOT a nice guy, he is a monster, with a very serious **** addiction. When he is called out on a lie, he becomes irate and will attempt to make you feel guilty for questioning him. He is also a thief! He will steal from you and then pretend he had nothing to do with it, even to to frame an innocent person. Darrell Gallivan is BAD NEWS! Stay away, far away!!! You will regret ever spending one moment conversing with this ass! Also, he is involved with illegal **** sales, if you get caught with him and the ****s, you will be arrested too!!! This man is very sick and dangerous. He knows who he is, that is why he tries to numb himself with the **** use, to ease the pain. If this guy ever tries to befriend you, RUN!!

Proof of Cheater's Actions

sample text from him

conning as usual

pawning stolen

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Posted By: Hubble4321User Verified | 12/26/12 12:27 PM
Would also like to add that Darrell does not wear protection when being intimate with women. He does not "pull out" either. This man is disgusting inside and out. He needs to be stopped! The stories he comes up with are insane, he will make you feel sorry for him and want to help him. You are not helping him, he takes money from you and immediately purchases narcotics. Never leave him alone in your vehicle or home, he will steal all of your valuables and then pawn them. He steals from his own parents!!! This guy loves to pretend to be a victim but the truth is, he preys on innocent victims. He looks up old flings he once had prior to his marriage, tells them what they want to hear, then uses and abuses them. This loser has no conscience, he feels zero remorse and will continue to hurt anyone in order to get his next fix. He has a very serious problem with narc abuse. He has a vivid imagination. He tells stories of wanting to go to school to be an Xray tech, opening his own breakfast diner, buying a condo, motorcycle, small pick up truck, he has stories for days! Don't find out the hard way like others, just stay away, you'll be very sorry if you don't. His poor soon to be ex wife, she has to deal with him for another 17 years! Even if he stopped abusing the narcotics, this guy is still a big jerkoff who only knows how to lie. He believes his own lies!
Posted By: exwifeofhubble4321User Verified | 12/26/12 2:41 PM
Whoever posted these two warnings about Darrell, you have him pegged big time. Get in touch. I would love to know who you are and how you were lured in. I just divorced the scumbag! You are 1000% correct about him. Job hunting? A condo? A diner? Mortorcycle? He lives in a fantasy world and he thinks he is outstanding. Not.so much.
Posted By: Jaa1971User Verified | 9/01/13 4:28 PM
I think I've met this person on line and always google someone since I've been burned so many times. Is this all true? If so, how come he still has his kids?
Posted By: exwifeofhubble4321User Verified | 9/01/13 4:51 PM
All true, and then some. Do not believe ONE WORD OUT OF HIS NASTY mouth!! Trust me. Trust me, Trust me. He will talk smoothly..somehow find a reason why he needs money...and have you hooked. He is a complete loser. No job. Two kids. Owes $12k in child support and recently said he doesn't have to pay it. He is a pompous ***** with nothing, NOTHING going for him. He will make you believe I am nuts and he's the good guy. He is delusional and and wants money for ****s. DO NOT DO IT!!!!

I am serious. I am raising two young ones on my own. He does nothing to help. Nothing.
Posted By: Hubble4321User Verified | 9/01/13 5:05 PM
Oh yes, everything is true. The guy is so disgusting, rarely even showers. Thinks he is something special and believes he is invincible. Hurts many people continuously and feels no guilt ever. He will insist others have mental issues but the truth is....he does. He self medicates with opiates and probably the big "H" by now... it's cheaper. He is repulsive. The thought of sitting next to him on a sofa makes me want to vomit!
Posted By: exwifeofhubble4321User Verified | 9/01/13 5:10 PM
And still has his kids? They live with me. Visitation is not set. It's all my discretion. He sees them, but not often. The stories he tells are bs. Don't fall into his gross trap. He isn't wonderful. Quite the opposite!
Posted By: Jaa1971User Verified | 9/01/13 5:16 PM
That's funny because he told me he was a mechanical engineer. Is he a huge pats fan with season tickets? When is his bday? I want to make sure this is the same person.
Posted By: Jaa1971User Verified | 9/01/13 5:18 PM
Please private email me at colebostonsmom@yahoo. Lets compare phone numbers for him so I can see if this is the right person.
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Cheater Details

Name: Darrell Gallivan
Age: 38
Sexual Preference: Straight
Location: Worcester, MA
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Separated
Profession: Other
Education level: Associate degree
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6 ft 0 in
Weight: 280
Tattoos: Yes

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