Bob Richards
Male | Riverview, FL  
Serial Cheater
Posted By: IrisheyesUser Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim:
12/13/12 1:54 PM
CheaterU CheaterUniversity™: Ohio State University
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Finds woman on match, convinces they are the one then sleeps with several women at the same time.
Always on the prowl, lies about his history.
Constantly calling and texting multiple women to behave as if he is monogamous.

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Posted By: pandarainbow | 12/15/12 3:17 AM
I can't stop laughing at this guy. Is this what you women find attractive now? old lord...hilarious
Posted By: sherone | 12/16/12 4:01 PM
pandarainbow you have nothing better to do than to laught at this guy? get a life!
Posted By: santaself5 | 12/20/12 12:07 PM
everyone needs a *** test yuk! scumbag!lol
Posted By: santaself65 | 12/20/12 9:18 PM
Posted By: SeeYaLater | 1/05/13 11:58 AM
WoW! This guy is still around and still up to the same games! Unbelieveable, sorry for the next victim. He is the "A" typical, stereotyp of the "Traveling Salesman" a girl in every port but makes you believe your the only one! An embarassment to the good guys that are really out there! Stay Clear!
Posted By: reagan01 | 2/09/13 2:28 AM
Melinda McKinsey - Safety Harbor, FL age 51 is who posted this.
She is damaged from her 25 year marriage. Has 3 children and 2 of them have cut her out of their life. I wonder why?? Sam has 2 of Melinda’s grandchildren who she has never seen and Sam went to court to testify against her own mother. Olivia’s last words to her mother were “you are dead to me” and also ran to the courthouse to testify against Melinda. Interesting. She has major debt issues, currently being sued by many credit card companies and going through bankruptcy. I don’t think It was all Stuart who charged up the 30 thousand dollar bill on credit cards. But bankruptcy runs in the family with her sisters as well. It’s the White Trash way out of debt. Day to day drama with her ex husband and lawsuits to collect her alimony. Melinda broke up with her boyfriend who moved on the next week and then calls him a cheater for moving on. Stole boyfriends ipad and other personal items. Broke into his email accounts and computer information. Claims to be a Buddhist in training but decides to post boyfriend on this site. Makes false claims about him and lies about the actual truth. Her house is in foreclosure, she files for bankruptcy, her kids don’t speak to her and her ex husband Stuart runs her life. Get your facts straight Melinda before you post stuff about someone on the internet. You need to look into the mirror Melinda McKinsey and try and fix yourself before you pass judgement on someone. Cheating happens when a couple is together...not after! Stuart has affected your head because their is something very wrong with the both of you.
Posted By: reagan01 | 2/09/13 2:48 AM
Melinda McKinsey's twitter quote: When you genuinely love yourself, you won't hurt others. need to practice what you try and preach! You were asked to talk numerous times. You were asked to do the right thing. But you chose poorly. Communication is important in a relationship but you chose not to have any. Don't make up lies about someone and post their picture on the internet and not expect to get a reply.
Posted By: reagan01 | 2/10/13 3:38 PM
Melinda McKinsey is Irisheyes
MINDI (MELINDA) MCKINSEY (SMITH) CLASS OF 1979Western High School Class of 1979
Russiaville, IN Aliamanu Elementary School ** Honolulu, HIBall State University ** Muncie, IN www.melin
Posted By: reagan01 | 2/10/13 3:44 PM
Melinda McKinsey’s favorite things are teaching and participating in Improv and sugar…and not necessarily in that order. Melinda started her career in the arts when she moved to Los Angeles California in 1980.
Starting in the world of theater Melinda acted in many professional productions before trying her hand at directing and producing. This ignited her desire to learn more about her craft and led her to the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute. At the tender age of twenty, Melinda was accepted and discovered the Strasberg difference, which is that bring your own sense of truth to every role and use your personal experience to fire your imagination.
On a whim, Melinda auditioned for Dad’s Garage, a world-renowned improv troupe. Once again she was accepted, and trained with them for several years building her repitiore of improvisational tools. She never looked back. Later, working with the 3D players, a traveling improv group, Melinda was able to do what she loved most and meet many talented people along the way. Eventually, she settled in the Tampa bay area and went on to do commercials, Independent films and work in live television as a guest expert on HSN.
Posted By: reagan01 | 2/16/13 8:22 AM
To Melinda McKinsey (Irisheyes), Safety Harbor, FL. It is very unfortunate that 25+ years of your life were wasted with your cheating ex husband Stuart and you have let yourself be damaged by that. It is very unfortunate that your 3 children never had a father in their life and that Stuart also affected their lives as such. It is very unfortunate that your kids have turned against you and you do not have them in your life. But don't make up stories, direct your hatred of Stuart and all your anger issues and trust issues to your now ex boyfriend of 3 years who did nothing but support you throughout your ongoing life drama. You were given multiple chances to talk but your anger problems prevailed. If someone cheats then sure post them on this white trash site but don't make up lies and accuse someone of cheating who did not cheat just because your ex Stuart damaged you in the head. You have to live with the karma that will come back to you. Hopefully someday your kids come back. Hopefully someday you find work and are happy. Hopefully their is an end to your ongoing drama with Stuart, lawsuits and attorneys. But for now you have to live with yourself knowing you posted this crap and lies. You are the so called "buddhist in training" . You have the option to take this down but it's my reminder of your true colors, anger problems and issues with life. I would not post crap about you because people will google MELINDA MCKINSEY or I could just as easily blast your picture up here and a zillion other places but I chose a better path.
Posted By: LookingForTheTruthUser Verified | 10/22/14 8:28 AM
Reagan01, just curious, I noticed you provided extensive details on a Melinda McKinsey, would you also provide your contact information as well? One of the reasons I ask is I am looking for the truth on Bob Richards and it would be incredibly valuable to know your relationship and your motivation for your postings on this site. Thank you very much.

Cheater Details

Name: Bob Richards
Age: 49
Sexual Preference: Straight
Location: Riverview, FL
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Divorced
Profession: Medical
Education level: Other
CheaterVersity™: Ohio State University
Found Cheating On:
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 170
Tattoos: No

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