Hassan Majied
Male | Denver, CO  
What a charmer
Posted By: Flawless
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Other
11/28/12 10:43 AM
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Hassan has met me all over the Denver area and he is married. He told me continuously that he loved me, that we were going to get married, and that he wanted me to have his son. He would never stay the night with me but that is because he went home to the wife every night. I loved this man unconditionally and he has hurt me badly. Please if you meet this man run fast. It is sad for a person to be this old to play with someones heart the way he played with mine.

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Posted By: mschocolate1User Verified | 12/09/12 12:59 PM
I just saw him and you are confirmation to what I expected.Same stories he's told me.
Posted By: cocosweet05 | 12/23/12 8:13 PM
Met him one night while eating, he to,d me he was 32. . He came off very nice and sincere. But he would only come to my house to hang out and then leave not too soon later. He never invited me over to his house claiming trust issues. Always claiming he has a different car and money like that. Even mentioned wanting me to be his baby mama and have his son. I'm so done with him and his lies.
Posted By: dabrecia | 12/25/12 8:00 AM
Yes he is a liar. His wifes name is LaRhonda. He drives her silver benz and lives in her house. He was in prison for 10+ years too. He also told me he loved me. He said he is going to leave his wife because she cheated on him. He can't afford to, she is the one with the money. Yes ladies stay far away from the man that always wears a hat to match his shirt.
Posted By: cocosweet05 | 12/25/12 10:43 AM
OMG!!!! No way!!! He is such a jerk. This man is a hot damn mess. I can't believe I fell for his lies.
How did you find out he was married? Do you know if he has kids as well?
Posted By: dabrecia1 | 12/25/12 10:49 AM
Google. You should google every man you meet. You never know what you will find.
Posted By: cocosweet05 | 12/25/12 10:57 AM
Oh wow!! Ok, I will do just that. Thank you and the rest of you for putting him on blast for me. I feel like such a fool.
Posted By: LaRhonda | 12/25/12 3:00 PM
Well since you know so much about me why are messing with my husband. You are not going to get him. If he loves you so much he would be with you but he probably used your money to buy me the car. **** you and him and you can have him sweetie. No one wants him but you!!!
Posted By: dabrecia1 | 12/25/12 3:39 PM
Nothing against you. I had no idea he was married. He told me he was single. I do not want your husband or any married man. I believe we are just all upset about all the games he played. Wish you the best of luck and I mean that.
Posted By: LadyofdenverUser Verified | 12/25/12 5:55 PM
You ladies are so sad we as women need to come together on something positive instead of sitting around wasting energy on yesterday when tomorrow is more important ....so you met a charmer aren't we all at some point so quit acting like its the end of the world cause you met a ladies man....come on my sisters were going on 2013 we have to get it together and be role models for I daughters and sisters and yes I also know this charmer and hell it is what is it
Posted By: careful12 | 12/27/12 5:45 AM
Sounds familiar and like a Sociopath. Be careful and stay away.
Posted By: sickindenverUser Verified | 10/30/13 12:52 PM
This man is sick. It took me finding out that he gave me something before I realize that I should check this website. If you haven’t already done so, please go to the doctor. To his wife – had I known he had a wife I would not be in this predicament now. So sorry to you.
Posted By: sosorry4u | 11/03/13 3:46 PM
I pray whatever he gave you can be cured. If not please send the health department to his house so this madness can be stopped. So sorry to you, his wife and all of the women that have crossed his path.
Posted By: Thetruthaboutthewife | 3/25/14 12:53 AM
This man’s wife, LaRhonda, started this initial post in a sick and twisted effort to stop woman from sleeping with her husband. But the truth is LaRhonda knew what she was getting when she married this man. How do you think she became the next Mrs. Majied? I’m not saying that this man is not a cheater but I am saying that because of LaRhonda’s demented mind his mother, father, siblings and children have to be embarrassed by his actions because she put him on blast on the internet because she does not know how to handle her marital problems privately like a normal sane person. So everyone that he sleeps with or has slept with can continue to post messages on here but two things will remain the same. He is not going stop cheating on her and LaRhonda is never going to leave him.
Posted By: sosorry4u | 3/27/14 4:37 PM
He has hurt too many women for no reason. He would have been put on blast sooner or later.
Posted By: imatellyathatruthUser Verified | 12/27/12 11:34 AM
How can a man go around telling everybody he loves them and wants them to have his child when he has a wife at home? obviously from the very first post this man must have been telling this girl "ENOUGH" LIES for her to get angry enough to post him on here. Love is not a word you play around with in my mind instead of this man being out here searching the streets for woman he should have had his ass at home with his wife tending to her and her needs. I'm appalled at this man and I hope his wife sets him straight because no woman deserves to be toyed with let along cheated on. And I agree with careful he does sound like a sociopath he must feel as if he's in control of everything and he's manipulating woman whom he see's as vulnerable and it makes him feel good when in reality he's hurting them. This man is sad and no disrespect to Mrs. Larhonda but I would check his ass and show him whose boss cause he's showing his ass everybody in Denver "SHOULDN'T" know who ur man is, what he wears, what he drives LET ALONG meeting him in person looks like he has too much free time on his hands. Put this Dog in the kennel. keep Your head up Mrs. Larhonda if he's worth it then let it be if not let him go cause sweetheart you "DESERVE MUCH MUCH BETTER"
Posted By: MrsMajied402 | 1/28/13 1:59 PM
So I guess the Hassan virus has spread from Denver, Des Moines, Kansas City and Nebraska huh? I hope everyone got an *** check...WOW!! ("stop it" in my Hassan voice)...lmao...
Posted By: whatthehell1 | 2/02/13 11:12 AM
What??? If he is your husband, why are you lyao about him being with so many different women? What does that say about you? He sounds like a RAT!!
Posted By: itsmel1User Verified | 4/22/14 12:35 PM
Why dont you guys post a picture of this pig
Posted By: whatamess | 7/05/14 8:06 AM
I wonder if his wife knows he has a baby on the way.
Posted By: beentheredonethat13User Verified | 9/09/14 12:08 PM
a baby? I thought mine and the nine others would be all he had. I guess that Viagra is working. It would be nice to know who my daughter's siblings are. Not wanting her to accidently date her brotha. If you know of any in the 402 area code? please let me know. The real EX....

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