Keith Daniels
Male | Newark, NJ  
Woman Be*ter Dead Be*t Dad Homeless
Posted By: chinared
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Through Friends
10/26/12 9:33 PM
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Dis ni**az is a dead be*t who sit on his ass an do nuthg any females he f*ck with they got to tak care of him all he do is smoke weed cheat on his gf be*t on his gf an aft all tha he wat his gf to have sex with him he dnt use condom he go in females raw dog he got a child an dnt tak care of his child he a broke ass mf who cheat an lie all da times dnt get me wrong he is nice lookn dude but he not worth it all he do is think abt him first before anybdy else he just use females cause he dnt have nowere to go so he do wat he got to do to get his foot in da door an he live with u an take controll if any females run across him runnnnnnnnn

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Posted By: aginaggoodgurllacy | 1/16/13 12:44 AM
Handsomekeith Daniels is a lier, cheater, broke sry ass excuse as a man and father to his son zyzy he tell woman he a single father so they can help him with money issues far as his son but his son lives with his mother in irvington new jersey with his mother dana brown true he's a junky thats nice looking and will make a woman think she the only one he homeless and travels from state to state sleeping with woman and taking there money cause he makes them feel good and he does by pursuing them on facebook woman y'all need to wake up cause ur not his only woman he's no good keith daniels know as flame, stink, ect in the streets of jersey, pa anywhere he can lay his head if u see him run like hell he ain't **** but if u charmed by his words and looks thats on uhe no good I was a victim to abuse if he dont get his ****s your ass will learn the hard way kno dat in his voice
Posted By: tameragary6969 | 1/18/13 12:39 AM
Keith daniels fb name handsomekeith daniels is what dey call him he looks good on da outside true but he ain't **** but a money stealing sry ass excuse for a man/father he has one son that lives with his mother but keith tells the ladies he a single parent which is a lie he dont even take care his son but dats what he want ppl to think he a woman ****er trash homeless eater preys on woman to get by junky smoking pop pill mf dats got to have it or he will **** ur ass but if he got the ****s he will be nice until dey run out all he wants to do is make u suck hiss **** and **** u he do eat ***** but it varies on how much money u got I was abused by keith then he made me **** him afterwards keith will run u insane take charge of ur life if u dont watch his charm ladies if u know like I know u would run real fast he sends videos,pics, just before he bates u in so becarefull he ****ed over 200 women how he travels with ur money to get more he ain't all that in bed either ladies he gave me an *** 3times in the year I've known been with him my brother had to come out of jail to put the heat on him so he would leave he's no rapper he's a broke trapper no job no career, if it ain't bout money, ****s he has no intrest in u no car no nothing exxcepts looks kind words to get in ur head and they call him keith r. Daniels known as flame, stink, in da streets he ain't **** will **** u ur friends family he just a tryflin mf
Posted By: ritarita | 1/27/13 11:08 PM
Hello my is rita im from ny I was a victim of keith daniels thru fb he inboxed me and told me the other women were knowbodys he really had his eye on me so I kind of believe him with his charm and looks he went as far as saying he never slept with anybody on his friends list thats was a lie keith knew a man had just broken my heart so he ask could he visit me as a friend a good source of ear I said yes so he came we talked he asked me did I smoke I said no then we just talked he smoke the entire stay acting concerned then gave me a sad story then next thing you no he kissed me yes I did kiss back them lips were stunning then he said he had his eyes on me for a while I called him my toochain he said im different girl that was a turn on then he pulled his clothes off except the long white tshirt and said girl are u ready for a daniels man to change your life I said yes he told me to take my clothes off I did he kissed my ***** then he started my entire body then he asked me to suck his **** I said no then he got mad I got scared so I did it he said now girl thats better then he ****ed me raw dog for two hours no pull outs idk if im prego now days went by he blocked me from fb change his number im feeling stupid cause I really thought he was different
Posted By: hott55 | 3/05/13 6:46 PM
Keith daniels fb handsome keith daniels ain't **** that mf sorry as of a man introduce himself to me on fb acted like he was interested in me I fell for it he puts up pics of his son and act like they struggling behind doors single father my ass he acted like he really wanted to meet me but he had no money to travel person like me sends him the money to come why did I do that keith daniels is the most sorry excuse of a man and will lie to you ladies to get his way and money but karma is a ***** he will regret the day he stole from me and my kids then he had the nerve to unfriend me on fb if you meet him turn the other because he's no good I agree with the other ladies run like hell unless you wanna get used and abused by this fagget looking *****

Cheater Details
Name: Keith Daniels
Age: 38
Sexual Preference: N/A
Location: Newark, NJ
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: N/A
Profession: Other
Education level: N/A
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: N/A
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Tattoos: No

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