Male | Arlington, TN  
Posted By: ivecheete2
Relationship Type: Gay
Victim's Gender: Male
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Other
10/26/12 12:19 PM
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Posted By: SpaceyLoveUser Verified | 11/01/12 6:47 PM
If he is really being inappropriate with children as you state, you need to be reporting him to the proper authorities. Making passes at grown insecure women is one thing, but groping children is big NO! If this is real, then do the right thing.
Posted By: igatheringUser Verified | 6/13/13 8:05 PM
Wow! Somebody told me this posting and accusation was out here. I know this guy also and this is not true about him. I agree with SpaceyLove, if this statement regarding young girls is true why hasn't it been reported to the authorities. This is a blatant and disrespectful thing to do to a person. @ivecheete2, you are stupid and ignorant and not to mention a coward. What a cheap shot! Remember, cheap shots are usually taken by cheap minded people.
Posted By: spacegirl | 6/07/13 2:32 AM
well i agree he is a cheater we where involved for years and he cheated on his wife all the time with me so he was a big *** and i hate him.
Posted By: igatheringUser Verified | 6/13/13 8:17 PM
@spacegirl, why would you come on this site and confess that you had an affair with someone? Just for that someone needs to do a profile and story on you. You need to be listed here as a Cheater! By the way, did you read the profile? It says that he gropes and makes passes at women who are insecure. If that is true, you just confirmed that you are an insecure woman because only an insecure woman would put herself on blast as you have done. A quick question, did you hate him when you were cheating with him or do you hate him to make your post sound legitimate? What happened during those years your were involved you didn't get what you wanted?

Before you say anything else, remember, it doesn't take long for a lie to catch up with you. Don't forget to post some more details about yourself so I can do a story on you here on cheaterville. You know, I think someone should start a site called "Liarville" and make you and ivecheete2 the first profiles to be featured. What do you think?
Posted By: igatheringUser Verified | 6/13/13 8:26 PM
@spacegirl, did you notice in the profile above that it says he is "gay?" If he is gay, why would he cheat with you. You are a woman, you would not be his preference. If that status is true about him, then you LIED on here. That's says a lot about your character. It appears that you are a desperate woman looking for some attention. Are you married? If yes, go home to your husband and get off this site!
Posted By: totellthetruth2013User Verified | 6/13/13 1:09 PM
Please do not believe the above posts by Spacegirl and @SpaceyLove, this post is not true. I know this gentleman personally and he is a devout christian. He is NOT GUILTY of these posted
accusations. It is sad that someone would go to this extreme in an attempt to slander and defame his character possibly for some sort of selfish ill gain. But to the original poster, please know that the very pit you have dug for another, you may find yourself deep in it. No weapon formed against him or anyone else falsely accused on this site shall prosper.
Posted By: spacegirl | 6/14/13 6:02 AM
wow i hearing i known him for years and i know him personally and being very becoming very defense toward what i know, seen and his true acts that this man has done, hell i didnt know he was bisexual that sick, because he didnt act it but what i posted was the truth about him and what is being said he a christian, l known hom personal, well ya'll not the only ones that know him and basically yall all in his business, osha nows what he do, if he didnt why in the hell is he posted on this site.Well, if the truth is cheap than being fake, living a double with ur wife and children is what?
Posted By: tellthetruth2014User Verified | 6/18/13 4:00 PM
It's obvious from your post you have lost your train of thought as your response is all over the place. Typical of people who don't tell the truth.. That's probably why you call yourself Spacegirl. Also, anyone reading this page, please note the name of the original poster...IveCheete2 (I've Cheete 2). Why would anyone believe anything from someone whose username correlates with the theme of this site?

He didn't post himself and as you can see anyone can post on this site and tell lies (i.e. ivecheete2, spacegirl). Ivecheete2 posted on this site this slanderous information because they didn't get what they wanted from him and spacegirl I strongly believe that you and IveCheete2 are one in the same. He is a devout christian. He is NOT gay nor is he bisexual. He LOVES HIS WIFE and he LOVES HIS CHILDREN and It is obvious that there are some who don't like that he does.
Posted By: igatheringUser Verified | 6/18/13 4:43 PM
Spacegirl, try not to be silly. The truth is never cheap only only lies pretending to be true are cheap. That being said, nothing is more cheap than a woman who claims to have cheated with a married man and then tells it openly after she has not gotten whatever she wanted from the alleged affair. Now that's a cheap shot! Not on him, but towards yourself, because once again, you are exposing your own insecure behaviors openly on this site. Being bisexual is sick. You know what is even more sick? Is to falsely accuse someone of being that is sick. You said, "basically yall all in his business" - No I am not all in his business - I'm in yours. He didn't post his business on this site - however, you posted yours. Once anyone posts their business on these public sites, it is no longer their business, it is business open for public discussion.

He is posted on this site because someone, like yourself, is lowdown and lacks integrity, not to mention, lacking in moral values. If what you are saying is true, why don't you call his wife (someone who loves him dearly) and tell her what you are posting on this site about him. How did you know he was posted on here? Oh my bad, by your own admission you are a cheater, therefore, I can only conclude that you are probably on here looking for someone to cheat with and you ran across IveCheete2. How can you come on this site making posts saying you have known him for years, yet you didn't know some major details about his reported sexual preference? How do you have an affair with a man "for years" and not know anything about his sexual preferences? You are NOT telling the truth. You sound like someone desperate for attention and who didn't get what she wanted.
Posted By: Itstrueitwasme | 7/25/13 1:35 AM
This post is true, I'm the one the post is referring to. Yes I cheated with him and yes he is a cheater. Yes he claims to be a Christian and even wears across around his neck. Just because a person goes to church faithfully doesn't mean they don't have things to hide. I know I'm exposing myself but I had to comment because most of you think that you know him personally that he's not capable of cheating, he has cheated with multiple women at mcs. I've talked to several myself and he his well known at mcs. I could give details if its not enough. His wife at one point was trying to contact me to get the story has he lied to her and told her I lied out of anger which was not true. I wanted to talk to her but didnt want to loose my job at the time. He is not all that cracked up to be as he seems and he knows it! Intact you guys are taking th statement the wrong way, I'm much younger than him young enough to be the same age as his daughter if he had one my age.
Posted By: thewifeisnolie | 8/20/13 9:06 PM
Hello, I am the wife of the person that is being wrongly accused. I have not been contacted, nor have I tried to contact anyone regarding the allegations that are posted here. My husband is innocent.

Maybe you tried to hit on my husband and he refused, thus your anger being displayed on this site. You say that you are young, then grow up, move on and stop trying to mess around with married men.
Posted By: igathering2User Verified | 8/20/13 9:37 PM
@Itstrueitwasme, how silly of you! You must be young and immature. You said that you are the one he cheated with and that he is a cheater - What would you call yourself? You said he claims to be a Christian and even wears a cross around his neck. He doesn't wear a cross around his neck. So, while he was supposedly cheating with you he was talking to you about being a Christian at the same time? You are not exposing yourself because of what others are thinking about him, you are exposing yourself because you didn't get what you wanted, or you are getting paid to lie, or you are just plain stupid. How do you know how many women he supposedly cheated with and how do you know where to find them? Why would you talk with other women about a man you are supposedly cheating with? Maybe it is because you are not just stupid, but ignorant as well. What details would anybody what to hear from a silly woman? As far as his wife at one point was trying to contact you - how does she know you and how would she know how to contact you? He lied to her about WHAT? How do you know what he supposedly told his wife if you didn't talk to her? You say that he is not all that "cracked up' to be as he seems, well, it doesn't matter. What matters is this - if what you say is true then - he was cracked up enough to ..lay you, confuse you, and to stress you. I'm not sure if you are really much younger than him, but what I can conclude from your post you are mentally younger than a lot of people. Get off of cheaterville and take yourself to the office of a therapist for some professional help so that you want keep exposing yourself, instead you can position yourself to grow up so that you want have to lie down as much as you do.

Cheater Details

Age: 48
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Location: Arlington, TN
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Married
Profession: Other
Education level: High school
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: African
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6 ft 3 in
Weight: 210
Tattoos: No

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