Eddie Hernandez
Male | Miami, FL  
Long Time Cheater
Posted By: mirrormirrman
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Other
6/26/12 4:24 PM
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This man is a long time cheater who has a beautiful loving loyal wife who is the mother of his two children and is an absolute angel. Eddie has cheated with family friends, co-workers, girls under ** and has even been with escorts. In the past he has even cheated in his own home were his family lives. His depravity has no limits has he continues his quest for more and more he prides himself on supposedly being good in bed yet what happen to taking pride on being a great and loyal husband and father ?

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Posted By: hunnyUser Verified | 6/26/12 4:45 PM
Posted By: mirrormirrman | 6/29/12 10:59 AM
on iaccuse.com>Sc*m Bag Lier and Cheater
Posted 05/22/**:01am by Employees of Saxon Business Systems
Category: Friend or Family The Accuser: Employees of Saxon Business Systems The Accused: Eddie Hernandez, Are YOU the ACCUSED? Click here to respond! Description: Eddie has not only been cheating on his wife for many years but also cheats on his many girlfriends,,several of which have worked for the company..and some that are married as well. He tells them all he loves them and that they are the only one. He thinks this is funny and that he will never get caught and that they are all too stupid and gullible to find out what he is really doing Comments Re: Sc*m Bag Lier and Cheater Thu, 06/21/**:34 — Anonymous Name: Me It’s funny to see how some women are spiteful just because a man like Eddie would not give you the time of day. An affair is something you enjoy while it last and you can't expect it to turn into a long term serious relationship. If you’re married then you would understand it, but if you’re a stupid girl that has no clue of responsibility to your children, family, and loved ones then this is too complex for your little ignorant mind to comprehend. I don't blame you for being mad of not having him any longer, sh*t, even I wish I was still getting a piece of that. Eddie is amazing at anything he does and his wife is one lucky lady to have him by her side; it’s a shame she does not take care of him the way he desires.
Posted By: mirrormirrman | 6/29/12 11:04 AM
on his facebook-Eddie Hernandez
April 30 near Kendale Lakes via mobile
Amazing night! Out and about ;) 12Share 2 people like this. Vanessa Cadeno You didn't call me :( April 30 at 10:01pm via mobile
Posted By: mirrormirrman | 6/29/12 11:07 AM
on her facebook-Vanessa Cadeno
I am soooo....
Share · February 17 at 9:24am via mobile · Eddie Hernandez Thirsty? February 17 at 9:27am Vanessa Cadeno Nope lol Try again! February 17 at 9:43am Vanessa Cadeno Starts with an "H" and ends with a "Y" February 17 at 9:46am Eddie Hernandez Ohhhhhh. Huuuungry! Lmao February 17 at 9:54am
Posted By: mirrormirrman | 6/29/12 11:09 AM
always out with the girls-his facebook-Eddie Hernandez
March 20 via mobile
is at Blue Martini :) 12Share 2 people like this. Vanessa Cadeno ‎:) March 20 at 10:56pm
Posted By: Babes007 | 7/08/12 5:30 AM
Wow, this is crazy stuff to be finding out about Eddie. Apparently, you know him well or got it in for him to take time and make this post. I always thought he was such a nice family man
Posted By: LOLA1997 | 7/09/12 7:28 AM
Lol i find it so funny. You are here condemning him. But did you not have an affair with this married man . I am sure you knew he was married with children. You weren't to concerned then about his wife and kids.
I am just one of the many that I am sure but over all he is a good guy. You go into an affair knowing what it is. Be big enough to know when to just walk away and give up. After all the smearing you have tried to do has it really changed anything or made you feel better. i am women enough to know when i deserve better and happy that he came into my life. He taught me a lesson. Take it as a lesson learned and get over it.
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/11/12 9:43 AM
LOLA1997??LOL- You mean-Christina- after all the sh*t he has said about you , you should really mind your business as I don't think Ari would be to happy if he knew, but then again maybe your( little) buddy should get his ass handed to him by your husband. Hmmm
Posted By: hunnyUser Verified | 7/11/12 10:00 AM
omg! both of you had dealings? holy crap i need a bag of popcorn and a c*ke this man is a major sc*mbag@
Posted By: Babes007 | 7/11/12 11:58 AM
mirrormirrman? or do you mean Donna Pardo! You were the featured cheater on this site yesterday lol What a psycho bit*h. Get over him you old hagg & like Lola1997 said, you werent thinking about his family when you were screwing him. Pathetic haha
Posted By: hunnyUser Verified | 7/11/12 12:25 PM
omg! wow! but true if you knew was a family man u should have know to back off even if hes a sc*mbag u know any married man will not leave his wife, you are temporary, all of u dealing with this type of man
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/11/12 1:18 PM
hmm who is she , another one of his girls? have to look for her too by the way how is Ari these days? looking a little thin lately 8) how is the park? getting a little lonely too hag
Posted By: hunnyUser Verified | 7/11/12 1:43 PM
no I am certainly not one of his girls, just a commenter
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/11/12 2:53 PM
check out his escort Rosie B on facebook, the bit*h isn't cheap either could have spent it on the kiddies but no his little p*nis was more important

Posted By: Babes007 | 7/11/12 3:25 PM
The man obviously has some sk*lls besides the fact that he's fine as hell for mirrormirrman and amirrorman (which I think is the same person aka Donna) to be so concerned of his personal life. This is the perfect example why men cheat when they don't get what they desire at home. He loves his wife and kids when he hasn't left them for anyone of those women he's been with. So all those women have only been a f*ck.
Posted By: Babes007 | 7/11/12 3:40 PM
By the way where is the proof to all these accusations?! I still haven't seen any proven facts...for all we know this could be 2 bit*hes upset cause he didn't give them the time of day. Ladies your looking like a fool, sk*nk, h*e, ect lmao
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/11/12 4:09 PM
first of all I never said I was a chick, happen to know one of the girls he did and who he has been harassing and writing crap about ever since (she) broke it off with him , she's too nice and still feels some sense of loyalty to this snake. unlike me because I do know him also and know all his dirty little secrets. Huh Christine Arche how you like to meet up with him and sh*t. Likes to keep trophy pictures and even videos of him doing his escort on his phone. Keep it up! leave my friend alone or all of you will go down.
Posted By: Babes007 | 7/11/12 4:37 PM
Haha sounds like your a frustrated best friend of a so called good person that knowing he was married still screwed with him. And if you know all of Eddie's secrets then that makes you a two faced friend or maybe fag that wants to get laid by him too lol oh and for your info im not Christine Arche you f*cking idiot. I am however a woman that also knows Eddie and is stating the facts that are in front of us now. When you get proof tell yor little friend to post it. Till then its all b.s talking
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/11/12 5:34 PM
Yes my friend was very very stupid for believing he loved her and regrets she ever let him touch her, but that's one of the things he looks for gullible vulnerable girls who have either been abused or never had a real man in their life and then he pounces, sounds like your one of his mindless groupies! hey if you like screwing someone who sleeps with escorts and multiple women constantly go for it just hope you don't have any teenage daughters as he likes to go as young as 17 and nothing is off limits to him, me no I'm not gay but hate to see sc*mbags get away treating their wives like furniture and other women like a game. But he might be a little gay as I've heard he's crossed swords with a few men as well. Just tell your sleaze to stop calling my friend and leave her alone like she asked him to in February. By the way next time your man cries boo hoo tell him he is the only one responsible for whatever he keeps doing to his family and the truth always comes out.
Posted By: Babes007 | 7/11/12 6:25 PM
amirrorman, if you want to be a hero and the savior of your friend, his wife, and his kids then why don't you confront him yourself instead of hiding behind a computer talking b.s and gossiping like a little girl? I'm guessing you must work with him just like your friend. All jokes aside, you need to have proof in order for all this to have legitimacy
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/11/12 7:54 PM
Sounds good but I think I'll save my photos/proof for the wife if he doesn't leave my friend alone but thanks for the recommendation and the comments as every time one of you post something it just pushes this story further up the Google search under his name. I think its now the fourth link down now. So your comical efforts to try to deflect your friends guilt onto someone else is actually exposing him more and more making it more likely his family will find this and see what a lying piece of sh*t he is. Thanks for participating REALLY 8)
Posted By: Browneyes060361User Verified | 7/11/12 8:58 PM
I suggest you confront his wife with everything you have. Confront him as well. I will not do it because you have nothing and there is nothing you or anyone else can do to separate that marriage. That, I can guarantee you. He loves his wife and children and you are just jealous that you never got what you wanted. Did he fire you or are tou jealous that you "friend" never wanted you. Why do you hate him so much if you're a man? No, you're not a man because if you were a real man you would do what any real man would do and confront him and his wife. BTW, look at the link below. This is your sweet little friend. She took this picture for a coworker named Patrick and sent it to me to entice me. Some picture huh. Well tomorrow it will not be edited, MAN!!!

http://www.cheaterville.com/?page=chea ters&id=18760&sid=46861
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/12/12 3:35 AM
you mean the halloween picture she took as a joke with the handcuffs that you tried to blackmail her with on myspace one of the times she tried to get away from you and you did right when her father died what a good guy you are. Yes all of her friends have seen it, boring me now, But don't worry they have also seen all the emails , text messages and p*nis pictures you sent her. from your own house and job. She's trying to entice you? LMAO how about all the begging i heard you did for the few pics you have that are so old. Gee sounds like you have it bad for her. Maybe I should call her and have her post hers too. Those steroids your taking have done you no favors little man, if you love your family so much stop your sh*t and leave her alone. She's not married, You are, what she's done is way in the past, you are still doing it ,harassing her and at the same time claiming you love your family, what a piece of work you are. I think the only little girl or bit*h is really you. plain and simple her alone. Seek professional help and move the f*ck on to our next victim.
Posted By: Browneyes060361User Verified | 7/12/12 3:50 AM
You have turned out to be quite a psycho, Donna. Eddie has absolutely NOTHING to lose at this point so please call her, send her everything you have because he really doesn't care. Maybe your friends have seen that picture but the world hasn't and they soon will unless you take this post down. Hes done nothing to hurt you or your family and the fact that you would continue this for so long says a lot about your mental health and well being.
Posted By: Browneyes060361User Verified | 7/12/12 4:12 AM
Oh and by the way, just for your information, Vanesso Cedeno is a fictitious person. I mean, she does exist somewhere in Venezuela because that where she's from. You see, some very disturbed person was sending very hurtful things to my wife and although I figured it was you, I really didn't know. After all, do to the nature of what I do at work, not everyone likes me, especially those I've had to fire. So I needed to do SOMETHING in order to bring out the psycho in whomever was harassing me so I created Vanessa. Notice how everything I posted was private, except, the "at the blue martini and "out and about" posts. I knew that it would bring you to this Donna and now you are exposed for the psycho you are. Don't believe me? I will even post her login credentials. Just look at the registered email address and see. You can even see the comments back and forth between myself. You are a crazy person Donna and Saxon fired you for THAT reason!!!
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/12/12 3:10 PM
This isn't who you think but LOL you make up people but buddy the sex tape you showed her at flannigans in February of you and your escort f*cking wasnt made up nor are all the photos , email and text you sent her. did you think after you showed her that and bragged about how you like to juggle women & get the younger ones now because you can manipulate them more easily was really anything that a normal person would really want to be around. Sorry she crushed you when she walked away from you how many months ago. You started this not her or me with your little iaccuse and sending it to her facebook . This is also who you really are and that's why you need help read on buddy and learn something about yourself-PRIMARY PSYCHOPATHS do not respond to punishment, apprehension, stress, or disapproval. They seem to be able to inhibit their antisocial impulses most of the time, not because of conscience, but because it suits their purpose at the time. Words do not seem to have the same meaning for them as they do for us. In fact, it's unclear if they even grasp the meaning of their own words, a condition that Cleckley called "semantic aphasia." They don't follow any life plan, and it seems as if they are incapable of experiencing any genuine emotion. CHARISMATIC PSYCHOPATHS are charming, attractive liars. They are usually gifted at some talent or another, and they use it to their advantage in manipulating others. They are usually fast-talkers, and possess an almost demonic ability to persuade others out of everything they own, even their lives. Leaders of religious sects or cults, for example, might be psychopaths if they lead their followers to their deaths. This subtype often comes to believe in their own fictions. They are irresistible.

Posted By: amirrorman | 7/12/12 3:11 PM
Sociopaths have always existed in varying form and to various degrees. They have been known by various titles. They have been studied using various techniques, and through the years their ailment has been blamed on various causes. But one thing never varies: all sociopaths share three common characteristics. They are all very egocentric individuals with no empathy for others, and they are incapable of feeling remorse or guilt. [The Sociopath Rebecca Horton (April 1999)]

While the psychopath has likes and dislikes and fondness for the pleasures that human company can bring, analysis shows that he is completely egocentric, valuing others only for their enhancement of his own pleasure or status. While he gives no real love, he is quite capable of inspiring love of sometimes fanatical degree in others. He is generally superficially charming and often makes a striking impression as possessed of the noblest of human qualities. He makes friends easily, and is very manipulative, using his ability with words to talk his way out of trouble. Many psychopaths love to be admired and bask in the adulation of others. With the lack of love, there is also a lack of empathy. The psychopath is unable to feel sorry for others in unfortunate situations or put himself in another's place, whether or not they have been harmed by him.[Gordon Banks]
Posted By: Babes007 | 7/12/12 3:51 PM
Wtf amirroman you copied & paste a bunch of sh*t and in the end didnt really say crap. Have you given thought that maybe Donna, who might i point out is a senior citizen and one ugly looking bit*h, might be manipulating you to attack Eddie? Think of this: if he's replying its because he has nothing to fear. By the way, what exactly are you gaining from this? I'll tell you this much marriages that go as long as his and have so much history built in them like his are hard to brake & most of the time a wife can let an affair slide. They will surpass it as a bump in the road. And she will always be a sl*t lol,, but this segment is very intertaining so please go on
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/12/12 4:44 PM
by the way all your lies are starting to unravel you say you love your family yet you cheat you say you loved her yet you posted crap about her, only might I add 3 weeks after she walked away from you, you admitted you make up screen names, talk about all your so call friends like poor christina how you feel sorry for her because she is always so depressed and other girl friends as thou its funny what you did to them and D, 12 yrs she has put up with your crap , her car getting keyed by you or your friends, blackmail and sp so much more-even your email address shows who you really are speakinginriddle@yahoo.com -to speak in riddles means to lie with the intent to deceive. Go have some more code name happy meals or Taco Bell is it with some but leave her alone. You only did all this after she broke it off with you changed her email and her phone number. what is being said about you is the truth and i bet I know who would pass if the pics came out and you both were hooked up to a poly graph. LOL also to what she told me about how you were going to pay for Rosie B (your hooker's) modeling pictures, a 1,000.00 dollars? LOL wow were you suckered with that one. guess when you look like you do have to pay / bye sly
Posted By: Babes007 | 7/12/12 4:58 PM
Wow this is getting better & better with each reply. And finally amirrorman starts to put some facts into this story. I think im going to consider changing teams / sides LOL
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/12/12 7:40 PM
checked on that story she was fired , yet another lie she was laid off along with, maria, phil and john as they were down sizing service and you cant collect if your fired. There are records to prove she collected. or maybe they were all crazy , more lies and if she was so crazy why did you keep seeing her for all these years and tell her about opening in service and that she should re apply just before they hired Bings daughter and that she would start at 14 an hour= lies unraveling again, Your story about her you say you loved her and confided in her then tell no one to believe her. Post all the pics you want, there old, she single, your not,we've all seen them as she unlike you is very honest. No one really cares about what you have to say as your a cheating lair and don't look for a response from her as she told you she wants no part of you or your drama. Just leave her alone and don't call her job again like you did the other day for personal reasons.
Posted By: Browneyes060361User Verified | 7/13/12 7:41 PM

On Jan 1, 2012, at 3:36 PM, donna pardo <browneyeso6o361@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hey Hun needed to ask you something and I want you to be really honest with me I know your my friend and that you love me so I value what you think.   Do i have a f*cking sign on me that says sl*t or married men apply here.   Was out in my back yard today in shorts and a tank top absolutely no make up and my hair up in a bun.. when my neighbor you know the one I told you about who has a twenty something yr old son who keeps hitting on me.  well the father  came over with his 45 yr old brother and introduced him- I said hi, wished them both a happy new year and  when they left continued to do my yard work...the brother came back with his dog and started talking to me through the fence , told me he worked for  the government in intelligence showed me his badge and said he was looking to move back down here from Tampa mean while he told me about 3 times how beautiful I was and that all my neighbors have told him how pretty Ii am over the years and that he always wanted to meet me when he came to visit  -you've seen me without makeup so (LOL) I just laughed ... ....still not thinking anything I asked him if he was married  & he told me yes and that he has two kids as well....so I told him well broward is nice place to live if he moves down and to wish all his family a happy new year and I went in side....within 10 minutes he is coming in my yard...so I asked him oh did your dog run in the yard and he tells me no I just wanted to give you my card and my cell is on the back and to call him anytime and I 'm like ok and I lean over to give him a kiss on the check you know the Spanish hello /goodbye and he plants a big wet one on my mouth...WTF  seriously -Dont get me wrong the guy is hot but he's married and I wasn't flirting just talking to him like I would anyone and he puts a move on me.  So what the hell is it? Do I look easy or just like easy prey?
Posted By: Browneyes060361User Verified | 7/13/12 7:45 PM
So as you realize I'm not the one causing sh*t this was just sent to me apparently someone there is still feeding him info and now he is trying to find out if we are still seeing each other...I also find it very curious that this email came a day after I called over to Saxon to check on toner we had ordered for the color printer and spoke to Gladys. I think little Miss Karma who would never do anything according to you has you fooled.  Watch your back Matrix

--- On Fri, 5/27/11, Bob keller <kellercuda@yahoo.com> wrote: From: Bob keller <kellercuda@yahoo.com> Subject: Re: Donna Pardo also commented on Donna's Update To: browneyeso6o361@yahoo.com Date: Friday, May 27, 2011, 3:33 PM Hi Honey LONG LONG TIME NO TALK TO YOU.  SO  what kind of working out are you doing to you legs to make them hurt you so much. Question does it feel GOOD hurt? Ya IM STILL A SICK SICK PUP. And I do miss you too. Love you Bob Keller Keep it simple P.S what are you doing these days and how are your kids doing?  Are you seeing any good guys these days. and How is Eddie doing. I heard he is service manager and his little brother is a field super? is all that true? ARE you still giving it up to that little smuke head little d*ck too from what you told me.  Any how I was just wondering what your up too and if you are still seeing him? I do care about you. l From: Yahoo! <updates-notification@yahoo-inc.com> To: BOB KELLER <kellercuda@yahoo.com> Sent: Fri, May 27, 2011 12:55:51 AM Subject: Donna Pardo also commented on Donna's Update Donna Pardo also commented on Donna's Update: Donna my legs are k*lling me Donna LOL ...just working out...I like to stay in shape May 26 9:55 PM Click here to view the full comment thread or add another comment.
Posted By: Browneyes060361User Verified | 7/13/12 7:56 PM
Donna, your a real piece of work. Talk about lies unraveling? First of all, Rosie B lives in Ohio and has for three years lol. Me pay 1000 dollars? Are you kidding me?!? Only you believe that one. Donna, how many friends do you have? Last I checked Nerry turned her back on you just like every other friend. If they only knew the crap you were saying behind THIER backs about why Bob got fired and how they could afford what they had. What a good friend YOU were. How about Greishen and how you would laugh that he had a small p*nis. Even your sisters don't talk to you. You talked about how they wanted to keep all of your parents money when your dad died and how only YOU deserved it. Oh, and where we're you at Paul's communion?! You were still married and yet you felt it was more important to be nailed by Patrick. Seriously?!?! You are something else. Listen, continue on your crusade to do what ever it is you want to get out of this. I can assure you this. Neither one of us will win and I didn't start it.
Posted By: CripKeeper9 | 7/13/12 8:09 PM
Yo ni**a you better watch your self!!! You don't know who you f*cking wit. I'm a real ni**a. You gay as f*ck and you know it. I know a dude you used to chill wit. Keep talking and I know where you live. I know you family to. I know you got two kids and yo boy is as gay as you. And yo little girl, shes almost ready for me so you better back the f*ck off!!!!
Posted By: Browneyes060361User Verified | 7/13/12 8:46 PM
I will prey for you my friend. You better hope I never find you. You are talking about my children. You guys can bring it because I will be waiting. When you come you better come ready!!! Oh and the beauty is that it's all in writing.
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/14/12 4:49 AM
Wow cripkeeper now. how sick that you would use your family now in this sick attempt to deflect guilt and get something in writing non of D's friend nor D would stoop so low your family is innocent Eddie how could you use them like that but then again typical behavior for a PSYCHOPATH. Sham on you for using your kids to deflect guilt. you failed to mention in your story of her that she went to college at miami dade and thou she didnt finish she majored in psychology and knows just how sick you really are and now have proven to all of us by pretending your some thug attacking your family you really are sick , using her old email name of browneyes as yourself and making up yet another screen name of cripkeeper you admitted above you make up screen names and have conversations with yourself= lies unraveling again /Saxon provides counseling as part of their medical services you should really seek help this article was posted for all women to be warned about the real you and how you kept lying about D and attacking her after she walked away from you. So so low to put your kids in this Eddie have you no conscience at all? Keep your kids out of this sicko and leave D alone. SEEK MEDICAL HELP. you really went over the f*cking edge with this last one
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/14/12 10:54 AM
As far as the other crap you wrote, I called her and she was at both her kids communions again picture proof, speaks to both her sisters and hangs out with them -the other stuff is just to funny to even address but you know she didn't post the story about you and yet you continue to attack her, She wants no part of any of this but since your forcing her hand she gave me a little info - just the tip of what she knows about you lets talk about how you took your wife out for your anniversary one year and when you got back home your wife fell asleep in a chair and you proceeded to f*ck her friend that had stayed to babysit on the couch right next to your sleeping wife(WOW)even that one blew me away. So much more she know but doesn't want to say as unlike you she does have a heart and wants this all to stop but if you don't I will get the information about her other friends you did, your neighbor& coworkers. Plus I don't think your boss George, your friend Juan, your brother etc want their dirty secrets you told coming out either Leave her alone. Your just butt hurt that her friends wrote the truth about you after she walked away from you and you attacked her for no reason other then to keep hurting her with viscous lies.
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/14/12 11:11 AM
and her kids? you brought up your own so I can see why you would stoop and bring up hers both kids had their communions before she started working at Saxon and hadn't even met Patrick yet. Cant keep those lies straight can you speakinginriddle (one who lies with the intent to deceive) YOUR SO TWISTED! his is not coming down stop making up lies and leave D alone
Posted By: Browneyes060361User Verified | 7/14/12 5:17 PM
Becareful how far you push me Donna

Mitchell Paul Goldstein Glen Allen Privacy Attorney Contributor Level 201 Helpful vote Answered 2 years ago. Hacking into someone else's account may violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, state privacy laws, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Contact the local FBI about possible criminal charges and contact Facebook about his violation of their terms and conditions. They may press charges as well for unauthorized use of their system. [This communication is intended as general information and not specific legal advice, and this communication does not create an attorney-client relationship.] Mitchell P. Goldstein Richmond, VA 23230 ** Office mitch@mitchellpgoldstein.com Email •Mark as helpful •Comment •Flag
Posted By: Browneyes060361User Verified | 7/14/12 5:53 PM
I've been pushed far enough. I called you and asked that you please stop. I am ready to come clean with my wife. Last I checked, what I've done is immoral but not illegal. You on the other hand have hacked into my Facebook which IS so lets play. I have filed a complaint with the FBI Internet crimes division. Let's play Donna!!! Of they can't help me, I will get a damn lawyer. See you and Crippy soon.
Posted By: Browneyes060361User Verified | 7/14/12 7:50 PM
Where did you go on Facebook? I was enjoying are chat. Here is the complaint I promised you. BTW deactivating your account doesn't make it go away. You should have done your homework!! Oh, and you admitted to hacking my account. Not too smart Donna.Thank you for filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Your complaint has been successfully submitted. Please retain the following information for future contacts with the IC3: Complaint Id: I******* Password: ryA3p3**** If you wish to view/download your complaint or have any additional information to provide to the IC3, please use the following link and login with the above complaint id and password. http://complaint.ic3.gov/update The IC3's mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of cyber crime. The IC3 aims to give the victims of cyber crime a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism. Complaint Status The IC3 receives thousands of complaints each month and does not have the resources to respond to inquiries regarding the status of complaints. It is the IC3's intention to review all complaints and refer them to law enforcement and regulatory agencies having jurisdiction. Ultimately, investigation and prosecution are at the discretion of the receiving agencies. Evidence It is important that you maintain any evidence you may have relating to your complaint. Evidence may include canceled checks, credit card receipts, phone bills, mailing envelopes, mail receipts, a printed copy of a website, copies of emails, or similar items. Please keep the items in a safe location, in case you are requested to provide them for investigative purposes.
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/14/12 8:35 PM
Spoke to D again and she reminded me that once you take out garbage you really no longer have to look at it and because her words make sense and I truly care for her i will just leave you to fester in your own slimy existence. as far as any of this being removed i think the guy who posted the truth about you is still pissed two of his buddies died because of you, one you pressured so much at work he drank himself off a bridge and the other when he needed you the most you refused to take his call and hours later he rapped himself around a tree with his car. So I doubt he will take this down. Any screen names after this point will all be Eddie as most of it is anyway along with his lies. Ladies you have been warned don't settle for this lowlife save yourself for a real man and go forth and be the beautiful beings you are with real love and self esteem. The End!
******************************************** ************************************************** ***********************************
Posted By: Browneyes060361User Verified | 7/14/12 9:04 PM
We'll see if it's the end, Psycho!
Posted By: amirrorman | 7/14/12 9:21 PM
oh and no one hacked anything it was all on your facebook wall for everyone to see not to bright as mirrormirrorman copied it for all to see and D is still on facebook lair mr speakinginriddle(one who lies with the intent to deceive.LOL BYE
Posted By: candyapple30User Verified | 7/15/12 7:43 AM
I must say I love a good novel & this is definitely one. I just couldn't stop reading all the facts presented as they may & even went to the Iaccuse links for both. I did see that the post on him was done in 2010 over 2yrs ago & if you read it carefully it sounds more like some guy he worked with that was jealous he was getting more tail. However the attacks on her were very recent & line up with the facts by her friend. It does seem he has painted her out to be crazy because she knows so much about this man's wickedness so that if anyone he knew were to run into her they would stay away & his secrets would be safe. All either her friend or her -I'm not sure which, keep asking is for him to leave her alone & all he keeps doing is threatening her, he sounds like a very scary man & yes a psychopath. I worry for this girl as even thou it is definitely wrong to have been with a married man it sounds like either her friend amirror or her have put her safety in jeopardy to expose this man once in for all as he comes across in his rantings as capable of great violence as well. This would make a good movie called "I Dated A Serial Cheater".
Posted By: Browneyes060361User Verified | 7/11/12 6:18 PM
When people are cornered and given no choice, they will go to great lengths to make things right. Check out your sweet innocent girl, brother, because tomorrows picture will not be edited.

http://www.cheaterville.com/?page=cheaters&id= 18760&sid=46861
Posted By: candyapple30User Verified | 7/15/12 7:18 AM
I must say, I love a good novel and this was one. Came across this and could not stop reading it. I read through all the facts presented as they may and even followed the links to the Iaccuse stories. From the way it seems the post on him on iaccuse was created in 2010 and if you read it carefully it sounds more like some some co-worker of his that was jealous that he was getting more tail. However the attacks on this girl were very recent and obviously him and line up with what her friend amirrior was saying. Sounds like he has painted her to be crazy with everyone because she knew all his secrets, this way if anyone he knew ran into her they would stay far away and he would be safe from this all coming out. If you read this. it seems all her friend or maybe her I dunno for sure keep asking is for him to leave her alone and all he keeps doing is threatening her. he sounds like a very scary man and yes most definitely a psychopath. Though this girl was stupid for being with a married man when you fall in love you tend to not listen to your head as i know from my own personal experience. This guy sounds very violent and I do worry for this girl as it seems she or her friend have risked her safety to expose him so no other woman would go though this as well. This should be made into a movie called "i Dated A Serial Cheater"
Posted By: Karma4urAss | 7/12/13 1:13 PM
This is too much!! So glad someone had the balls to put this sack of **** on blast. Too bad they stopped cause of the stupid comment this ass wipe made of reporting his bull**** pathetic cheating story to the authorities. Yeah, they'd really get a laugh off this clown.
Posted By: Karma4urAss | 7/12/13 3:37 PM
This f*cker is on every text app and dating website known online. He has a KiK text app with username of Timberwolf1126. Hit his ass up!!! I'd post his profile pic of KiK, but photos can only be posted by the person who created this story. Stayed tuned as more information develops on this creep
Posted By: JerseymanUser Verified | 7/27/13 2:29 AM
You can also find this loser on face book under the name of chinito1126
Posted By: JerseymanUser Verified | 7/27/13 2:37 AM
Posted By: JerseymanUser Verified | 7/27/13 11:42 AM
Have a suggestion for Karma4u if you have pictures of this creep then you should post another cheater story on him along with the pictures you have the button is in the upper right hand top of this page -infact I am encouraging all his victims to post new reports on him with their pictures so that the word spreads to avoid this piece of crap. Seems like the group that first put him on blast has balls-do you? If you stand back in silence when something is wrong then aren't you just as guilty. Stop him!!! before anyone else gets hurt
Posted By: truthseeker0827 | 7/27/13 4:19 PM
Donna is not a nice or caring person. I've had first hand experience with this psycho and I've watched her personally attack all kinds of women who she believed to be ****ing him. Your dear friend acts like a victim when the truth is she stalks him on a daily. But yet she decided to end it so why after so long does she continuously stir **** up. They have not been together in way over a year and yet here we are. This women is clearly obsessed and just wants to destroy this man cause she was not good enough to replace his wife. Your friend and you yourself need to get a life or a man obviously you have entirely way to much time on your hands. Half of the girls on here on donna trying to slander this dumbass man who clearly made wrong choses. But she's no victim and sure as hell no saint especially when she laid down with him knowing his situation and trust me when I say she has no problem ****ing married men. She has no right to point fingers
Posted By: truthseeker0827 | 7/27/13 4:42 PM
You can change your name as many times as you like but I know they are all you. Like your many different facebook accounts. You try to act all innocent but you are guilty of all the same behaviours and supposedly you where with him for 12 years, you've posted things from his facebook.. you stalk people you don't even know and slander them and there family as well. Really it's all here for everyone to see. I mean yes is this guy an ******* for all the things he's done. Totally but what does this say for this women's mental health. At what point does the harassment stop. Till one or the other ends in death. It's really stupid how someone can be in love with someone who might not feel the same about you and you take it to this level. How hard is it really to move on.
Posted By: JerseymanUser Verified | 7/27/13 6:46 PM
If telling yourself that i and everyone else on here is Donna helps you sleep at night then all I can do is smile as you are in for quite a rude awakening, There are numerous sites of all sorts of women& men coming out with very recent details on you that she, by you own admissions above is no longer with you so would have no way of knowing. I like most of the guys you know really hate you & your behavior but we smile in your face and talk behind your back and await the day you get pulled into HR for sexual harassment. You are becoming as infamous as Anthony Weiner and your just as ugly!
Posted By: Karma4urAss | 7/27/13 8:09 PM
That's a great idea Jerseyman poses for all women who have been played like suckas by this ******* come out and expose his ass. Since Jerseyman revealed his Facebook page I'd like to ask if I'm the only one who noticed a Maria Martin who Eddie is the only one who likes her post and how she recently made a post defending him. Awwww another ***** or another fake profile made by him???? Her page or maybe his other page haha what a joke this man is - https://m.facebook.com/allintime.777363?__user=**
Posted By: LOLA1997 | 7/27/13 8:30 PM
This is just so high school it ridiculous yeah I'm sure you just happened to notice Maria Martin such a stalker lol how old do you have to be before you grow up.
Posted By: Karma4urAss | 7/30/13 11:18 AM
Wow Lola1997 is back to defend her man hahaha If this is Christina Arche, I'm sure you don't want your little love confession to Eddie to be made public and risk your husband Ari finding out that you'd screw this nasty piece of $hit of a man. Seriously, get tested because he screws anything that walks. Half his office has hit that, starting from his dispatchers and moving up within his many office locations.
Posted By: chrissyaUser Verified | 7/30/13 1:19 PM
You should make sure you know who you are threatening before you go out throwing names my dear. I am not with Eddie or defending him and I'm tired of my husband's name or mine being dragged through the dirt. You don't know or anything about my family so keep my name out your mouth.I'm not scared of whatever you think you have on me. I came clean and have nothing to hide!!!!
Posted By: JerseymanUser Verified | 7/28/13 5:39 AM
You really should shut the **** up as you're just making it worst . You know one day your poor kids are going to read all about your man ******* and be ashamed to have you as their dad, Why dont you try closing your pants and your mouth and try being a good husband and father for once in your life instead of just pretending you are while your sticking that bent ass stick into everything that moves. You are to blame No one else, Your wife,kids and all the women are the victims not you- your an Anthony Weiner Clown
Posted By: AnnaRod1User Verified | 8/01/13 4:24 PM
Eddy thinks he is smarter then all the girls he has screwed over but he's just a lying loser
http://liarscheatersrus.com/eddie-hernandez -3.html
Posted By: AngelofKarma | 5/04/14 9:27 AM
Damn! Or shall I say ñoooo! All I can say is that I'm not surprised except for the magnitude to which he has taken this. I'm so glad I wisened up in time when it came to this SOB. I don't know any of the others but am sure as can be that there is no way any of them are lying. I feel so sorry for his wife and kids. Like I said, thank God I learned before it got too far. Karma will do her thing in time. Just let it be.
Posted By: josemat | 7/20/14 4:12 AM
Gladys Vital and Mayeli Neuberger etc should get tested
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Education level: Bachelors degree
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