Blair Shepherd
Male | Fayetteville, AR  
This guy is sleeping with random women and lying to his wife
Posted By: AshleighBUser Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Through Friends
6/25/12 12:41 PM
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I talked to this guy a handful of times. He never told me anything about marriage, kids, anything. He texted me and acted like he was a single man who was doing well in life. One day, after asking him why I couldn't find him on Facebook, I found out that the last name he said was his, wasn't his at all. He went out of his way to make a fake facebook page, just to avoid me finding out his relationship status. I finally looked up all of the people with his first name in our zip code, and bam, There he is, with his wife! They were newly married. I contacted her, and I sent her screenshots of his convo and mine, showing how he was hitting on me and lying about his name. She told me that he said that he wasn't cheating on her and that they were desperately tying t have a baby. She also said that he wasn't the one texting me, it was his co-worker named "cowboy" who didn't have a phone. Um, he texted me all day and night, not just at work.

The sad thing is that his wife believed him. This guy is off texting girls and trying to meet up with them and f*ck them, while his poor wife is sitting at home wondering why they can't get pregnant. Um, maybe it's because he's throwing it in random girls, and it's already empty by the time he gets home. This girl needs a reality check, and this guy will say anything to make a woman think that she is crazy.

I've also heard that he has kids that he doesn't take care of, and he treats his stepchild like crap. i guess he is making the smartest decision by not trying to have another baby... at least with his wife.

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Cheater Details

Name: Blair Shepherd
Age: 32
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Location: Fayetteville, AR
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Married
Profession: Other
Education level: N/A
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Tattoos: Yes

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