Kristi Galloway
Female | Marion, OH  
Kristi Is A Wh*re
Posted By: Janmay13
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Male
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Other
6/24/12 12:34 AM
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This girl is simply a wh*re. She is very young but has already been married and cheated on her husband. Twice she has physically abused her then husband, once because her "best friend" hit on him. After about eight months of marriage kristi began to be with another guy behind her husband's back. Although she claims they never slept together when her husband found out, she was caught in her husband's bed with the other man. She also went away with the other man to a cabin while her husband footed the bill (her husband took a while to gain his senses). Once her husband finally had enough and they separated, but not divorced, she began f*cking the other guy and told her husband about it on his birthday. She is a real class act. This clearly shows Kristi is a wh*re, without going too far in the past (this all happened within the last year).

Kristi, as well as being a wh*re, is a psychotic bit*h. There are many examples of this, but here are a few:
1. Although she is now dating the other man, she continues to ask her husband (they are not divorced yet) to have a baby with her.
2. She believes that once she is done being a wh*re she can manipulate her husband into getting married again to her.
3. Kristi is very dramatic and has even gone so far as to lay in front of her husbands car and tell him to "run over her because no one likes her"
4. She lies and deletes Facebook messages in order to seem like the victim when she verbally attacks others.
5. As said before she has physically abused her husband, she has even had the cops called on her. (She gets it from her psycho father, he has threaten to physically assault her husband and his family)

The list goes on and on. Anyone who wants to date her should be forewarned. If the girl can do this to her husband before even a year of marriage, she can do it to anyone. Kristi is absolutely no good and wh*ever decides to be with her should look forward to a year (because the girl will cheat again) of misery and probably ending up on the Jerry Springer show.

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Posted By: hauaho56 | 6/28/12 7:55 AM
I know this girl and to me she is a gold digger. before she got married her husband got hurt at work and won a settlement. while married kristi blew through the money and once it was gone she started seeing the guy she cheated with. This chick shouldnt be trusted
Posted By: blondebarbiexo | 6/28/12 8:47 PM
I know her tooo!!! She cheated on my husband when he was 16 and basically forced him to sleep wth her
she thinks shes better then everyone and every guy likes her lol shes a h*e
Posted By: blondebarbiexo | 6/28/12 9:02 PM
She also hangs wth my husbands family found that reaaaallly weird bc my husband is her ex and she has no business doing that and im glad im not the only one who thinks shes a h*e,
And she tryed causeing problems between me and my husband at one time told him i was sleeping around while he is in college. He didnt believe her though bc shes a pyco path and cheats and lies
Posted By: hauaho56 | 6/29/12 3:49 AM
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who can see this bit*h for what she is. She lies and manipulates just so all eyes are on her. And she has absolutely no problem with f*cking any guy she sees. Shes a sl*t a bit*h and so much more and I'm sick to death of dealing with it.
Posted By: blondebarbiexo | 6/29/12 4:39 AM
I DEF know what you mean, i hate her so much she trys ruining ppls lives. Well she aint ruining mine bc i wont deal wth it, shes a wh*re and always will be she started bein one when she was 14! I hope her life is miserable bc karmas gonna suck for her, its funny how she got be*t up twice in high school lol
Posted By: hauaho56 | 6/29/12 7:53 AM
Ha yeah she likes to run her mouth and talk sh*t but whenever I confront her she backs down and then starts running her mouth again. That girl wouldnt know the truth if it bit her in that ugly face (a lot of my friends like to call her Mr. Burns from the simpsons lol). What she needs to do is quit being a sk*nk and fix that train wreck of a life she has. She didnt graduate high school, her marriage was over before even their 1st anivi cause she couldnt keep her legs closed, her "bff" tried to f*ck her man lol. Like really fix your life bit*h.
Posted By: blondebarbiexo | 6/29/12 8:25 AM
Hahhaha girl thats hilarious omg that just made my day lol but yeah i went to school wth that sk*nk she is nastyyyy and ugly for real she cant fight lol she was in my class at tri rivers for about not even a yr and dropped out lol shes the queen of wh*res thats for sure and she isnt even cute. Ive called her out before and she didny even do anything, she better not ever try to ruin my life bc i will punch her i better not ever see her anywere around marion, she tryed taking my man from me and it never happened lol all guys want her for is sex and thats it lol she needs to fix things but she prob wont lol i feel bad for her husband i rlly do. She is a worthless mother thats for sure! No real mother sleeps around
Posted By: hauaho56 | 6/29/12 10:24 AM
Ha i feel you, i said the exact same thing to my man. She was talkin sh*t the other day and it made my blood boil so she better thank the good Lord I don't live in Marion cuz her face would get even more f*cked up. Ha. She is no where near pretty, i mean sh*t even her body is f*ckin weird looking ha. & she really f*cked up cuz she had a good man who really loved her and she threw her daughter's family away so she could be a sl*t. Really? What kind of example is that for her baby. I pray her baby doesn't turn out like her but I really don't think she will cuz Kristi barely even watches her. She acts like the baby is a grievance and shes not. They brought her into this world and she needs to step up and be a woman. If she doesnt thats fine cuz no one is going to let that baby forget it.
Posted By: blondebarbiexo | 6/29/12 10:43 AM
Yeah she dont have a body she is flat chested and doesnt have anything on her its gross lol but yeah she had the nerve to tell me i wont ever be a good mother i was like uhm like you have room to talk at least my baby will know who its daddy is lol and she didnt say anything. & i hope someone shows her what a "real women is" bc shes far from it lol gosh she told me every man wants her and that shes soo hott i just cracked up laughing bc it is pathetic lol theres just tons of storys i could tell you about her and what shes done and said to mee too. She is a pyco and always will be. I do feel bad for het husband bc he is broken and hurt.and she dont even care. I knew he didnt deserve her!! And i wish you did live in marion bc someone needs to show her whos boss.
Posted By: hauaho56 | 7/04/12 7:28 AM
Haaaaaaaaaaaa she thinks she's hot? That's beyond hilarious. && girl I've got story after story about this bit*h too. I could write a book. Ha. She is just an ugly dumbass wh*re. She's already f*cked up her life && she is still young. Like fail. Ha
Posted By: blondebarbiexo | 7/04/12 7:57 AM
Oohhhhhh saame here!! Not that long ago& also she told me she owns her own house thats payed off and has two vehicles payed off & has a hansome man to come home too forgot to tell ya hahaha but ya i could go on & on all day wth what she has done and said to me shes something else looks like we got something in common then lol
Posted By: hauaho56 | 7/04/12 12:35 PM
Ha well you know what they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Haha.
Posted By: blondebarbiexo | 7/04/12 12:50 PM
Hahahaaa oh yeah!! got that right rotfl

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Name: Kristi Galloway
Age: 22
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Location: Marion, OH
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Zodiac Sign: N/A
Maiden Name: Miliron
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Profession: Other
Education level: Less than high school
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: N/A
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Tattoos: Yes

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