Mitch Portee
Male | Camden, SC  
Talks to several women at one time.
Posted By: brokenhearted32User Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Other
6/23/12 9:46 AM
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This man is pathetic. He talks to several different women at one time. When you meet him he seems like he is prince charming. He will do and say anything to to convince you that getting close to him is safe. But as soon as you allow yourself to get close to him he plays the 'I just want to be your friend' card. He has multiple sexual partners as well as talks to several different women on facebook and I am pretty sure he has a 'main girl friend'. He is the perfect example of the dirtiest type of dog.

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Also sends pictures
of his lower area

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Posted By: PissedoffniggUser Verified | 7/01/12 7:22 PM
I don't know who this brokenhearted32 is or why u feel the need to post this on here about me . It's funny how u got pics off of my fb page and say its evidience of me cheating . The age is wrong along with most of the other stuff. Yes I have friends on fb that I chat with . Yes I had friends that I use to text . but stuff like thi is why I disconnected my phone . I hope u delete this but if u don't all I can do is pray that God will forgive u for what u have done. I've never purposely done anything to anyone to deserve this
Posted By: CaliHeat | 7/01/12 8:33 PM
I'm one of those women that he talk to online, offline, fb and by text. He is an awesome friend and has never been anything less than a gentleman with me. He is one of the kindest men you could meet. I am so blessed to have him in my life. I look forward to the conversations we have about God, life, our children and our animals. We have several friends in common and not a one would say a mean word about him. Obviously BROKENHEARTED32 you have issues. Maybe he just didn't want you, seems obvious why.You are apparently a hateful, bitter and psychotic person. Stop trying to ruin a good hardworking loving man's name. Mitch, don't let crazy people like this define or effect your happiness in life. Your real friends will always be here and will gladly vouch for your character.
Posted By: Sarone40User Verified | 7/02/12 6:04 AM
Sorry I had to rally an ally to help with this mess, pissedoffnigg! We got you covered. This website should verify claims against individuals not only to protect the innocent but their future validity!
Posted By: Sarone40User Verified | 7/01/12 8:30 PM
You are a sad person. In order to cheat don't you have to be in a relationship first ?
Posted By: Sarone40User Verified | 7/01/12 11:17 PM
You talk about pictures .. Just what did you post in return?? You are probably one of many women that read more into things than you should have. He was most likely giving you compliments and making you feel beautiful, that just him. Did he actually promise a relationship or commitment to you? If not its not cheating!! Just let it go. If you feel wronged then I'm sure he didn't mean to . He does have a kind spirit and has never shown me any type of disrespect...*****..QUEEN PROTECTING HER QUEEN*****
Posted By: CaliHeat | 7/02/12 5:46 AM

Posted By: brokenhearted32User Verified | 7/02/12 8:38 AM
Quite frankly I do not care what any of you have to say. Obviously he is going to act like he has not done anything wrong. That is how men run game. Irregardless of what his intentions were with me he had a girl friend while he was in the process of pursuing me. He sent me several pictures of himself, most being of his p*nis. I am not the only one he has done this with. I have had several women contact me directly about him, one being his girl friend. I am not one bit concerned about a defamation of character lawsuit as the stuff I have posted would have to be a lie for me to be sued for it. Everything I have posted here is 100% truth and can be proven. I find it hilarious that you two admittedly talk to him and want to rush to his aid. I simply think you are all disgusting. Be fooled by him if you would like, but from here on out anyone who searches for Mitch Portee will know the truth about him. He is nothing but a womanizer.
Posted By: brokenhearted32User Verified | 7/02/12 8:44 AM
Mitch I would thank you not to pray for my forgiveness, but you own. Lord knows you have much more to be forgiven for than I.
Posted By: LATINQUEEN | 7/02/12 10:26 AM
mmmm sounds like a bitter woman. i been on this site for awhile monitoring the new posts and its funny that if this guy was so bad to women why are you the first to post and no one is chiming in with you. typical bitter woman. i wouldn't worry about her, soon she will move on to terrorize the next man that doesn't want her.
Posted By: LMMFAOAY | 7/02/12 5:38 PM
Yall Bit*hes funny as sh*t!!!! This little bit*h ass motha f*cka is a peice of sh*t!!! What this Bit*h has posted here is all true and I have seen it for myself. He tryed to holla at me one time. Yea I gave him my numba and he sho nuff did send me pics of his nasty as little d*ck!!! Yea I sent him pics to and all he wanted to do was phone sex wit me thru text! Who da f*ck do dat sh*t? Yall stank ass h*es can back this ni**a up if ya wan to but aint none a yall bit*hes convincin no one of sh*t. Yall all dumb as hell!!! ROTFLMMFAO!!!
Posted By: Vampiress69 | 7/04/12 9:28 PM
Wow....can we say BITTER! R u mad cuz he turned u down or something? Get over urself really!! Oh btw I heard karma is looking for u ....just sayin!
Posted By: onofmany | 7/05/12 3:45 AM
I was just checking out this site and came across post. I do not know this man nor do I know anyone that has left a comment here. I find the comments here fascinating. I see that several different women has come to to take up for him. This is really sad! Women we are the reason men cheat! If this man does have a girlfriend and he is cheating on her every time you share a dirty picture, flirt, or even every time he shares his problems with you. That is all stuff he should only do with his women. You women are making it easy for him to cheat. I am shocked that you women would also pull the bitter card here. I think that you all nedd to think about sometimng. Anyone who has been wronged in any way is going to be bitter about it and they have every right to be. There is nothing wrong with being bitter. When someone cheats on you, you will be bitter about it as well. If someone was to lead you on, like this woman seems to think was what happened with her, you will be bitter. It is a safe bet that the man told you women that this post was here and you all came to take up for him. There for the fact that there are more women saying he is a good guy, which he very well could be, than a cheater is irrelevant.There are two women here that are saying that he has had some kind of intimate relationship with him while he has a girlfriend. That would make him a cheater.
Posted By: PissedoffniggUser Verified | 7/05/12 4:41 AM
Onofmany I don't have a woman, & don't even know how this person is that posted this mess about me. This has shown me that i shouldn't try so hard to be friend with ppl because it only takes one to get pissed and do what this one has done. I know for a fact that this has cost me a job opportunity. It doesn't seem right that someone can get upset with u and post stuff like this without giving there name. Anyways I believe that whosoever this is will one day have someone do them the same way and know how i feel. Instead of coming to me like a grown person she did this childish mess. Its like getting mad and putting someones phone number on a public bathroom wall. Anyways i believe everything will work out in the end.
Posted By: LastManStanding | 7/14/12 1:23 PM
pissedoffnigg - bruh, dont even sweat this psycho b*tch brokenhearted32. been where you are man, she did the same sh*t to me. she got issues be glad this is all she did. i got my tires slashed, car scratched up and she would come up to my job. even tried to pull the im pregnant thang. just chill out man and she will go away, she just want attention.
Posted By: Vampiress69 | 7/05/12 4:05 AM
Who gaves u the right to judge a man u don't even know.....god is the only one who can judge anyone! I swear the world today is made up of bitter women! What because he sent some pics of himself that makes him a cheater... I think NOT! Nd I know for a fact Msbitter stole his pic off of his fb. The man has been SINGLE for months!!!
Posted By: whyowhy1 | 7/12/12 8:11 PM
To the BITTER a$$ b!tch that posted this about this guy, you are oh so wrong. This is a great and awesome man right here and would do anything for anyone that he can meaning to break it down so that you can understand that he would give someone the shirt off his back, you ask how do i know that, bc he and I dated. And when i say great i mean a gentleman, open doors ect what good men do...I don't know what your beef is with him, but just bc he didnt want your stank a$$ doesn't mean that you have to go and blast him like this it is very uncalled for and very childish, and luckly i don't know you or you would see me face to face and it wouldn't be very good...and yes we are still very good friends and he is still a gentleman to just bc you hatein dont f*ck up someones life bc they didn't want you. This man works hard everyday to provide for his kids and to keep a level head and its b!tches like you that make it hard for him to trust someone.....Mitch...hold your head up pray for this hater and remember to let your haters be your motivators...
Posted By: brokenhearted32User Verified | 7/13/12 2:42 PM
Like i said he acts like prince charming. How long ago was it that you were with him? Wonder if he was talking to all these other women when he was with you? Im willing to bet he was. I will leave you with a quote... "If you want to be trusted, be honest." That says it all if you ask me. Honesty will got you everywhere. Being dishonest will get you on
Posted By: whyowhy1 | 7/13/12 11:06 PM
First of all it is none of your business when we were together thats between me and him, and if truth be know your proly not faithful yourself and yes i know all about you bc he told me how you think i found out about this site, and to think your dumb ass put him on here bit*h let me find you, you are about as low as they get
Posted By: wekavi | 1/13/13 5:25 AM
This chaos is why women should NEVER have SEX with someone who hasnt asked for exclusivity. Dishonest men regularly troll our streets, clubs, social networks looking for casual sex and FEEL NO CONCERN for the ppl they mislead. They have friends, family, fellow philanderers come to their aid when their character is exposed. No guy usually will say up front he wants sex. If not, he is being dishonest by omission. He leaves that detail out because he's not likely to be successful if he brings that issue to the table. Believe me, Nice, Kind guys, as his nut kissers say here, dont try to con women into sex. Nice guys dont prefer casual sex to committed relationships. Socially men are ALLOWED to mislead, try to trick women into casual sex WITHOUT ANY DAMAGE TO HIS REPUTATION and a woman better not say anything about how mean-spirited that behavior is. YES, ITS MEAN-SPIRITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Women get smarter. DONT have sex unless you are in a exclusive relationship. Require *** testing. Check him out online, using his ID. Dont assume he is only dating you. Ask. Some are good liars and have a ready answer. Many wont. If you are the only one, no sex!!!!!!! Men think they can be players. Shut, players down.
Posted By: Vampiress69 | 1/13/13 5:51 AM
Oh please! This man never promised this woman anything get off your soap box and get over yourself please!
Posted By: Vampiress69 | 1/13/13 5:45 AM
Okay who's the "pathetic" one are! Today is your 49th birthday and you are on here posting about this man cuz he won't talk to you! Because he moved on with his life and it is not his fault you put your heart in a part that SPREADS APART! Grow up please and stop being so damn bitter!
Posted By: thinkyougotswagUser Verified | 3/05/13 2:26 AM
All of you women who are on here backing this man up you are either blind or crazy. I know the person who posted this and I rememeber when she was talking to this guy. He bought her gifts took her out and everything else that a man would do to give a woman the impression that he was interested in her. Now let me make it clear that I am a man and at first glance as she was telling me about him I thought he was going to be a good match for her. Then time passed and he started showing signs of being the kind of man that had several women in his life at one time. At first I said nothing because I did not want to speak out of turn or give her bad advice. Close towards the end of what I had even heard him once call a relationship she was misserable and would pull away from him but every time she tryed he would pull her back in. When i was first introduced to him he ever put his arm around her and kissed her as if to tell me something. This was after I had finaly started telling her she should leave him alone so I dont know if he saw me as a threat or was trying to prove something to me. I can tell you that this woman was not bitter or crazy. I think it is very sad what this man done to this woman. This is the kind of things that damage good people. Why would you want to ruin someone for your own personal pleasure? I thank God that this woman was able to move on with out him scaring her tomuch. She is now in a relationship with a great guy who treats her well. He is successful and treats her like a princess just like she deserves. This mans next victum may not be as lucky but I pray all of you and every other woman he comes in contact with will see the light and not allow him to break then down.

Cheater Details

Name: Mitch Portee
Age: 42
Sexual Preference: Straight
Location: Camden, SC
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Profession: Other
Education level: N/A
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: Black or African American
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Brown
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Tattoos: Yes

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