Paul King
Male | Weston, WV  
Pdking77 / pikappa77 = avoid at all costs
Posted By: karma1228e
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim:
6/11/12 9:05 PM
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Look up the word cheater & you should find Paul's photo beside the word! He is always looking for the next woman to bed & he has a great game. He currently lives in West Virginia but has also lived in Texas, Iowa & North Carolina before returning to WV. He has been in the Air Force & the Army. He has worked in many fields but most recently with computers. Once a teacher, he got in trouble for his temper & ended up getting laid off.

He prefers over-weight, busty women who have good jobs & are needy. It's a bonus if they don't have a large family or social circle. He has been married twice (cheated on both), always blaims women for his failures in life & is a narcissistic know it all. In addition to his former ex-wives, he leaves behind women throughout several states that he has lied to & cheated on!

Paul will be able to charm you into believing whatever story he is putting out there at the time but in reality he has to be in control & if not, then his violent temper will show itself. He can be found on almost every singles' site out there so consider yourself warned!

Although he has a good job, he cannot manage money & has left ex-wives seriously in debt. As a single man, he has bl*wn through every cent he was left as an inheritance & that's why any woman he is involved with must have a good job. He will either convince her that they don't need to go out or else she will end up paying for dates.

Stay away from this one ladies - he's not worth your time or dime!

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Posted By: calmseas | 6/12/12 5:17 AM
I've know this person for many years and he's definitely not a cheater! I know that he rejected a married woman, Elissa Linger-Mills in Buckhannon, WV, owner of "The Crowning Touch", and she's seeking revenge. That's why she posted this.
Posted By: karma1228e | 6/14/12 10:11 AM
As could only be stated by his latest fling. If I'm correct, then you should know that Paul is still in touch with several of his "formers" & in fact, yes Elissa is one of them. If you are Sheila then you should know that during one of your trips to Vegas, Paul even traveled to Buckhannon to see her & yes this can be proven.

At one time Paul seemed like a really great guy but then the cheating started & for some reason, he always wants to blame someone else. It's the woman's fault that the relationship isn't working out. It's his employer's fault that the job sucks or that he doesn't get the recognition that he should. Let's face it, Paul is never happy. That's why he has traded cars so many times. Buy a brand new car, truck or SUV, keep it for a year or less & then trade it off & loss $$$. We've gone from economy cars to trucks to suvs to sports cars & now we're into motorcycles. Yes it's his money but then he can't afford to pay for dates & the women either ends up paying or sitting & doing nothing. Don't believe me? Ask Elissa, Luanna (1st wife), Michelle (2nd wife), or Maureen (one of the web-hookups) Maureen still talks about how shocked she was at how Paul would bl*w money on frivolous things. Defend him all you want honey, soon you'll be on the list too.
Posted By: diamondbaby | 6/15/12 4:09 PM
I happen to know for a fact how Paul persued Elissa rescentlessly, because I saw them together.
Posted By: karma1228e | 8/06/12 9:27 PM
Why Paul, how very nice of you to comment on here! Oh and you are such the gentleman to claim that someone was pursuing you - oh wait, they always pursue you don't they?

For anyone reading this think about it. Instead of being honest & saying that he did not appreciate being named, he logs on (basically anonymous) & defends himself in the third person. Then he goes & attacks a married woman, names her & her business, but fails to mention that he is angry because she refused to leave her husband (for Paul) even after Paul begged her to get a divorce & marry him. What a man!
Posted By: steelergirl | 6/17/12 11:04 PM
I met Paul on & at first thought he was a great guy. Yes he had been divorced twice but everyone makes mistakes. After dating for about three weeks, he was talking about marriage & I was not interested at all. Mainly because one of my children did not like Paul at all. He said that he didn't trust Paul. (Boy was that kid correct!) I did notice that the longer we dated the less Paul wanted to go any place. Also, he didn't appear to have any friends & from listening to him talk, even his neighbors don't care for him. He kept telling me that he loved me & wanted a commitment from me but something just didn't feel right. Plus I had visited his house & after all his talk about working on it, it was the dirtiest house that I have ever been in! Filthy. Then I find out that when he's not with me he's seeing someone else & has even given her a ring! That did it for me. I broke up with him immediately & have never looked back. I think he kept talking about having bills & how expensive everything was because he thought that I would give him money. No way! This guy is all talk & lies - smart women will stay away!
Posted By: steelergirl | 7/07/12 9:23 PM
Paul is one of those guys who comes off as always being the victim of evil, cheating & spend-thrift women. Once you are dating, he wants you to call him before work, during work & after work. The conversation will always be the same. All about him. What he's been doing, how much money he's spent, what bills need paid, how crappy his job is, how he isn't appreciated & how he's looking for the next best thing. If he thinks it will work, he will try to make a woman jealous by either talking about all of his past conquests or else he will talk about the women that are either flirting with him or won't get over him. My advice to any woman would be this: Before you get mixed up with Paul D King, contact either one of his two ex-wives or else contact one of the other women. His first wife was so fed up with men after him that she has never dated since! She will tell you that the only good thing that came out of being married to him was that she was blessed with great in-laws. As for Paul, she wishes she had never met him. He spent the most of their marriage cheating on her & lying to her! He's a legend in his own mind.
Posted By: karma1228e | 8/28/12 12:42 AM
Update: Paul will be 53 on 09-28 & gets really ugly if you make an attempt to recognize his birthday. Also, in addition to more tattoos, he now has added a HD tricycle to his collection. All this & yet his poor dog stays locked in it's cage all the bloody time. What a man.
Posted By: notamatchforPK | 9/14/12 8:19 PM
I recently met Paul & ended up at his house. What a mess! It looks like he has never cleaned anything & the floor is gross. The doors & windows are greasy & that poor dog is locked in that cage in the kitchen all the time. That was enough for me. Anyone who would treat such a beautiful creature so badly is going to treat his partner the same way & worse. This man is just dirty & lazy & smart girls will stay totally away.

He did admit that he's been seeing someone but according to him it's "not serious" & he's ready to end it.
Posted By: Dash26 | 10/17/13 7:47 AM
Ewww. This guy sounds awful in every way. He's not even all that attractive, so it's hard to believe all these women are after him. Why a man like this does not stay single is beyond me. They seem to want to play around and are unable to commit, so why go to such great lengths to do it?

Cheater Details

Name: Paul King
Age: 54
Sexual Preference: Straight
Location: Weston, WV
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Divorced
Profession: Technology
Education level: Bachelors degree
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On:
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Weight: 275
Tattoos: Yes

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