Javon Ross
Male | Oakland, CA  
Total Liar, Total Cheater
Posted By: love143
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Other
6/03/12 9:22 AM
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His MO:

As quickly as it started with this man is just as quickly as it ended. He makes you feel like you are so special. You meet his family, he takes you dinner, wines you, dines you, makes you feel like you are just the most amazing woman ever. Then a few weeks in there is a slight change he's a little distant but still puts in some effort... come to find out he's running the same game on multiple women at the same time.

He'll call you, text you off the hook. He'll even send you a picture, "so you don't forget his face." He sends this picture to multiple women at the same time. Many of the texts he is sending to you he is sending to a block of numbers.

When you confront him on his "dirty deeds" he will turn it around and make you feel like you're in the wrong and you did something wrong. He lies, manipulates, takes total advantage of women, while you are giving your full self he is merely giving you one version of who he really is. He takes away everything. He makes you realize that all of the things you thought you didn't want, you actually wanted.

He is one of the most toxic individuals I have ever met. He says he wants one thing one day and the next day he feels the complete opposite. He is a compulsive liar. He gives a complete facade of who he really is.

And the moment you realize that he is doing this to other women and you are just in a rotation you don't believe that he could do it to you. But I guarantee he's doing it you. And when you confront him a bout this he will give you an ambiguous answer.. for example: Are you dating other people? him: well, I'm not, not dating other people. Sh*t like that just to piss you off.

Ladies: he will lie, cheat, rob you of your values and in the end not give two sh*ts about you and how you feel. Every Time you think he's not doing it to you, I promise you he is.

Proof of Cheater's Actions

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Posted By: 143love | 6/05/12 10:30 AM

You are strongly advised to remove this posting without delay. The consequences of this posting being on the internet go well beyond the damage you are attempting to do to said person’s character, that is the least of concerns. By “associating” this person’s name with this picture and including Bio & Geographical data, you’ve placed a number of innocent lives in danger (TO INCLUDE YOUR OWN). This is a Highly Sensitive matter and the consequences increase exponentially the longer this post remains on the web. We cannot stress enough to you how catastrophic the penalty of your posting could potentially create – it goes beyond humane comprehension. Please remove this post immediately! The Federal Authorities and appropriate Legal Assets are currently initiating an investigation and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.
Posted By: buhbye | 6/05/12 10:54 AM
By “associating” this person’s name with this picture and including Bio & Geographical data, you’ve placed a number of innocent lives in danger (TO INCLUDE YOUR OWN).

First of all by saying that the poster's life is in danger is a threat so you are a complete moron. Secondly by listing that someone lives in Oakland is not Geographical data because if I went to Oakland CA I would have no clue how to find this guy. Finally this warning is so rediculous it makes me believe this story is very TRUE and the 1st comment belongs to a very scared Javon Ross who is worried that everyone will find out he is a cheater.
Posted By: 143love | 6/05/12 11:10 AM
Unfortunately, based on your ignorance of various government entities, both foreign and domestic, your lack of knowledge has motivated your response. If you knew the Javon Ross you "assume" you're referring to, you'd KNOW there's NOT ONE SCARY BONE in his body.

Although you're free to comment, it would be most appreciated if you'd stay out of it as this matter has nothing to do with you. If you'd like to make it an issue we can make arrangements to involve you. Take the high road and let it go and enjoy your ignorance.
Posted By: Danigirl211User Verified | 6/05/12 11:52 PM
Well wh*ever you are you don't want him outed as a cheater and that what he is this person has done nothing wrong by putting him on here women need to know what guys like him are doing
Posted By: SweetTwinkieUser Verified | 6/06/12 4:12 AM
I am so glad to have discovered this website. Cheaters like this MF need to be exposed. I hope all the women he is manipulating and using find this website and expose him! He deserves to be brought out for the slime dingleberry he is!
Posted By: MoreSecrets13 | 6/06/12 8:59 AM
I too am glad to have discovered this website. I was posting about a cheater when low and behold, I found both of his sons on here too! That really made my day...I've actually been smiling since, even sent the link to their wives so that they could see what the hell their men are doing behind their backs. It seems to me that love143 may have had her life threatened by Mr. Ross. Guess he has something to be concerned about, if he wasn't scared then he wouldn't have posted his threats. "BOY" needs get a life and quit playing women who are obviously smarter than you are. I'll bet he has a small ding-a-ling too!
Posted By: ColdWorld4everUser Verified | 9/12/12 9:12 AM
It is not right for any man or woman to mislead another's heart with lies or cheating, but we need to all remember that being vindictive doesn't make any situation better. We all have experienced the hurt of someone "doing us wrong" but this site promotes hatred and bad karma. No one's personal business should be displayed because it's not hearing both sides to the story. I don't know this individual, but I saw my gorl friend's information on here placed by her bitter ex and I feel that we all should be adults and move on. If you encounter a bad person, trust your instincts, actions speak louder than words, keep it moving and wish them well. No need to advertise the personal for the world to see, their karma will come on it's own time.
Posted By: morena31User Verified | 12/05/12 4:50 PM
Omg My Friend is going out with this guy!!!! Can't believe it!
Posted By: 143love | 12/05/12 11:31 PM
This website is destroying lives without cause. First an foremost it is immature/rudimentary. People are allowed to post without due diligence and accuracy. This is a very childish way to express yourself and review a person whom you may know or want to get to know. I know for a fact that "your girl is NOT going out with ME. Yet another misconception about me. If your girls thinks she's going out with me then please have her contact me so I can clarify that I am SINGLE, just as I was SINGLE when the person who posted this nonsense about me in the first place thought it necessary to make her post. Sometimes people don't understand the kind I situation they're in and they allow themselves to live in an interpretation of the reality they WANT, and not the reality of truth. If you want to judge me according to this BS website and someone's personal vendetta then you're not worth my time in the first place. The fact that you give MERIT to this post and website, is a testament to of your own immaturity and adolescent behavior and simpleton nature. Grow up and understand your interaction with someone and refrain from posting your sinister motivated emotions on websites like these when there are absolutely no grounds for it.

I want to thank the person who posted this original dissertation - I hope you've achieved your goal.
Posted By: 1554loverzlane | 1/01/13 5:40 PM
My friend is so falling for this guy. She meet him a month ago and has been going on dates to his house.
I showed this site to my friend and she was devastated. She beautiful inside and out and going through a divorce. She been hurt deeply and thought the man she meet a month ago was a complete blessing. She's not in love nor rushing into anything but you could see just how happy she became speaking of him and how spending time with him was like a breathe of fresh air.
Then I showed her this post and she let him know it had been broughten to her attention. He seemed upset and she being the none confrontational person she is felt bad. But then the same behavior began as in the post. He all of a sudden forgot their scheduled date, text her back hours after she would send him something simple and sweet. Never tells her his plans and leaves his schedule very secretive. Now she tells me he's deleted her off his Facebook page the same night they had a private date at his place I which he of course cooked for her. He hasn't responded to her now in 2 days. My friend thinks nothing of it but I know she is hurting. She won't let anyone know when she is hurt. She's too strong, brave, independent and blinded by his false actions. He most likely doesn't care for her at all. He Wee's the beautiful woman she is and is taking complete advantage of her beauty and love. Since she isn't going to listen to me at this time figured I'd make sure all the other woman and Javon himself hear it from me. Don't play with he heart like this Javon, you know her beauty and if you can't handle it or want it for her sake just tell her don't play games. Be the man you say you are on here. I've spoken my peace as a friend and just hope if my friend ever sees this post it's cause I know your beauty and if the truth be told love you to pieces and tired of the wrong men being what you think are the right men.
Posted By: 1554loverzlane1 | 1/03/13 6:50 AM
First off I have to apologize to Javon for write the previous post. I have never met him or spoken to him. I have only heard of him by my friend and what these previous postings have said about him.

I apologize to my friend deeply as I have now lost her. She has never said one negative thing about Javon or their relationship she has only spoken about how happy, bless and as she puts it inspired about the man she meet. I just took what was written on this site and then started to look for similarities. But I now see and should have seen the whole time that he was not acting like the main post says. He was actually much different with my friend and I think because of my rush to judge and act have ruined this for my friend. My friend had nothing to do with my opinions but though I thought Javon was hurting her I ended up hurting her to the core. Like I said before I'm truly sorry for what I have said about someone I don't know and for now hurting someone I do know was truly happy. Javon and my friend deserve to be happy and not have the drama I have now caused. J, please forgive me. I only want you to be happy and have a man in your life who makes you that's way and I see now Javon is that man. Please be happy as you're an amazing woman who's honestly deserves the best. Javon, I don't know you and probably now never will but I apologize for my rush of judgement and making it public. I hope you can remain happy with J, as you know she is one in a million. If anyone knows how to delete your postings please let me know, I would like to remove mine.
Posted By: Advice1234User Verified | 1/03/13 8:09 PM
Don't feel bad for doing your friend a huge favor! Sooner or later she will find out who he really is! And he should be an actor because he lies really well! Actually he still in a relationship w my friend and he already told her I love you ( in less than a week) just wait... Your friend will thank you later.
Posted By: MonaBaby | 1/05/13 4:57 PM
Wow!! I just hung out with this guy the other night. If all the comments are true sounds like he is playing a game with at least 4 of us. Well 3 now!! What a waste.
Posted By: denisei | 6/10/13 11:48 AM
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Cheater Details

Name: Javon Ross
Age: 38
Sexual Preference: Straight
Location: Oakland, CA
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Profession: Other
Education level: N/A
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: Black or African American
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 185
Tattoos: Yes

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