Kaila Reeves
Male | Christiansburg, VA  
Smooth talking LIAR
Posted By: candacemarie82User Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Other
5/22/12 6:55 AM
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Just found my ex Mr Reeves on this site and am now updating his info. Women BEWARE! He loves to play the victim and use the "i love you" route to get you to think you are the only one and he has been hurt so bad before but dont believe it. Please look at the other page about him for more info. He will drag you along, mooch off of you, and all the while be doing the same to other women. HUGE liar.

Says he has a masters in tech (cant prove it), says army (claims special forces), son named after him (other children as well), last driving a bmw and living in Giles Area of VA

Tattoos on arms and Lion tat on chest.

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Posted By: omglolUser Verified | 5/22/12 9:56 AM
He was never in the army, he dropped out of high school. Confirmed!
Posted By: Gotchabit*hUser Verified | 5/22/12 12:15 PM
Wowwwwwww!!!! Bet he didnt think all of this would bite him in the ass when he was doing it!!!
A-f*ckn-amazing....no degree!!!
Posted By: candacemarie82User Verified | 5/23/12 5:53 AM
how i wish the woman he is currently living with hears about all of this!
Posted By: Gotchabit*hUser Verified | 5/23/12 6:33 AM
Ohhhh.....he's moved to another one? Interesting!
Posted By: bigmommylov1User Verified | 5/23/12 7:42 PM
so did the last baby momma finally find out about the other baby he had while he was living with her.....of course that wouldhave been while he was spending time in Va Beach trying to keep her off his "scent" -- just like a kur dog.....i been waitin10 year for this to come around .....its like "Cheaters!" but on the internet...its that girl he had so snowed under thinking he was althat and it was all crap....he got her good..Bought him a nice ridespent money on him like it was water.....he has serious isues from his childhood...soLord forgive me for judging him,,,,and save his soul cuz " Ricky, you got some splaining to do...and it is to the King of King. . . Thank you Jesusfor what you've done doing and in theprocess of setting in motion."
Posted By: Gotchabit*hUser Verified | 5/23/12 8:09 PM
Sorry he got to you as well....not to sure who knows what anymore. Everytime you turn around there's something new and disgusting learned about him! Hopefully everyone who deals with him will be aware soon and get away as quickly as possible!!!
Posted By: candacemarie82User Verified | 5/24/12 6:17 AM
so glad the blinders are finally off...im the idiot who took the fool back FIVE times smh
Posted By: Gotchabit*hUser Verified | 5/24/12 6:44 AM
Idiot? I don't think so!!! None of the females involved are idiots. The only IDIOT in this whole thing is KAILA REEVES for thinking he would keep getting away with it! Idiots are the females that want to fight each other over men who do this stuff but that's not the case so I think all of you are smart! And for the ones who have kids with him, just raise them NOT to do the things he has done and to treat people with respect. It may be a struggle now but Kaila is the only one who truely will struggle in the long run....just look, he has NOTHING (but he is famous on here)!!!
Posted By: mmamommaUser Verified | 5/25/12 8:49 PM
I responded to the other page as well. Im not sure where I stand in this long line of people that fell for his pitty, but I was with Kaila from Aug 2011 - Feb 2012. I live in Va Bch, and found out that he was cheating on his live in girlfriend (who was with him in Va Bch and moved back to Salem VA area with him too), and another girl in the Christiansburg area. He was sleeping with all of us at the same time, while we were all thinking we were the only one in his life. It seems now that there may have been another girlfriend during that time too. From what I know, the live in girlfriend found out about us and broke up with him right after xmas. The other girl broke it off with him around that time too. I was contacted about this and broke it off with him in January / February time frame. He gave me the Army special forces story, said he was a mobile app designer, told me he made a ton of money, was looking to buy a home in Va Bch, had a rare car collection, a son from a previous marriage with an evil exwife,and has a daughter that lives in Abingdon that he has not seen in years because her mom remarried and the new husband adopted her behind his back. Since the breakup I found out about the other daugher in NJ (which he claims he never knew about until child support services sent a letter). I met his mom once when I drove to Salem to pick him up and give him a ride back to VaBch to get his BMW that was being repaired. When we met he drove an Acura and had a sport bike, traded in for a black pick up, then traded that in for a Caddy. All of which were not in his name, and all but the last was provided by the live in girlfriend. The Caddy was a sketchy story from go, but he no longer has that one either. The BMW he drives is also in his "aunts" name.
Told me he currently lives in Ripplemead with his son. I ended up pregnant (with an IUD) and we have a 1 month old together, and he has not paid for anything thus far. No supplies, diapers, or medical bills.
Posted By: candacemarie82User Verified | 5/26/12 7:16 AM
i was with him off and on since 09 til last month and that includes while he was at va beach. I even came there to see him. when we met he drove nothing and i gave him rides, then came all of the cars listed that he said his cousin hooked him up with (is a local car dealer). Same story fed about daughter in abingdon. never met any family except for those i knew b4 we got together. was there thru the jail time and all....shoulda ran a long time ago. Hope u get help with your daughter, he claims to be such a good dad--just another lie.
Posted By: candacemarie82User Verified | 5/26/12 7:20 AM
ripplemead is in giles...claims to be there alone but have heard that is actually living with another girl, name starts with N
Posted By: candacemarie82User Verified | 5/26/12 11:50 AM
I wanna say a quick thank you to "gotchbit*h"...if you wouldnt have posted your page then a lot of ppl would still be in the dark about all of this. Finding out about what a man wh*re he is drove me to get my yearly exam with the quickness...during breast exam they found a lump. still waiting to find out but THANK YOU
Posted By: Gotchabit*hUser Verified | 5/27/12 12:09 PM
You are very welcome! I hope everything works out with the doctor. I would love to take all the credit but its due in part to mmamomma....without her, a number of us wouldn't have seen what we needed to see and wait for our moment to show people how to REALLY do things cause clearly he did it all wrong! Honesty gets you much furher in life! And people should always be careful of who they THINK they're screwing over!
Posted By: mmamommaUser Verified | 5/27/12 8:23 PM
Not sure how I helped bring this to light, I accidentally stumbled across this site while I was google-ing his info to verify the SS# he gave me for the birth certificate. The info was already here.
Ladies...Kaila is sick, he has a real obvious problem and just might be beyond the point of help.
I have no shame in who I am, I am willing to leave my email address and name so you can find me on Face Book. Kaila is of no concern to me, I am just looking out for my baby girl and her future questions about her siblings. If any of you are willing to share info outside of this site, I would appreciate it, and if not... I totally understand. I think that my daughter would like to know who her family is when she is old enough. I hope to hear from some of you. I am also going to post this on the other profile page. .. Stacy Dolby stacy.dolby@gmail.com
Posted By: hitdogg42 | 6/11/12 7:27 PM
Yes, karma is a sum beeatch for sho!!!! Guess im not the worst human on earth!! Lol
Posted By: hitdogg42 | 6/13/12 6:23 PM
Stacy can you please call me.... **

Posted By: hitdogg42 | 6/17/12 12:29 PM
Ginger, i know u read this...i just need ten mins of your time
Posted By: hitdogg42 | 6/21/12 11:05 PM
I know you read this, and really just the amazement on how I was treated I can let go after seeing this....If was obvious you were pregnant or getting to know pregnancy before I even left the house..Yea, I had a drinking problem and not its fixed 139 days, cold turkey, it can happen...Do you think I would ever let you go without help for a child, diapers, health care, ect ? really ? You said I loved you too much, man maybe that's what you needed.....I remember the text saying he was 100 times the provider then I was, haha....An MMA fighter huh, well the only this he's punching is the ATM when it says Insufficient funds !!!!!
Posted By: bigmommylov1User Verified | 6/22/12 6:28 AM
Yuup...it all true...I got a grandchild by him...I believe because of his CHILDHOOD it totally messed up his min,,and such a shame because he is a great guy with THIS HUGE problem....but yes, what comes around goes around....Im gonna start praying for him rather that do what I been doing the last 7 year..it is a very sad situation...but we got us some sooo cute babies......instead of spreading the love he should just go be a sperm donor!!!! God's peace and blessings on us all. . .
Posted By: bigmommylov1User Verified | 6/22/12 7:12 AM
the last fifght he did that I know of, was about5-6 years ago and he got be*t down (soory, Kaila) and took bl*ws to his kidney..he was miserable there for a while....
Posted By: hitdogg42 | 6/30/12 3:56 PM
Was I really soooooo bad you can't even walk past and acknowledge me with my children ? What gives Stacy.....I hope your back at Hybrid where you love and I'm here for you..I don't hate you, never could......WHY ?
Posted By: candacemarie82User Verified | 7/01/12 8:50 AM
Dude this page is not about you it is to warn women to stay away from kaila so please take the begging elsewhere
Posted By: Nessa61484 | 12/03/12 3:21 PM
I am Kailas current girlfriend and ive had my issues trusting him already. If anyone can prove any of this to me please contact me. I do know about his son and the daughter he may have in va beach as far as believing the other kids i would like to see some proof and if you have them why arent you pushing for child support? Also if you have names of any of the women he is dating in christiansburg or surronding areas please. My email is virias@ yahoo.com thanks in advance
Posted By: Gotchabit*hUser Verified | 12/03/12 4:28 PM
Im confused....
The question of the day is: What does any of these women PROVING to YOU that they have kids with Kaila have to do with the fact that "ive had my issues trusting him already" AND "i would like to see some proof".
Maybe people are pushing for child support.....maybe Kaila doesnt have any money because Kaila lives off of everybody.....whats the situation right now? Hows he paying his bills.....whats his "so-called" job this time....AND have they actually been paying him?????
Posted By: Nessa61484 | 12/03/12 4:47 PM
because he says he has his son and possibley a daughter the others dont exist!!! as far as paying bills i only know what he tells me but he has money and if these people were pushing for child support i believe hed either be in jail or going to court alot. I know where kaila stays but never been there and as far as the money situation he always has money. Job he has one ive spoken to him while hes there and been there before at any of the jobs he has had. But im trying to catch him in a lie. i mean come on you posted your two cents before doing the same thing i am so id like the same help in catching him in something
Posted By: Gotchabit*hUser Verified | 12/03/12 5:18 PM
Your the current gf and havent been to his place???? That doesnt tell you something????
If you read both of these posts on him you will see that the "possible daughter" in va bch posted her email address on the other story about him.
AND i posted ONLY the truth about him....i was the 1st one to post! I caught the lies THEN i posted....i didnt post asking for proof....i already had it! Read the other story.
Posted By: Nessa61484 | 12/03/12 5:56 PM
ive already contacted mmamomma
Posted By: Nessa61484 | 12/03/12 5:57 PM
and that s right you had proof i dont
Posted By: mmamommaUser Verified | 12/03/12 6:28 PM
Nessa1484, im pretty sure we have not chatted. Please feel free to contact me for details. Stacy.dolby@gmail.com
Posted By: Nessa61484 | 12/03/12 6:30 PM
i messaged u on fb earlier
Posted By: bigmommylov1User Verified | 9/17/13 1:52 PM
Hey Nessa! So what did you find out?
Posted By: candacemarie82User Verified | 12/11/12 7:09 AM
i will email you

Cheater Details

Name: Kaila Reeves
Age: 39
Sexual Preference: Straight
Location: Christiansburg, VA
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: N/A
Profession: Other
Education level: Other
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: Bi-racial or Mixed
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6 ft 3 in
Weight: 210
Tattoos: Yes

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