Philip Deprez
Male | Castle Rock, CO  
Cheater Caught Red-Handed !
Posted By: Valerie1User Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim:
5/06/12 10:22 PM
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Cheater assured victim all the time that there is no other woman he's seeing but her and that he is tired of being accused of things he didn't do.
One evening around 8pm after work, I (the victim) was calling the cheater as I was coming to stop by his house but he was not answering his phone..but I just continued to drive towards his house anyway. Unexpectedly, I found a car parked right on his garage door, blocking it. I rang the doorbell a few times and repeatedly but there was no answer. His car was in the closed garage. After an hour, I received a text from him stating - he's not home and did not use his car. Also, he would not answer his phone nor text back who owns the car outside on his driveway - as I had asked him via text. I stayed and rang the doorbell and knocked hardly for more than a few times, but no answer. He finally called the police and pretended to be a neighbor reporting my car parked outside his home. I told the officer - why would a neighbor call on me? I always had parked my car by his house when I am over. I asked the officer to tell me if it was him who had called and after a few exchange of words, the officer had finally talked him into saying - yes -he's home and there is another woman in the house. Even if I was distraught and upset, I felt some relief that his lies are over ! Now, because he is caught with witnesses, I am relieved that he did not have to lie to me and make me feel like I was falsely accusing him. He is a sleazy cheap pathological liar ! I should have known - he's done it to his poor wife of 30 years !

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Posted By: msfaithUser Verified | 5/11/12 10:08 PM
IF HE'S CHEATED ON HIS POOR WIFE OF 30 YEARS, HE'S NOT ABOUT TO STOP CHEATING ! A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR AND HABITUAL CHEATER COULD BE A PSYCHOPATH AND BEST BE LEFT BEHIND ! CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY TO HAVE FOUND THIS OUT BEFORE YOU HAVE TRULY DRAINED YOURSELF. I qoute - " Narcissists can be experts in manipulation and seduction of the opposite sex. Psychopathic swindlers openly promise emotions they have no intentions of giving - like love and respect. When their weaknesses are brought to their attention, it shatters grand illusions of themselves."
Posted By: ActuallyUser Verified | 6/04/12 7:03 PM
The truth, Rosario not Valerie, and I ended our relationship the weekend before this event. The statement "this isn't working for either of us", was used by me to end things. So, even though our relationship was indeed over, and I didn't answer my phone, Rosario came to my house anyway. On that evening she was outside my house for over four hours and yes I finally called the police at 2:00am in the morning. She knocked and banged repeatedly on the door for most of the four hour time she was there, which my friend will attest to. Additionally, she also made an inappropriate call to the police and had them respond to my house earlier in the evening because she was concerned about my well-being? As for the conversation she mentioned with the police officer, it was actually the officers second visit to my residence that evening, I did work with officer to resolve the situation. Yes, I did call the police anonymously, I was trying to keep Rosario from getting into any trouble with the police. I also talked to the officer on the phone while they were outside, during their second visit, I participated in the conversation with the officer so that she would be able to get her questions answered without risking an argument between her and the officer. The officer told me, via the phone, that she was being uncooperative so I agreed to help, my only goal for the remainder of the evening was to have Rosario leave without any long-lasting event taking place. So, when all is said and done, there are multiple police reports filed with my local law enforcement agency including one for harassment against Rosario. Also, I've asked her on several occasions to talk to someone can help her understand and get through this, I would hope the other readers of this posting would offer the same type of support.
Posted By: Valerie1User Verified | 6/04/12 7:35 PM
VERY NICE TRY, PHIL ! You can lie to your teeth just because you are posted as a CHEATER ! I have your text messages for the day planning our Friday and weel-end with your love you's. DID YOU FORGET ?
So, with this - you claim we had ended our relationship? How about saying - that you juggled your women - me for the Friday / week -end and wh*ever that was for that Thursday night that I unexpectedly witnessed ?
Posted By: Valerie1User Verified | 6/04/12 9:12 PM
Posted By: Valerie1User Verified | 6/04/12 9:35 PM
DO YOU WANT ME TO UPLOAD YOUR TEXT MESSAGES FOR THAT THURSDAY ?... THAT'S RIGHT , PHIL ...JUST KEEP ON LYING !!! oh - I just forgot - you are a pathological LIAR ! can't help it !
Posted By: DorothyD | 5/24/12 10:05 AM
Valerie, All I can say is run the other way as fast as you can, because he will try to real you back in. I know this because I am his wife of 30 years.
Posted By: Valerie1User Verified | 5/24/12 12:54 PM
Hi..I was notified by this website re: your comment. You have found out about this website obviously..First I want to apologize to you. When I met him, I assumed he's not married because he emailed me from Match and he had a girlfriend before me. I didnt realize till later but he said he' s in the process of divorce . I'm not young but I never thought I can be so gullible and stupid to believe him. But you're right - he' been a player disguised and a very good actor. Sick LIAR and CHEATER - are the words to describe him.
BTW...he has invented great alibis. Thank you for your advice - everyone shld run away from him as fast as one can cuz he has no conscience and appreciation for honesty and integrity !
Posted By: LillyDeflowered | 5/25/12 1:42 AM
This guy sounds like well-bred serial dater and player. I know the type. Thank God, he's only a sociopath. If he was a psychopath, he might be a serial k*ller! He sounds harmless, but still is a destroyer of lives. He has a sex addiction. It's not possible for him to be monogamous. He has to cheat. Thanks for this tip-off.
Posted By: Valerie1User Verified | 5/25/12 6:27 AM
Harmless ? ...sociopath ?...there's always no telling what Phil can do...but - there is always HONESTY and TRUHFULNESS - and full disclosure ....that maybe he can tell the woman he 's with so that she can have the choice to stay or play rather than be fooled, lied to and suffer that emotional trauma of being cheated on by t this nasty piece of garbage sc*m of the earth loitering , picking up an unknowing person...WE REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT OR WHO PHIL IS! Harmless ?... Time will tell...we don't know this.
Posted By: LillyDeflowered | 5/25/12 2:27 PM
I just meant, he doesn't seem to be physically harmful (be*ten anyone), yet! But, who knows, I've seen this kind of behavior lead to physical violence. Only his wife of 30 years would know that. He's obviously a mental and emotional abuser and in a way, a physical abuser by luring woman into a false sense of security and using their bodies for his sexual phantasies. By lying to get women to have sex with him is in a way a type of ****. He is dangerous!
Posted By: Valerie1User Verified | 5/25/12 5:33 PM
Hey there LillyDF ,
How'd you get to be interested in this posting ? ...just askin' u know him , of him ? ...or any of us here?
:-)) your name is interesting , btw !
Posted By: LillyDeflowered | 5/25/12 7:03 PM
Yeah, I'll tell you privately.
Posted By: Valerie1User Verified | 5/25/12 8:16 PM me or email me if you know my info..thnx
Posted By: Valerie1User Verified | 6/04/12 9:20 PM
Thank you for that great advice , DOROTHY ! .. I definitely appreciate your input considering all that you've suffered from him through the years.

Cheater Details

Name: Philip Deprez
Age: 55
Sexual Preference: Straight
Location: Castle Rock, CO
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Separated
Profession: Technology
Education level: Bachelors degree
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 6 ft 3 in
Weight: N/A
Tattoos: No

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