Jeanette Reynolds Brown
Female | Knoxville, TN  
BEWARE: married gold-digger with sociopathic tendencies.
Posted By: Karmapatriot
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Male
How / Where Cheater Met Victim:
5/01/12 10:25 AM
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This crazy woman is very married, a pathological liar and constantly trolling dating sites looking for her next sugar daddy. Certified sociopath with NO conscious. Very dangerous! BEWARE. Wears wigs and changes her appearance.

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Posted By: Respectyourself | 5/01/12 1:17 PM
I know this evil tramp. She married my close friend's husband 30 years ago and that wasn't good enough. She is a sex addict and gets her kicks by ruining lives and I know numerous married men she sleeps with. I am not shocked to find out she is on dating sites. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: gogetter | 5/28/12 7:13 PM
crazy bit*h she is. Lake City white trash using "I am a jesus freak" on her FaceBook page. Oooppss, did I forget to mention she pulled her facebook page. Your caught piss of sh*t. And adult entertainment-check out Linkdin for her fake resume. Jeanette Reynolds Brown you have never held a job.
Posted By: FlyGuy | 10/24/12 2:31 PM
Judging by how good looking this woman is, and having seen photos of the fat, ugly, sk*nk hos making these comments, it is pretty clear to me that these fat, ugly, sk*nk hos have suffered a lifetime of envy and jealousy over Ms. Jeanette. I'm guessing on a scale of 1-10, the best these women have ever done in life was a 4. And that was at 2 o'clock in the morning at closing time when the guy realized he was out of time and options.
Posted By: MENNOITEMAFIA13User Verified | 10/22/13 8:38 PM
no **** head, ive been a victim of miss Reynolds also. doesn't practice what she preaches, lives in a home for free, drives the company car for free with a gas card. BUT AS GOD HAS ALWAYS HAD MY BACK, SHE IS DUE FOR A FALL SOON AND WHAT A FALL IT WILL BE. LOSING HER BROTHER SHOULD HAVE FIXED HER. MAY TAKE HER PARENTS.
Posted By: btradeUser Verified | 5/03/12 5:46 PM
Looks sk*nky even. Is her occupation reall?y "adult entertainment"? What would you expect from that sort of trash
Posted By: TshombeUser Verified | 5/04/12 7:13 AM
That wig looks horrible.
Posted By: Karmapatriot | 5/04/12 12:45 PM
far worse when it falls off. The word "entertainment" is a polite alternative to prostitute. I was very deceived and from now on when someone is a self proclaimed "pray warrior" I will think twice before taking that at face value. I really feel for her husband and children
Posted By: JAXMP | 7/17/12 7:35 AM
I know this woman. She has a mental disability. The last time I saw her she was wearing synthetic pig tails. Sexy like Joan Rivers in hair ribbons.. One of the strangest things I have seen in a long time. She may need professional help and I don't mean a pimp
Posted By: chickchaser | 10/06/12 7:54 AM
i know for a fact that janett had sex with stephen tibor gaal while his wife yvette martin gaal from lake city was in county lock up for her 5th time DUI. they seen each other while yvette was locked up. He told all us guys at the hitching post that janett was a sweethart n he loved her. he said he hates that dam drunk hes married to. he said yvettes boob hangs down to her knees. janett probably is a wh*re but shes sweet n bautiful. hay janett call me. lol
Posted By: shygirl27 | 10/06/12 8:42 AM
To chickchaser. I don't see how you think Jeanette is beautiful. I've seen her in person. She is an ugly bit*h. About the same as those fat ass girlfriends of hers.
Posted By: mustangdude | 10/06/12 9:02 AM
I agree with chickchaser. I think she is hot as hell. I saw her for the first time in a Clinton court room when we were both waiting for our divorce hearings. I saw her sitting with her divorce attorney. She is divorced all right and that was a long time ago. She is not married. Cut that poor girl some slack.
Posted By: SexyOne4u | 10/07/12 1:15 PM
O come on Stephen Tibor Gaal aint no big deal. So why is everyone fighting over him. Yvie Yvette as you call yourself on facebook, your husband has sex with every girl he can. Even me. Trust me, his d*ck is teeny tiny and you know it. just so you know I am your facebook friend. Your husband gets his women from your facebook. He has bad breath even so why all the fuss. Tibor you take have sex with so many of Yvie Yvetts friends you prolly dont even know who this is. Jeanette is a tramp. shes gotta be. Look at her. lol How ugly.
Posted By: SexyOne4u | 10/07/12 1:22 PM
@ chickchaser I know your telling the truth because Tibor told me his wife Yvette Martin Gaal from Lake City High School has saggy boobs to and she is a damn drunk and he says she wears a girdle. She has sex with men behind Tibors back all the time so the jokes on you Tibor. lol Jeanette cant do any better than Tibor because shes old and ugly as hell.
Posted By: t*tsRus | 10/08/12 9:56 PM
i dont care if her facebook says yvie yvette or yvette martin gaal i just want her to let me tie those big saggy missile t*ts in a knot and Im hoping she be wearin that old lady girdle during this fun time. hell i dont even care what she looks like. i just love boobies. saggy boobies will do. lmao. Im sending her a friend request on facebook. jeanette can flash me those things to. PLEASE BABY. damn i love cheaterville. who needs cnn. this is where you get the real news.
Posted By: RayRay2000 | 10/09/12 4:13 AM
lmfao This is some funny sh*t right here.
Posted By: Gabriel9000 | 10/11/12 6:27 PM
Jeanette should not worry about what jealous girls say about her. People throw rocks at things that shine.
Posted By: Gabriel9000 | 10/11/12 6:37 PM
I would give anything to have Jeanette. I saw her at Applebees in Oak Ridge with her two sons. She is classy sweet beautiful. Let them talk Jeanette.
Posted By: SexyOne4u | 10/11/12 9:13 PM
Posted By: SexyOne4u | 10/11/12 9:19 PM
dont anybody wanna talk about tibors needle dix and yvetts saggy boobs. lol
Posted By: SexyOne4u | 10/11/12 9:23 PM
wheres my tweezers.
Posted By: SexyOne4u | 10/11/12 9:31 PM
O come on I got more to say. damn
Posted By: FactChecker | 10/12/12 6:06 PM
I've had him too, but you must be doing that ironic thing where small is big type thing. He was hung very well and sure did know what to do with it!!
Posted By: MediaInsider | 10/16/12 10:57 AM
The American Civil Liberties Union ( ACLU ) has been contacted about this post with the regards to it's contentsbeing "Hate Speech". While hate speech is allowable by law, it can be used as evidence in a case of Deformation of Character. A 30 day notice is now given in accordance with the 1st Amendment to allow the author to execute an act of redemption by deleting this post. Should the author decide not to comply, a report of the findings will be forwarded as a matter of record to our Attorney. The City of Oak Ridge will not tolerate hate speech or Slander. Deformation of Character is against the law and will be prosecuted to it's fullest extent. State and local authorities have requested information regarding this type of activity in the state of Tennessee. [ NOTICE ]
Posted By: FlyGuy | 10/24/12 2:34 PM
Judging by how good looking this woman is, and having seen photos of the fat, ugly, sk*nk hos making these comments, it is pretty clear to me that these fat, ugly, sk*nk hos have suffered a lifetime of envy and jealousy over Ms. Jeanette. I'm guessing on a scale of 1-10, the best these women have ever done in life was a 4. And that was at 2 o'clock in the morning at closing time when the guy realized he was out of time and options.

Speaking just for me though, I have never been that drunk in my life...
Posted By: FlyGuy | 10/25/12 2:41 AM
Thought of the day to all you jealous sweat hog beasts out there.

Have you tried losing about 50-60 pounds? That could dramatically change your pathetic, miserable lives so that you don't have to be hatin' on yourself 24/7/365.
Posted By: FlyGuy | 10/25/12 8:43 AM
Based on the photos of the heffers writing all this bad stuff about Jeanette Reynolds, I'm betting that the town they live in is ground zero, and the primary reason, why on the top of the chart of American obesity.
Posted By: FlyGuy | 10/26/12 9:46 AM
The bottom line, and no amount of spin can ever change this reality, is that these vile creatures have had to spend their entire lives living in the shadow of Jeanette. Nobody has ever wanted them unless there was a guarantee of sex. As they grew older and uglier, normal men didn't even want sex from them. They have lived lives of pathetic self-loathing. Some people learn to let go of their shortcomings in life. Some folks hang onto their bitterness 24/7/365 for their entire lives. To be honest, if I had the miserable existence these pathetic creatures have had for over 50-years, I would have ended my misery already.
Posted By: FlyGuy | 10/28/12 6:50 AM
Today's another Sunday morning that those nasty, jealous sk*nks should be waking up with their fingers smelling like their juices, because it was another Saturday night spent alone getting the only sex they can.
Posted By: matchmacher | 10/28/12 12:46 PM
I think this woman is seeing my husband. Can someone on here get ahold of me to help me with more informatipb? But it wasn't online. I think they met through work...does anyone know what kind of car she drives?
Posted By: evil*****User Verified | 5/01/13 2:19 PM
I think a lot of somebodys are jealous. I think some overweight, out of shape, angry wife or girlfriend found a pic of Jeanette and set up a bogus account using her name. I've know her forever and she is gorgeous inside and out. If she had really set up an account don't you think she would have used a better picture? Why are you ranting about 'her sleeping with married men' and not 'marrried mean sleeping with her? It's not her fault that married men cheat.
Posted By: smarterthanher | 6/08/13 8:47 PM
evil***** (or should I say Jeanette), you are a sick excuse of a human being. You are NOT gorgeous and you dress like a hooker. The word "class" has never been or ever will be associated with your name. Take a hint -- the hat looks STUIPID and you need to fix up your yard. Why don't you spend a little time working and less time ******* and you might die a satisfied person. "Jesus Freak"? Freak yes ... but Jesus would be ashamed to be linked with you. It is not your fault men cheat ... it is your fault that you can't find a single man to save your life because one wouldn't have you!!! Just a hint ... this is NOT a fat, out of shape wife talking but an intelligent and independent woman who could live very well without her husband's money. I know psychiatry enough to know that you are severely psychotic. You really need to get help!!
Posted By: Dash26 | 10/22/13 5:21 PM
To meidalinsier - very unbelievable post there. It's not "deformation of character", but "defamantion" of character. If you can't even spell the correct spelling of the legal action you are seeking, then how can you expect the general public to believe it? I would think that you invited some kind of investigation and/or criminal charges upon yourself for posting such ridiculous garbage. You might want to delete your post.

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Name: Jeanette Reynolds Brown
Age: 55
Sexual Preference: N/A
Location: Knoxville, TN
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Married
Profession: Adult Entertainment
Education level: High school
CheaterVersity™: N/A
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Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: N/A
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Weight: N/A
Tattoos: No

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