Rindge Leaphart
Male | Glendale, CA  
Busted! Rindge Leaphart
Posted By: Professionaliar
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Other
4/26/12 10:56 PM
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You go girl! On exposing Rindge Leaphart!
Your story, I am posting on this site will answer a lot of most “suspected and doubted”, yet never answered questions for most strong women whom were victimized by Rindge Leaphart who do not have tolerance for cheating, lying b*stards as a result of their experience and time with him. I am/was one in the pool 
Did you actually single handedly achieved to not only expose him, but chase him out of Southern California? Good job! He will be out of your hair soon, as soon as he is all moved out of LA and back to Dallas-you should be proud! He has nowhere to go but move his ass back to Tx to be near the woman/women who are willing to tolerate his endless lies right now I suspect - thanks to you :) He has very little chance of deceiving current and new women here now that he is totally exposed.
You put him out of business!
He was never going to move anywhere for anyone or anything especially back to Tx for that matter. I know this because that is where we first met. His whole focus was about moving to his long dreamed destination, the west coast. We then got serious and dated in 09 and 10 when he moved here to Los Angeles a couple hours away from me. I was always suspecting he was cheating, but he kept making me feel like I was just paranoid and kept assuring me that there was no on else...our relationship though started to get sour in 2011 mainly because I kept questioning his ethnicity or should I say blackness (sorry but I don’t know any one black who does not look black which irritates him for some reason) and not to mention I bruised his ego because I told him “sex” was not all that great between us. I am not sure when you two dated and for how long-- Your story does not indicate. I will not be surprised either way it goes, I knew he was a liar and firmly believe he is a liar, clear and simple! Every woman knows with her Godly instinct when a man is lying.
I suspect we are going to hear more stories from other women. All I can say now is that once a liar always a liar, once a cheat always a cheap--but I am glad to see my instinct was correct and I am happy I am no longer a victim of Rindge Leaphart!
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Posted By: Professionaliar | 4/26/12 11:03 PM
Here is one's story that got me started:
Rindge Leaphart is a quintessential and pathological liar! Period! He is notorious for putting out what looks like a sincere dating profiles looking for a long term committed relationship on on-line dating sites and shamelessly pursue women while he has others going near and far. He will deceive, say and do anything to have you believe you are the only one in his life and if you bust him he will give you all the excuses for his mistakes and promise to do better. He is selfish, disrespectful to women and cares about no one but himself. You will not see this for a while as he will treat you so well until you start believing he is a great guy who is just confused as to what he wants. Time and time again, he will convince you that he is in love with and can’t let you go and so the drama continues. He has a talent for getting women he gets involved with to emotionally get vested enough in him-yes,through his sweet talks will get you where he needs you to be for as long as he can take it. Don’t kid yourself though, only because he will have you meet and mingle with his family and kids to get you to think you are someone special and his intentions are sincere; that is just one of his many many ways he uses to get you to trust and forgive him whenever time calls for it regardless of all the pain he causes to others. I do not wish what I went through with him on enemies. Looks and sounds good on the outside, but this guy surely is most horrible person and very ugly on the inside.
Posted By: Tellitasitis | 4/27/12 7:05 PM
What an a$$! I CANTsee how he can be charming he is ugly he has all the wrong features, I got to see his ELBC profile $hit...he must know how to say all the right thangs...
Posted By: NomoreliesNoUser Verified | 4/29/12 8:51 PM
Looks like he was dating both of us at the same time you mentioned + give or take one more year for me and others longer… Surprise! Surprise!... My only regret is that I stopped using protection after the first few months we were together and continued that way during all our ups and downs for the following 2 years since. This happened after he disappeared (supposedly to Boston to see his sister for new years) for days and came back with a box of condoms missing in the house, yet I was stupid enough to believe his lies and gave in to his relentless insistence on how ‘we didn’t need it any more, besides it is not possible for me to get pregnant anyways.’ Looking back I say to myself OMG! What was I thinking! Falling in love with men like Rindge was not blind, it was stupid!
When we first met he mentioned there had been a couple women he was dating before meeting me just since his move to LA. It was stuck in my head because he said one was an epileptic who almost got him k*lled while driving on the 10 fwy, and one a Bipolar. I remember this because he was adamant to make sure I didn’t have any of these issues, especially a mental health issues. I thought it was some odd and blatant question just as we were trying to get to know each other on our very first week, but sadly to say and I am willing to admit, it made me feel like he was just very couscous and seriously looking for not only a healthy relationship but also a relationship with a healthy woman. All these matched to what he was saying on his pof.com profile that had a subject ‘looking for a good woman’. Trust me it was one serious sounding profile no one could possibly imagine written by a player. Excellent things to ask! Up front- by a player right? I will someday post the profile when I post my story in full length; I have saved a copy of it as souvenir way back then. See who else I knew about next during 2009..
Posted By: NomoreliesNoUser Verified | 4/29/12 8:52 PM
There was also one whom he referred one day as ‘a horny F*n B*ch’ after texting him for sex just a little over a year ago, “an old colleague from Tx he messed around with when he moved to LA before meeting me”. He then texted back saying he was doing laundry and also no can do because he was involved with me so to leave him alone. See? Details like that (truth or not) makes one sound like he is telling the truth, but I am sure his respond was neither; looking back I am sure he just said it to amuse me. Was that you? There have been so many women he tripped over and mentioned in a conversation while answering my hard questions because I was never shy of asking him as to what was going on at times where he would act weird. Whether business trips that caused him to disappear for days or visits to families that never happened and busting him with a bunch of unexplainable lies that didn’t add up; trust me there have been more stories I found out about other woman especially one in particular later on in the relationship that I will share at a later time. Wh*ever you are, I am sure you are one who did not deserve him.
Posted By: hatearogantbossUser Verified | 5/23/12 11:12 PM
He is not just arrogant but an a@@ of a bo@@. I can see now where all this come from. we always loling behind him and his condescending attitude sucker - begone!
Posted By: Foulina | 8/25/13 3:37 PM
A man with sick issues, not to mention porn addiction I guarantee it...I know some just like this one, who can't be alone and would sell their soul just to have a woman or women in their lives to feel powerful or some sick ****!
Posted By: Foulina | 8/25/13 3:39 PM
Rindge leaphart is a sick dog
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