Roger Barela
Male | La Junta, CO  
who cares what people lie about, Everyone lies anyways
Posted By: idontcare
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Other
3/28/12 12:22 PM
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Well I just want to set the story straight! whatever anyone post are nothing but a bunch of lies! Their are so many people jumping on the band wagon for what ever stupid reason! ie they have pathetic lives! yes i have help out a lot of people with $$$$$$ and some wanted to pay it back in other ways! if you know what i mean! We have always been the type to help out people in need! And my wife also knows when $$$$$$ is pulled out of the accounts as she is part owner of any and all companies we have registered in Colorado & New Mexico! But most people get mad and start talking trash or say things that are just lies because they cant pay back what they borrowed or feel that the world owes them something! ha ha ha ...... OK so you want to drag out the trash I can too! I have all of the text messages and notes that some people have sent me in the past several months! (love my G-mail ) I can post any and all text from the numbers that have sent me text & picture messages to all of my cell phones! This can keep going on and on and on and is silly, but in the end I am still married and they have new loves. yes i did text a few girls and they even knew i was married and kept right on texting me! Also for the truth lets ask everyone at their job and see what their take was on what was going on! Yes people get mad at their spouses or boyfriends and say stupid thing out of anger or hurt feelings! I am guilty of it just like everyone else! I am not perfect nor never claimed to be!! I LOVE MY WIFE in with all my heart! I am stupid for texting these girls or saying what i said! i.e. i want a divorce or she doesn't want me around anymore! But cheating is when you sleep with someone or have a secret relationship as f*ck buddies with that person! Yes I am only guilty of texting and that is it! I have been with my wife for over 17 years and have never cheated on her and don't plan on it!!!! when you are married you have fights and get angry but that has been the extent of our drama until now! So go ahead and post or say what you want or have your friends messages my wife on FB because she was there looking at my phone or checking my messages as my phones went off! lol. And also did text back several times just to see what was up! But as for our relationship we LOVE each other and will not let anything get in our way! because a lie is a lie and the truth will come out and when it dose let' see who has the last laugh! Yes I did buy gifts so my wife does know that have a nice d

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Posted By: youdonthaveaheart | 4/22/12 9:43 AM
You are a cheater!!! Does your wife know you are on dating service? Lori look at all his e-mails and you will see what a snake he is. MR.Trademark,cooljames,and rogerbbarela. It is so easy to find sh*t on line. IF you know how to use a computer!!. Why are you even with her if you are looking on line for a girl,what is the sh*t old already that you have to look else where? Love my ass, H
ope she does the same to you d*ck.
Posted By: youdonthaveaheart | 4/30/12 11:06 PM
So we go by the name Mike Garcia now? Mr. trademarkenterprises. Why the undercover name? Does your wife know?
Posted By: Iwilltakeyourwife | 5/01/12 4:44 PM
They told me you were on here. All I can say is that I hurd from a couple of people that you texed a Julia and a Patty and told them you had filed for a divorce and was just with lorie because of the kids. What kind of husband would do that to his wife as beautiful as yours Roger. She is a sweet person with a soft voice and you both always looked so happy together so why the change bro. Do you not have any feelings for her anymore because if you dont I will take her I would love to have a beautiful wonderful girl like her. You better get it together man,alot of men wish they could have a women like your wife.
Posted By: hetoldmehelovesme | 5/06/12 10:57 PM
She is not a sweet person comment obove!!! Roger told my friend P she is a bit*h and he did not love her anymore. Lori did you know when Roger was in Denver both P & him texed and called eachother all the time? He told her he could not waite to get his divorce so he could spend the rest of his life with her and Will. He also told her he missed her and could not waite to come back so he could see her!!! He also told her he loved her and only her that she was the girl of his dreams. All the beautiful gifts he gave her and Will what has he done for you? Oh thats right he cheated on you by talking sh*t about you behind your back and talking sexy stuff to my friend and texting sh*t about you and texting nasty stuff to my friend and promising her the world and always going to her work just to see her. All that time with her and your dome ass at home thinking your man was at work being a fathfull hard working husband HA HA!!!! You dont love him if you did you would have not done what you did to him for him to have to go to her for support and love from a real women with a kind loving heart. He told my friend that he dont care or love you even though you both have kids together. Im sorry comment above but like Roger told my friend his wife is a bit*h and everyone knows it.
Posted By: hetoldmehelovesme | 5/10/12 4:47 PM
Did you let your wife know that you and P were making plans to sleep together? Let her know what all you both talked about when you were in Denver,and when you were home. Because if you dont we will have to find her at school again and have a nice talk:) And I will show her all the message from when you both started talking. She needs to know what a unfathful husband you are. Or will find her on facebook! She will never have a happy life..people will make it so sh*ty for the bit*h that gets treated like a queen. She will get tired trust me she will BUT that is life she will never have a happy life with you Mr. Cheater claming to love your wife and did not do anything wrong. When all the time you talked so much sh*t behind her back and made it clear you did not love the bit*h.And you were so into P and she was your world and Lorie was going to be out of your house so you and P could have a wonderful life with your kids and her son. When you look into your wife eyes do you feel gilty for being a wh*re and doing sh*t behind your wifes back. Tell your wife how you were telling P I am sorry for still being married!! How does it feel to cheat on your Queen of 12 years!!! Is your wife trusting you or is she wondering if your still being a wh*re behind her back. Well she will see the light when she sees the tex message. Tell your wife ill see her soon..KISS KISS XOXOXOXOXO LOL:)
Posted By: Thewifewillpayforyou | 5/14/12 4:04 PM
What comes around goes around!!!!! How to get even...tell your wife to watch her back:) You f*cked with the wrong person!! How does it feel knowing because of you and your horny and cheating ways your bit*hy wife will have to pay for your sh*ty ass. You brought this all uponed yourself. Any married man would know that if he loved his wife that much you would not cheat on her or even think of cheating on her...The p*ssy must have been that good that you cheated on your wife!! I hope the bit*h gets so tired that she leves your ass,I never liked her and never will that f*cken bit*h that looks so sweet and innocent my ass. She will get her smack down maybe more then twice ha ha. Just remember all because of you!! You brought this all upond yourself why you choose to stay with her I will never know. So why did you cheat in the first place think back of everything you tex and sent to that person and now think about your bit*h do you feel any guilt....HELL NO!!!!!! You will do it again everybody knows you do not love her and you are a cheater, once a cheater always a cheater. (Not everyone is what you think they are). But you thought this person was a hot and better looking and a sweet person to f*ck around with and your little bit*hy wife at home thinking you were so fathful and true to her when behind her back you were f*cking around and falling for someone else.Tell your wife what you told this girl that she was by far better looking then your wife. That she was just old already and you just wanted a change in your life so you could be happy again because you were not happy with your wife.I wonder how she feels lol. I bet she is a major wreak lol,well she will snap out of it when she gets her ass be*t all because of you lol. Go ahead and cheat again lets see what all that other person does. LIKE I SEAD......WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND:) Ever heard that sain what you do when you are young your kids will pay for your ass? Well in this case your wife lol. ASSHOLE.
Posted By: Thewifewillpayforyou | 5/16/12 10:08 AM
I can honestly say you are a f*cken piece of work Roger Barela!!!!! Lorie I know all about computers and your man is looking for a girl named Carla Morales. It is amazing what you can look up with an e-mail address or two. You are just one big f*cken cheater aren't you!!! Roger if you are looking for other girls get a f*cken divorce. Lorie you need a real man Roger is nothing but a loser just like all the rest of these f*cken losers. You need to start checking his computer and phones REALLY!!! Roger you are a loser no respect for your marriage,your wife, your kids, and your f*cken self!!! I f*cken hate your wife but please act like a f*cken man with common sense. We know you are hidding alot of sh*t from your wife, hell you have been cheating on her for years already we have proof and the people we know do not lie. You will f*ck yourself trust me. Lorie you need to believe what I say is true he is looking for a Carla Morales. You need to leave that cheating husband of yours because it does not look like he loves and cares for you and he dont with all the things he told P he dont love you and he sure in the hell dont respect you!!! Roger Barela you are a f*cken loser who loves to cheat.
Posted By: pimp69 | 6/18/12 10:42 PM
Hello old good looking friend:) Do you remember a Angie from El Dorado:) Cuz I remember you.
Posted By: pimp69 | 6/18/12 11:24 PM
Maybe this will refresh your memory!!! Tite p*ssy for a black girl:) Miss it when I got it.
Posted By: rodgerbarela | 8/08/12 2:53 AM
Lol roger is a cheater I am so glad everyone knows ////he will pay for wat he has done he will lose his wife because she deaerves better he tried to break up paula and mike but it disnt work they r back together and happier then ever he also tried todestroy alot of other marriages but look whobis unhappy now roger barela lol lol dumb ass
Posted By: ithinkiknowlari | 9/17/12 11:16 AM
well if this is who I think it is. Both Roger and his wife are a piece of S*!%. She (Lorie) while I was with her and Lori is nothing but a W%*RE! PERIOD. If Roger is cheating on her and I hope that he his. It is about time. She is nothing but a big fat piece of trash. Lori is stupid and as far as I am concerned she can spread her legs for someone else. She is a horrible mother as well and Roger is a deadbe*t dad. In someways they deserve each other.
Posted By: ithinkiknowlari | 9/17/12 11:22 AM
Roger and "Laurie" are lairs and that one eyed freak has no respect for ANYONE.
Posted By: shameonyoupeople | 5/25/14 4:47 PM
I don't know why you guys are bashing on my mom lauri she is a good mom and good wife it's not her fult roger is gross to be honest she don't even know how nasty he really is I knowknow things about roger my mom don't know and I don't want to brake her heart you have no right to talk about my mom she is a good person good mother and good faithi wife roger on the other hand you should be ashamed of yourself I don't know how you can be so nasty behind my moms back but when your at home you act like husband of the year your judgment is in Gods hands God bless you all Jesus saves we need to pray for eachother instead of all this gossip like you people talking about my mom are perfect we are all sinners don't judge somebody because they sin different than you BTW my mom believes everything roger tells her because she loves him she is not lieing he is the lire
Posted By: shameonyoupeople | 5/25/14 5:39 PM
Shut up (hetoldmehelovesme) & (wthewifewillpayforyou) why you hating on my mom it's not her fult she don't cheat on him she is a good person and a good mom you on the other hand need to be saved you desperately need Jesus why should my mom have to pay for the nasty work he is doing she can't control what he is doing shame on you you better Repent before it's to late we will all be held accountable for the good or bad we do how old are you like 50 and your acting like a child GROW UP and my mom is not a ***** she treats him good he is the one who is treating her bad
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Name: Roger Barela
Age: 44
Sexual Preference: Straight
Location: La Junta, CO
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Married
Profession: Business
Education level: Some college
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Weight: 255
Tattoos: Yes

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