Jason ( jay) Dell
Male | Isle Of Wight, VA  
Trailer Trash
Posted By: Jerseyvirginia
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Other
3/18/12 11:41 PM
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In 2003-04 both my daughter and I caught my wife cheating with a Coca~Cola delivery guy at her work, servicing more than his customer. At that time we were married 9 years, but I filed for divorce. I truly loved my wife and soon reconciled. We went to counseling and got back our relationship back on track.in 2007 my wife got pregnant, then miscarriaryed soon after got pregnant again. We went full term then lost the another baby. About 6 months after my wife was acting similar, like when she cheated back in 2003-04. Blinded by love and the lose of our baby, I couldn't see it until my daugherty caught her again. After hiring a detective, WOW it was the same dirt bag, JASON (JAY) DELLthis time he moved all the way out in the country. He threated to kick my ass??? Wait he is taking my wife away from us, but threatens me. Good job dirtbag. Every case I have watched on Cheaters, is like a bad dream. It's the same story every time. I love how it's all funtil you get caught, then the lies after, which you lie more trying to get out of it. Anyway to all the husbands in the tidewater ( Norfolk, Virginia Beach,Suffolk,Portsmoth,Cheseapeake) area in Virginia if you think she is SHE IS, I hope it's not with this DIRTBAG, he destroyed our family yet again. I do blame my wife, but he 100% new better. Now finally divorced she still chooses this DIRTBAG over our daughter. We lost the house, credit, $$$ for what ???? If you caught your wife with him, I would go to the doctor and get checked along with checking phone records. Here's to you JERSEY player aka El Tribron thank you for destroying a little girls mother.

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Posted By: Hunter2231User Verified | 4/24/12 5:31 AM
I can confirm what a Piece of Sh*t this guy is. Recently found out my wife has been texting/talking to him. I asked who he was and she said he was the "c*ke guy" at work. I was giving our 7 month old daughter a bottle in her bed when I heard my wifes phone go off. My wife was asleep at the time and she for some reason (probably accident) had the phone underneath our daughter in her bed. When I picked it up I saw that she got three consecutive text messages from Jay. I opened the conversation and they were making plans to get a hotel room together. Nice. I called Jay from my phone and he at first acted like he didn't know who I was talking about. Then I read him the texts verbatim and suddently he rememebered. But he claimed he had no idea she and I were still together and that he'd never mess around with someone elses wife. He was apologetic and said he'd stop talking to my wife. Found out they talked the next day and had plans to get together this past Saturday. Wife and I are co-existing until our youngest is a little older, and then we're seperating. Hats off to Jay Dell for ruining two marriages.

Posted By: Jerseyvirginia | 4/24/12 6:30 AM
Hunter2231, would there be away to contact you. I have a few personal things you may need to know about him.
Posted By: Hunter2231User Verified | 4/24/12 6:39 AM
Email me at fivers555@yahoo.com
Posted By: Jerseyvirginia | 4/24/12 6:40 AM
Hey Cheaters I think it's time to visit GoodOl Virginia. Please contact me so we can expose how many families this guy is destroying.
Posted By: Hunter2231User Verified | 4/24/12 7:14 AM
Haven't received an Email yet...
Posted By: Reallyfedup | 4/26/12 8:03 AM
I'm glad you two are putting these accusations in writing,so now my lawyer can follow thru with the slander, harassment and deformation of character charges that were on hold as a request unless further incidents. Well posting this false stuff is it. I have obtained signed and notorised doc*ment of final papers and had nothing to do with me, was uncontested mutually. If u had a so called detective I'm pretty sure if there was anything that wouldn't have been ! No proof cause there was nothing and still is nothing. There are such things as plutonic friendships! As for the other person I told u the deal and wasnt aware and was obviously lied to. Told ur party not to contact me and will follow thru with filing another if I'm harassed again. Other parties have been notified . Don't accuse when u don't know the whole picture!
Posted By: Hunter2231User Verified | 4/26/12 8:29 AM
I'm really not worried about a lawsuit. What I wrote isn't slander nor does it qualify as defamation of character. I contacted you directly to get your side of the story and thought we had a decent talk. Hung up with no ill feelings towards you. Disappointed to hear you & my wife still talked after that, and to find out she made plans to meet you last weekend. What's done is done. My marriage is beyond repair. You're a grown man and she's a grown woman. Do whatever you want. Two things though - don't claim "plutonic." I read the messages. And most importantly - stay the f*ck away from my children. As a dad yourself, I'd expect you to honor that. If you have an issue with me, you got my phone number.

Cheater Details
Name: Jason ( jay) Dell
Age: N/A
Sexual Preference: N/A
Location: Isle Of Wight, VA
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: N/A
Profession: Other
Education level: N/A
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Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: N/A
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Tattoos: No

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