Louie Ruiz
Male | Lakeside, CA  
Louie Ruiz married since '73 is shacking up with Debbie Apfel at her mom's
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Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Other
2/26/12 5:07 PM
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Louie connected with Debbie via Hole in the Wall Gang & Victorian Roses events. He is the V.P. of that re-enactment group under the leadership of David Somerville. Louie told her and the group a sob story. Debbie said she never crosses the line with married men and she never even holds hands. They both, knowing he is married, lied to family friends and co-workers and hid while pretending not to be involved since Oct. 2009. They shared sexual emails with each other which is how Louie's wife and kids found out. She told them she would expose them if they continued in their sexual affair. They continued and were exposed via Facebook, the Web, and Twitter. Louie, who calls himself a preacher, is still living with this Christian Harlot. They were having dinner dates at her mother's home where they all live and they were holding hands and playing footsies at Shadow Mountain Church in El Cajon (Dr. David Jeremiah's Baptist Church). This has been very devastating to the family: adult kids, grandkids and wife. But their sexual organs are more important than people.

Here is a copy of their sexual emails:


Proof of Cheater's Actions

Louie of Hole in the
Wall Gang

Louie & his
Christian sex
partner Debbie Apfel

Debbie A Apfel,
Christian Harlot
with Louie P Ruiz

No proof audio submitted yet.

No proof video submitted yet.

Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 3/08/13 6:16 PM
Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 7/25/13 12:17 PM
These 2 hid in her bed at her sick (cancer) mother, Lois Apfel's home in Lakeside CA where they shack up. He was seen at the adult bookstore where he could get adult toys because he has difficulty with sex--SMALL Man's Disease. It was difficult for him to maintain an erection. As an irresponsible man that he is, he never took responsibility/accountability for his behavior. His wife never knew or met this woman until a court date in Aug of 2010 where she was embarrassed because their affair was exposed. The wife posted their affair here, on Twitter, Facebook (the wife's & his) so he called his wife and told her she was crying, thought she might lose her job & wanted to sue his wife, who he abandoned in Feb 2010, for Liable & Slander. She told him to tell this Christian Harlot to go ahead because she couldn't because all that was said by the wife is true & provable with their email, now pictures and the pictures of his truck in the driveway when they were busted on 5/9/2010 (Mothers' Day). It is funny how her last name means "apple." Also the wife could not be stopped from letting her 1200 + friends on Facebook know what was going on. It is all true, which is why Cheaterville wrote "proof." The other thing is that these 2 have teaching credentials and the wife asked Louie if they were having protected sex & he said, she uses "the pill." LOL That is only for pregnancy, but not ***s. He then told his wife he'd get tested for ***s before coming home--RIGHT! The wife doesn't want this jerk back... These 2 lying narcistic people deserve each other and hopefully will treat each other like they have others.
Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 7/25/13 1:44 PM
I was remembering a few weeks ago how after being married 6 months, this guy began abusing his wife and told her he *********ed 2 of his 3 & 4 year old nieces when he was 18 and was supposed to be watching them. The wife hoped and prayed for changes and they'd happen for a short time and then they'd start up again and would become worst...
Posted By: YafalindaUser Verified | 12/02/13 5:34 AM
These 2 are planning a wedding June 28 2014 & Louie isn't divorced yet after 40 years of marriage. He was spotted buying a wedding ring at Zales.
http://registry.theknot.com/debbie-apfel-l ouie-ruiz-june-2014/**

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