Abdiel Julio
Male | Brooklyn, NY  
Not even worth the time
Posted By: secretone
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Other
2/20/12 4:21 PM
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Ladies if you meet this man please turn around and run away... He is a very immature and child like person. He will take advantage of you and he will take for granted your feelings. He will play with your feelings and not really care if you shed a tear and it usually all because he wants his way all the time. He has cheated on me more times than I care to count and I am pretty sure he will continue to do this. He will drive your car and use you for your money,. Please run...

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Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/14/12 8:14 AM
woww are you serious? i hope this is not the same julio.
Posted By: secretone | 4/14/12 12:16 PM
Where does your Abdiel live.. Mine lives in Brooklyn Ny and is Panamanian.. ???
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/22/12 4:14 PM
omg im in f*ckin tears right now. u cant be serious. he drives a maxima green and hes panamanian. he works at the parkin lot in kings county. thats fukd up. he lives in bushwick. cheating on me really. and im suppose to be pregnant by this ni**a. he engaged to me and wants me to marry him. n this is wat u doin behind my back. we would go out to eat and movies and stuff. i knew he was cheating. smfh
Posted By: secretone | 4/22/12 4:58 PM
Omg are you serious..yes it's the same Abdiel.. Live in cypress hills but always in bushwick. Yes he drives a green maxima.. I was with him for 3 years..Just separated because I found out he's already married... How far pregnant are you.. How did u meet him.. I think we should talk... Where do u live??
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/22/12 5:03 PM
wattttt omg. n i jus got pregnant.
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/22/12 5:08 PM
wen the last time u saw him
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/22/12 5:12 PM
email me: babii3buffy@gmail.com
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/22/12 5:41 PM
did julio ever buy u anything?
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/22/12 7:27 PM
Do u live wit ur mom in bushwick. Work at the m&m store!!! Used to talk to him wen he didnt have a car. And hes not married!!
Posted By: secretone | 4/22/12 9:41 PM
Who the f*ck is this..Why does it matter if I work there or not. This has nothing to do with that. Why you playing around with me. I'm pouring my heart out and you asking all this sh*t. Are you with him? Pregnant by him. If you not why you bothering me. How do you know he's not married. He's lying to you to. He lied about everything.
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/22/12 11:34 PM
Eula Blake. Please dont act outta order. U live in flatbush wit ur gma!!!
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/22/12 11:38 PM
Just leave my husband alone! Becuz he used to date u a longgg time ago!!! Hes not gunna jeopordize bein with me!! He may flirt. A guy is gunna b a guy. This is all becuz he wouldnt pik u up saturday frum queens. Smh
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/22/12 11:43 PM
Yes i am with him. Engaged!! And pregnant with his 1st child!!! Dont need the drama!!! The truth kums out wen he knows hes wrong. He explains to me. Ill be with him tommorow morning so u can try givin him a call and say wat u have to. Gn love!!! Tooodles!!!
Posted By: secretone | 4/23/12 4:36 AM
Bit*h f*ck you.. I don't need him to do sh*t for me. He's a dirty motherf*cker and yes he's a man but f*cking me and f*cking with my feelings I don't care how much of a man he or you think he is he will get f*cked up don't sleep on me bit*h. Cause you wh*ever you are with your fake ass pregnancy will get it to... I'll find out the truth when I do my errands today bit*h... F*ck you and your pregnancy and that cracker jack box ring he gave you...
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/23/12 5:09 AM
Seems like sumones upset. Lmfao!!! I dnt have fake pregnancy or cracker box ring!!! Get ova it, go to ur man!!! Sad ass bytch!!! Smh!!! Do wat u gotta do but kum correct. If u dnt want him y care if he treatin u like sh*t. U wanted a ride and he tld u go tell ur man. Cuz u was stuck in queens. Trust me he tld me enuff!!! How u think i kno so much about u!!!! Hahaha
Posted By: secretone | 4/23/12 5:20 AM
Learn to speak proper English chick.. He told you what he wanted you to know. Just like a regular empty head ghetto girl you will believe anything a man says cause you forget yourself when he says I love you or I'm coming over cause I want some p*ssy or how eer he gets you to take the panties off. You will be just another chick he stuck his little d*ck in trust me... No matter where or when he met me and what we did together I can say whatever I want. If you think your the only one then continue to deal with his sh*t. Im not mad that he didn't do anything for me but because of how he treated me. But don't worry you will be there to if your not there already
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/23/12 5:25 AM
Far from that. But i got a trick for you!!! *last laugh* jokes on you!!!
Posted By: secretone | 4/23/12 6:31 AM
We will see who gets the last laugh...
Posted By: secretone | 4/24/12 6:33 AM
Here arguing with this girl and I should still be mad at him not her.. She shouldn't be mad at me but also at him. He's the one doing the hurting. And trust me you don't know who I am. I put 3 years to throw you off mama. I wasn't with him that long it was only a few months, but in those few months I fell in love with him and he played me. You will end up in my sh*es at some Point...
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/24/12 8:23 AM
yeaa i know we both wrong for picking at each other. we grown. but im over that one. i dont have no parts of that. i take my money, ring, and my child(ren) and keep it moving. not worth the heartache. and just for the dum sh*t he pulled imma put my post bak up. ull see it wit his picture!!!!
Posted By: secretone | 4/24/12 8:29 AM
I think it's pretty crazy that we were going at each other like that.. Also that anyone found this post cause I was venting but I'm happy someone found it and that he knows about it.. He needs to stop with his games cause he will meet the wrong person one day.. Are you really pregnant for him.. I hope not.
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/24/12 8:39 AM
i know i told him he gonna bump into one crazy ass chiq and shes gne hurt him or he might just catch sumthin. and yes i am! did u ever email me? and click on story 2, ull see my post and piks of him in that cheap ass hotel he like to take ppl to and me in his car and the pik of the ring. he full of sh*t
Posted By: secretone | 4/24/12 8:53 AM
No I didn't email you. Didn't know if this was a set up after what you said. I looked at the story you posted. I see the pics you posted but I saw no ring. How long have you been with him.
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/24/12 8:57 AM
imma post the ring. and since november. he bought the ring in febuary so i thought it was a real realtionship guess not. its so many piks on dea i dk if its gne do it
Posted By: secretone | 4/24/12 11:10 AM
I guess he convinced you to take it down. I hope you really do the right thing.. Think about how the future for you and your baby will be. He will continue doing the same thing over and over to you.
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/24/12 11:23 AM
Posted By: secretone | 4/24/12 11:33 AM
Do you really know... Do you need someone to talk to I can email you off this if you like.. But I'm not in for no drama love.. Only support. I'm older than you and Ive been here before.. Sometimes it's just a ear to listen or a message to read that might help... Is he still calling you or he's with you now reading this?
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/24/12 11:40 AM
yea callin
Posted By: secretone | 4/24/12 11:45 AM
Are you ok?? What you thinking??
Posted By: secretone | 4/24/12 12:15 PM
You can email me at onceinalifetime@gmail.com
Posted By: secretone | 4/24/12 12:18 PM
Posted By: secretone | 4/24/12 6:03 PM
Smh... The games will never stop... Good luck and good night..
Posted By: Thelasttime | 4/30/12 7:19 PM
Hope this is not who I think it is. I dated someone with that name but he introduced hisself as something else. I knew he was a dirty lying ass. Always knew. Only saw him maybe once a week. His job was so important to him. Hope all women stay away from this dude. He's a hit and quit type of dude. Y'all 2 females are crazy for arguing over a dog like him. He's not worth the time or day. He works at a parking lot trying make it seem like he big sh*t.. Lol damn shame. What he do park cars? I Should go to his job and pay him a visit now. Sweet heart I hope your not pregnant..
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 5/07/12 9:14 AM
Posted By: SEXYMEH | 4/09/13 1:19 AM
? yall married
well damn he must want everybody to b his wife lolz
Posted By: SEXYMEH | 4/09/13 1:13 AM
Posted By: ABDIELEXFIANCE | 4/19/13 6:40 PM
yes he does have hood rydah on the back of the car. smh its just nasty with him i see.

Cheater Details
Name: Abdiel Julio
Age: 31
Sexual Preference: N/A
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Relationship Status: Single
Profession: Other
Education level: High school
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: Black or African American
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 210
Tattoos: No

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