Tyler Nelson
Male | Klamath Falls, OR  
The jerk from Southern Oregon...stay away ladies!
Posted By: comynUser Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Other
2/17/12 2:14 AM
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Started talking to him on facebook. Told me that he was very up front, and was very up front about things. Had him over a few times, and he seemed like a great guy. Said that he was working on a ranch outside of town, a hard worker, the whole nine yards.

One night, said he had to go down and get some work down for his employer for a day or so. He didn't text me for a few days, fine, whatever. Couple of days later, text'd him. Ask him if everything was alright. Didn't get much back, and so I asked him if he was alright.

Said he was "f*cked up", because his -girlfriend- was driving the truck, and he fell out of the back of it. Girlfriend, something he never told me that he had in the first place. He laughed it off, like it was some kind of sick joke. Then proceeded to tell me that he doesn't have a job, the truck wasn't his, and he was living with his girlfriend, DeAnnn. Living off of her, like some sugar momma. Even his phone that he was using to text me, she was paying for. Even told me that she would pay for him to go over to Medford, to go get laid. Oh, and here's even a better one. He kept telling me that he had h*rp*s.

Told him that he shouldn't worry about that, since we didn't have sex in the first place. That's probably why he came up with this story, if it is a story. Can't trust anything that comes out of his fish lipped mouth. Doesn't know how to kiss, let alone do much of anything else.

He has been seen (by my eyes), on Are You Interested on Facebook, and on Zoosk.com. Says that he is looking for a wonderful and open women to spend time with, when all he wants is sex, to use a women for his own pleasure. It would be his own pleasure, because he doesn't know how to please a woman if he had to. Wouldn't be surprised if he was on other dating sites, since he obviously can't keep his piece in his pants.

This sweet talker is to be avoided at all costs. User, and one that will make it seem like it is all your fault, laughing and name calling to make him feel better about himself. Small ego, and I am sure an even smaller package to boot. Don't get involved with him. Not only does he not live outside of town, but, he lives inside of the city itself. He obviously can't be that good in bed, if his 'sugar momma' pays for him to head over the hill to have sex with anyone that looks his way. Don't let it be you, you will regret it

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Posted By: comynUser Verified | 3/01/12 11:26 AM
And here's one for you.....he's trying to talk to me again through another dating site

What....and idiot
Posted By: comynUser Verified | 3/23/12 12:55 AM
Now he's stating on another dating site that he's not only divorce (which, he never said he had married before), but now he has kids, but they don't live with him.

Hmmm, I'm starting to wonder how many other stories he's going to come up with to find another f*ck buddy
Posted By: dkgarrenUser Verified | 4/10/12 2:25 PM
Believe me, he has been with over 500 women around Klamath falls, medford. He is a liar!!!
He has been in jail over 5 times just within the past 9 months that I have known him!
Posted By: dkgarrenUser Verified | 4/10/12 2:29 PM
I love this site! Perfect!!! Thanks for the info comyn!!
Posted By: youaregay | 7/06/12 8:35 PM
do tell, how do you know how many people he has been with? youre just a butt hurt illiterate sk*nk who lives in a sh*t hole that only breads sl*ts and dr*gies. youre the retard who invited someone YOU DONT KNOW into your home! and how would you know hes not good in bed IF YOU NEVER HAD SEX? it sounds like you and him are a perfect couple! seeing as how youre so f*cking lonely and pathetic that 1 youre on dating sites and 2 you have so much time to sit online and bash someone THAT YOU WERE STUPID ENOUGH TO TALK TO!!!
Posted By: comynUser Verified | 7/06/12 9:51 PM
This coming from someone that couldn't use a capital letter to start off a sentence unless they are using caps lock to speak to someone. He "told" me that he had been with other people. And obviously I'm not the only one that he has told either. As for at the "not good in bed"....well, if he can't kiss worth beans, there's a very good chance that not much else works either

I have found a wonderful guy to be with, and he's an actual human being that doesn't lie to me. Though, I'm starting to have the feeling that you either are in love with him yourself, or you are him. And look who has "so much time to sit online and bash someone", that you have no idea about. I feel sorry for people that are blindsided like you obviously are. But, that only lasts a few seconds, before I just shake my head and keep living my wonderful life Thanks for trying though
Posted By: youaregay | 7/06/12 10:16 PM
is that all you have? caps lock? wow youre cool.
And in love with him? are you f*cking serious? Im his f*cking daughter, and you have no room to talk about how f*cked up he is. yeah hes a piece of sh*t and is going no where in life but then again youre the dumb bimbo that tried to hook up with him. And cool you found someone else on your dating site that lives in klamath, you must be so proud of your damn self. If his kids and his ex wife dont sit around bit*hing and complaining about how he f*cked up our lives leaving a little girl (my sister) crying her self to sleep because her daddy left then YOU sure as hell DO NOT have any right to open your mouth. We moved on, and didnt look back. which is what you shoulf do instead of crying about someone who lied. im a cop and i see this sh*t too much, you need to close your legs and know who the f*ck youre talking to before you bring them home.
Posted By: comynUser Verified | 7/07/12 1:00 PM
The daughter he never told me he had. Hmmm, yeah, think about what you just said. I put this up here for other women not to have to go through any crap that he decides that he's going to put a person though. I was done and over with him the second I hit the enter button

Now, the question would become, why are YOU on this site. I know what he did to me, and if I was a sniveling little girl that dwell on the past of him hurting me and what not, I would show you the wonderful texts that he sent me. But, I'm not. I've said my piece, it's over and done with. I just put out the information, you don't have to like it. You obviously haven't kept on with your life, if you are bashing a person over something that they put up on the net almost half a year ago. As for who they were before I brought them home....well, let's see here. We actually did meet in public before I asked him to come over to my house. And, unlike some people, my intentions were not to have sex with him. My house, my ground....and since he told me that he lived out of town (which he didn't), that it would be better if we got to know each other better talking at my place. It's not my fault that he's a pathological liar. He's already hurt two women, and then obviously you. Why stick up for the guy, if you have so much anger against him as well. As for you being a cop, I feel sorry for the city of Klamath Falls....for they have a slightly off officer in their midst
Posted By: youaregay | 7/07/12 1:38 PM
He has 3 kids, and if you know hes a liar then why are you having such a hard time wraping your pathetic little brain around it? And who in their right mind would sit back and let some piece of sh*t c*nt bash someone they knew to be their father for 19 years? And its funny that you would assume that im a cop out of klamath falls, no bit*h some people do actual things with their life, such as enlist in the army and become a military police officer. you wanna know how i found this?.its called google. and boo f*cking who he hurt two women, think of all the sh*t he has done prior to meeting your pathetic self. do you actually think thos web site is helping anyone? NO its not. No one is supporting no one is behind him and eventually he will be sitting in jail. which means you can sit back shut the f*ck up and stop bring the spot light on him and his relatives, believe it or not his famiky is actually embarrassed by him, and we do not appriciate you opening your damn mouth. The. End.
Posted By: Dash26 | 10/18/13 9:55 AM
I'm not sure he really cheated on you since you technically did not have a relationship nor did you have sex. But, he's definitely a cheater of some kind. Can you imagine a woman paying for her man to go have sex with other women? Not! Wow. This story takes the cake. Stop arguing and just post facts. If you all want to continue your stupid banter, do it with your personal email.
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