Stevenson Maye
Male | Charlotte, NC  
4-Time Cheater
Posted By: LW1172User Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Other
2/13/12 6:08 PM
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This is the kind of guy you would never suspect of being a cheater. He comes across as being this great guy, but is a dog in sheep's clothing. We had an off-again, on-again for over 7 years and he cheated on me at least 4 times that I know about. Beware of this guy!!!

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Posted By: CmpdGIrlUser Verified | 9/17/12 1:10 AM
He works for the police department and he is a cheater. He can never be faithful. And he will never go away. Hes the worse kisser on the planet and he loves to play this backwoods country boy role on you. He's a dog. Even his ringtone is barking dogs. He has lots of kids too... None are by the same woman. BEWARE OF THIS ONE. HE'S TALL AND HANDSOME AND FULL OF DRAMA.
Posted By: LW1172User Verified | 9/17/12 7:26 PM
Yeah, I forgot to even mention the three kids by three different women. You know what they say about police officers and in this case I really should have listened! But, karma is a bit*h!
Posted By: CmpdGIrlUser Verified | 9/17/12 8:01 PM
I wish I knew about this site when I met him. I feel sorry for the girl who he's with now. Youre right, Karma is real. He's already beginning to look old and used. I was warned so many times about him, I wished I would have listened but I didn't and I got burned. Women were calling, texting and emailing me throughout our relationship. He is NO GOOD. Worthless. He's a good dad, but that's it and that's only because he wants to keep up his clean "image," Although ppl are catching on that he hates and uses women.
Posted By: CmpdGIrlUser Verified | 9/17/12 8:07 PM
I'm going to post a picture.
Posted By: step2dis | 12/08/12 5:02 PM
i wonder if we are talking about the same man. If so I really need to know, this man is tall, but he spends money on me like crazy. He doesn't have kids at all, at least this is what he told me, I know of only one woman who is calling him, and she is relentless. He is in the closet! I need to know!
Posted By: LW1172User Verified | 12/10/12 9:14 AM
We're probably talking about the same guy. Yes, he is tall and he spent a lot of money on me as well when we were together. He didn't tell me about his kids either, I found about all three of them from other people.
Posted By: step2dis | 12/10/12 1:03 PM
Well it's always good to know. I wished I read this before. I feel so foolish, desperate and as if I ruined my life. I just found out a couple of weeks ago that I am pregnant. I don't know what to do now. obviously if I tell him anything he will only deny and tell me that I am the only one in his life. I am so distraught right now. HE NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT OTHER KIDS!!! why do men do these things! now I am another statistic, a single mother. This is my very first time ever,ever being pregnant.
Posted By: LW1172User Verified | 12/10/12 2:17 PM
Wow, I'm really sorry to hear that another woman has gotten caught in his trap. Yeah, one thing that I know about him is that he will deny or excuse EVERYTHING until you confront him with cold, hard evidence. He is an excellent liar. He even bragged once about how well he could lie to someone's face...pretty sad huh? It seems like he tends to lie about having kids if the woman he's with doesn't have any, because I don't have kids and he told me he didn't either. He actually had a baby on the way when we first met. One good thing that I can say about him is he does seem to take care of his kids, so hopefully he will do the same for you. I wish you the best of luck!
Posted By: SMgirl2kUser Verified | 1/02/13 4:08 AM
WOW....Sorry, how far along are you , hopefully he will step up and support you doing your pregnancy.
Posted By: SMgirl2kUser Verified | 1/04/13 8:11 AM
It would have been really nice to know about all of this prior to dating him
Posted By: SMgirl2kUser Verified | 1/01/13 10:14 AM
Is he cop , if so I think we are all talking about same guy
Posted By: LW1172User Verified | 1/01/13 8:04 PM
Yes he's a police officer, so we're talking about the same guy. He's a piece of work...I see he's still up to the same old thing!
Posted By: Silverstone | 10/23/13 7:31 PM
Wow! he seems like a great guy but full of s...

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Name: Stevenson Maye
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Location: Charlotte, NC
Gender: Male
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Profession: Other
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