Tanya Adams
Female | Lincoln Park, MI  
New Year's Eve
Posted By: MongoUser Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Male
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Bar
1/20/12 10:54 AM
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My ex-girlfriend and I were out for New Year's Eve 2011. We were having a great evening at this bar near my house. We were getting ready for the new year (2012). When my ex decided to go out to have a quick cigarette. While she was outside smoking. She met a guy out there and started flirting with him. After she smoked her cigarette. She came back in and asked me if I would mind her dancing with him. I said no, it's just a dance. But can it wait until after we bring in the new year together. She agreed and we celebrated the new year like there was nothing wrong. At about 12:30am. The band played a slow song and she asked me if she could go dance with the guy she had a smoke with. I said sure, but just one song. Because I wanted to continue our great night together. So she went and danced her one song and came back. About 15 minutes later she said she was going to go have another smoke. I said ok, see you in a few minutes. Well, after about 15 minutes went by and she wasn't back in the bar. I went outside to find her. I didn't see her anywhere. So I walked around the bar. I noticed my car was running and the windows were steamed up. I opened the door just as the guy was finishing inside of her. She said, "oh sh*t, and said I will be in to talk to you about this in a minute." I closed the door and went back into the bar. She came back in and tried to apologize. I ended up taking her back home. She started seeing that guy the very next day. She said that she wanted him over me, and blew off the four months we had been dating. She also informed me that she had cheated on me two times prior to me catching her on New Year's. Stay away from this manipulating, liar!

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Tanya with Joey
right before she

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Posted By: Upromised | 1/20/12 12:44 PM
some strange man was in your vehicle having sex with your girlfriend and you just said ill talk to you about this in a minute and closed the door? I dont belive that for a second
Posted By: MongoUser Verified | 1/20/12 12:57 PM
Re-read the post! Those were her words, not mine! It doesn't matter whether you believe me or not. You weren't there. I was devasted, and no man is worth a felony assault charge. Especially because of a woman's poor decisions.
Posted By: XposinHosUser Verified | 1/20/12 2:38 PM
Poster - You should have be*t the $hit out of both of them and told the cops they broke into your car. Why didn't you tell them to get the f*ck out? And if you punch him once it's not a felony, in any state. As soon as she kept pestering you to go dance with the other guy is when you should have told her a$$ to get lost.
Posted By: johnredcornUser Verified | 1/20/12 3:52 PM
This guy has to be the biggest P*SSY I've ever come across. I would've be*t the sh!t out of him and spit in her face. C'mon man... grow some balls. You punk'd-out!
Posted By: mmbramanUser Verified | 1/20/12 8:15 PM
i agree with the poster no one is worth going to jail over unless they are your child!
Posted By: SpaceyLoveUser Verified | 1/20/12 8:51 PM
I for one think you did the right thing by walking away. Yes, you might have looked like a super bad azz to your friends had you hit him. You also could have looked like an idiot had you hit him and then he stomped your azz to the ground, or sh*t and **** you. If he's screwing the girl you had been dating for 4 mos., 1 hr. after he met her...she wasn't worth the effort. Most people don't understand that it takes a lot of strength to keep your composure, and walk away from certain situations. Seeing stories about bad azz idiots are not uncommon. You have to pick your battles wisely, as it could be your last. Kudos to you.
Posted By: jacksprat | 1/22/12 4:27 PM
She's old, she's fat , she's sk*nky- why worry about what she does? Id be glad to be rid of that chunk of blubber.
Posted By: Arie | 1/26/12 7:12 AM
Wow! The state of Michigan has some of the most corpulent unattractive women in the country.
Butt ugly.
I'm stunned that these be*t chicks actually cheat on whatever dude would date these beast. ------->=}/: If I lived in Michigan I would move to Miami, Chicago or kill myself...
Posted By: mmbramanUser Verified | 1/26/12 6:40 PM
i think that was rude Arie, your no better than the cheaters on this site.
Posted By: Arie | 1/27/12 6:47 PM
You must be from Michigan...
Sometimes the truth is brutal & rude.

Cheater Details

Name: Tanya Adams
Age: 40
Sexual Preference: N/A
Location: Lincoln Park, MI
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Divorced
Profession: Other
Education level: Less than high school
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5 ft 1 in
Weight: 165
Tattoos: Yes

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