Alex Forrett
Male | Waukesha, WI  
Lying, Sneaking,Cheating, Internet Pertvert
Posted By: SadieLady
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Bar
1/17/12 12:15 PM
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Alex Forrett cannot be faithful to anyone. Even the mother of his child or any woman he lives with. Right now he is currently living with a woman name Angela, in HER house, and he is trolling Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter for fat,desperate, sl*ts to hook up with. He has sent many messages over the years to hook up with him at a hotel, because he lives with a male, religous ,roommate that he knew in highschool on his farm, and that's why he can't bring any woman to "his place". That is becasue he is living with a woman that has NO idea just what a PIG HE IS!! Stay far away from the deadbeat pervert.

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Posted By: valleygirl | 1/30/12 4:29 PM
That isnt his farm.... it is his girlfriends farm.
Posted By: mensux69User Verified | 4/08/12 5:24 PM
Although I don't categorize myself as a "fat desperate sl*t" I did fall for Alex's game! Wish I would have known this before hand. Guess I better call the doctor and make an appointment for a *** test.
Posted By: SadieLady | 1/14/14 8:19 PM
Google his screen name and see what a big ***** he is cdr102002
Posted By: hunt269 | 5/13/13 7:48 PM
so how true is this? I have known this person for a long time but never dated...always thought something suspicious, and when I saw this it turned my stomach...someone out to get him, or is this true?
Posted By: SadieLady | 7/17/13 4:06 PM
It's all true and then some .EVERYTHING he says is a lie. I'm not out to get him. He sabotaged his own life . He should never live with a woman, he'll only troll the Internet for many women to meet him at hotels the entire time. I seriously wouldn't touch that even with an entire spacesuit on. that's why he got he can **** around. but seriously , That won't stop VD.
Posted By: SadieLady | 1/14/14 8:15 PM
If you dont believe me google his screen name. The big dummy uses the same one for all his sites. Yahoo, plenty of fish, and lots of nasty perv hookup sites. You'll find a pic of his ***** as well . His screen name is cdr102002.
Posted By: pinksweets | 7/31/13 4:46 PM
Hey SadieLady or should we say Jennifer Driessen, you were engaged when you were trying to sleep with him. So who's the cheater???? Alex isn't a cheater but the poster of this is. As one of your "friends", I have had enough of your lies and this is certainly a big one!!
Posted By: SadieLady | 7/31/13 5:08 PM
I love when people who don't know what they are talking about try to talk. Pinksweets you are an idiot trying to look cool. You don't have any of the facts right. So myofb .a d vet a life. Nice try hunny.
Posted By: PinkTacoUser Verified | 8/01/13 2:09 PM
Not to mention Jennifer, you pretty much called yourself a fat sl*t, you should have really thought about what you typed. Alex is a very sweet guy, leave him alone.
Posted By: SadieLady | 8/01/13 2:53 PM
My name IS NOT Jennifer. You have NO idea what the hell you are talking about. You look like a freakin moron sweets /taco. Get a clue.
Posted By: PinkTacoUser Verified | 8/01/13 2:57 PM
Then why are you getting so upset, Jennifer??
Posted By: pinksweets | 8/01/13 3:16 PM
See the problem is Jennifer, you ran around bragging about posting this thinking it was funny. You are really a sad person. The stories I could tell about you...
Posted By: SadieLady | 8/01/13 3:56 PM
Lol whatever Alex.
Posted By: PinkTacoUser Verified | 8/01/13 4:03 PM
Why post this crap about people if you can't deal with the comments against you, seems pointless, Alex is a wonderful man. You are just upset he doesn't want you Jennifer!
Posted By: SadieLady | 8/01/13 4:10 PM
Enjoy your VDs you stupid tart.
Posted By: PinkTacoUser Verified | 8/01/13 4:19 PM
Is that all you can come up with, god I wish you would just leave Alex alone, he doesn't want anything to do with you, get over it already, he's moved on you do the same Jennifer!
Posted By: pinksweets | 8/02/13 11:50 AM
Hey Jennifer, I think we should start one of these for you and send your husband the link to it!!
Posted By: SadieLady | 1/06/14 1:48 PM
Anyone who has had sex with Alex in the last 15 years should absolutely be tested for ***S. Unless you want your sex holes to turn into moldy Swiss Cheese... & for some women , it's too late. You know who you are, you nasty , *****y, *****s .
Posted By: SadieLady | 1/07/14 12:25 PM
Maybe Alex should be worried about paying his child support and stay off dating dont deserve to be anyones father. And maybe so called " friends" should keep their married legs closed for once , specially to their "friends " sloppy seconds, and get off her lazy, unemployed fat ass and take the time to potty train their obese 5 year old . You two can have each other, both have ****ty character as people, and both of your crotch areas are infested .
Posted By: SadieLady | 1/14/14 8:58 PM
cdr102002 is his screen name for EVERYTHING . What an idiot!! really not that hard for anyone to see what a nasty, perverted , loser he is. I'm sure his family is proud a picture of his wang is on websites for all to see. If you slept with him, get yourself checked ASAP.
Posted By: RobinLeighUser Verified | 1/21/14 10:24 AM
So everyone knows SadieLady is Jennifer, I'm the so called friend who has the obese son, but let's think about this clearly, the obese shouldn't be throwing stones in a glass house. As for me being fat, I am, but again she gave me pants that didn't fit her, so again throwing stones in a glass house can lead to a big mess.
Posted By: SadieLady | 1/22/14 3:30 AM
Robin Blockwitz Steffen,, you are an freakkin idiot. You fell right into my trap. I knew posting this here, would get back to you if you were talking to him, and look, here you are, you ****t !! ......You 1, are screwwing around on your HUSBAND , and 2, messing with you "BEST FRIENDS BD, whom you were CLEARLY warned to stay away from, and you are here talking about pants?!? You backstab and betray everyone in your life, and you are talking about throwing stones. Good one , people try to be your friend and this is what you do to them? You are a serious looney toon. I only have one final thing to say to you and I'm washing my hands of a whack job like you. ...ALways remember, You do have your Mother's genetics...So just DROP DEAD.
Posted By: RobinLeighUser Verified | 1/22/14 5:45 AM
I'd rather have my mothers genetics then be your friend any day, if you turn out anything like your mother, I wouldn't want to be helping you up off the ground ever I'd get a hernia...... Not to mention the maturity level you stepped to is not of a 40 year old level, keep taking yours meds crazy girl, oh and drinking that alcohol, I heard if you take enough meds and drink you can die...... It would be better life for Scott, Alex, and your children....
Posted By: RobinLeighUser Verified | 1/23/14 9:54 AM
Oh yeah one more thing psycho, I would check your Facebook friends and find the right one, Alex didn't tell me anything at all, she did... Have a good day and good luck!!

Cheater Details

Name: Alex Forrett
Age: 41
Sexual Preference: N/A
Location: Waukesha, WI
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Profession: Technology
Education level: High school
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 240
Tattoos: Yes

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