Ross Patton
Male | Victorville, CA  
Former Cop - Relentless Cheater
Posted By: KKCSanDiegoUser Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Other
1/17/12 10:08 AM
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This former cop from Cathedral City, CA is a relentless liar and cheater. I met him on Mate1. Everything he said about himself was a lie: Special Ops, married two times, owned home, etc. It turned out that he was married 4 times, living with ex #3 while we were dating, under departmental investigations, never in special ops, etc. It turned out that he would say he was going to special ops training to get away with another woman for a three day period. He is also bi-polar. He drinks too much and becomes violent. He spent 108 days in San Bernardo jail on perjury and weapons violations charges. He is on 6 years probation, which if broken sends him immediately to prison for 6 years. I have a current five year restraining order against him for domestic violence. His behavior has been repeated with at least two of his ex-wives. Other locations he may be are Apple Valley, Yucaipa, or Cathedral City, CA. Beware of this smooth talker. He has a huge tattoo of a man, lady, and dragon on his back as well as other tattoos. He usually has a very short haircut.

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Posted By: nancyg | 2/18/12 11:37 PM
I have seen this guy in Big Bear Lake, he gave me the creeps!
Posted By: bakerygirlUser Verified | 3/28/12 5:21 PM
I dated this man,I met him on Mate1 i didnt see him like he is described here,He was never mean or violent to me.the only negative thing i can say is he left me for his high school sweetheart.but he told me about her and that they went way back and they were trying to work it out.
Posted By: KKCSanDiegoUser Verified | 3/30/12 11:29 AM
You are so lucky. The old girlfriend line is not true. He has been married 4 times and he has been violent with several of his wives and girlfriends. He also takes bipolar meds. He pulled his retirement papers one week before I obtained the first restraining order. Now I have a criminal restraining order for 5 years. Count your blessings.
Posted By: OneMorePattonsVictim | 4/03/12 4:14 PM
I know the sixth wife. He recently raked her over the coals also. Took everything she had. Already, after two weeks, enganged to next victim. This person is a menace to woman everywhere. BEWARE!
Posted By: bakerygirlUser Verified | 4/03/12 4:18 PM
Your story seems so harsh compared to the guy i know,I was falling in love with him ,he was my world at the time .I still think alot about him and its been three years.I was so shocked when the new lady came into his life but i had to understand because he had choosen,i text him about 6 months later and asked how it was going and he said okay and asked me if i wanted to be his future,i havent heard from him since that text,i know he moved out of his house and into her house in victorville.
Posted By: Lauri | 4/03/12 7:00 PM
You do not realize how lucky you are. He has a way with words and women. He tells you what he knows you want to hear. He is a con artist and very good at it. He needs to be locked up and the key thrown away. Love or not, count your blessings he left you.
Posted By: bakerygirlUser Verified | 4/03/12 8:51 PM
I am really sorry for you guys,I guess i am lucky i wasnt for him maybe because i didnt have much,i am just a cake decorator for a grocery store there was nothing he could take from me but my feelings,Lauri how long ago were you with him?
Posted By: StrayedUpon | 4/30/12 12:51 AM
Wow, Lauri, lets tell the truth here....Lets start with the fact in your relationship with him YOU cheated on him with Jack, hows that working for you. Jeezus the whole class knew what was going on, hell you embarassed his sister, friends and family. I saw it all. Didn't like I kept on asking about him huh? You even stooped low enough to take down all the pictures in the house that you both lived in so that the people that were at the party you threw wouldnt see the fact you were a couple. Well my Dear people knew and they talked. Dont you wonder why no one from our class that were your friends wanted anything to do with you anymore. TRUTH look it up
Posted By: KKCSanDiegoUser Verified | 4/04/12 8:47 AM
Give up your thoughts about him. You are lucky. Go to the San Bernardino Superior court website and search his name under criminal cases to see what happened in the weapons case that I was instrumental in bringing. Then go to the domestic area and you will see a few of the divorces. The other divorces were not in San Bernardino County. He moved out of his house because he lost it for not paying the bills after bilking ex-wife out of money for the downpayment. He moved in with the current woman because he had no where else to go. She is a fool too. If he told you he was in Special Ops, see the movie True Lies. I think they wrote the movie based on his MO for many years. After retiring from the police department, he got a job at Terminex and got fired for his drinking problem. The only special ops he knows is how to k*ll bugs!
Posted By: Exhausted | 4/13/12 11:08 PM
These women who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. For instance, the younger sister of the last wife is having a secret affair away from home with her married boyfriend from Arizona meeting him once a month for a week during the past year. They both lived in FontAna, California. I wonder what the cheater tells his wife in Arizona where he is going for a week and who he is seeing? Judge yourself first before you judge the actions of others and post here.
Posted By: bakerygirlUser Verified | 4/15/12 7:10 PM
I never said anything bad about him ,I cant he was very nice to me,so the whole throwing stones thing in a glass house dosent apply to me,All i did was love him
Posted By: KKCSanDiegoUser Verified | 4/15/12 7:16 PM
You live in la la land...he is an asshole who only uses women for what he can get. Dig your head out of your ass and move on. This guy is loser. Stay in la la land if you want, but force yourself to be in reality!
Posted By: bakerygirlUser Verified | 4/15/12 7:22 PM
Wow i dont even know you and you tell me to get my head out of my xxx ,I havent had contact with him in 3 years just telling everyone how it was for me so dont judge me on what happened to you,
Posted By: KKCSanDiegoUser Verified | 4/15/12 7:30 PM
Stupid and move on...count your lucky stars....5 wives later have all blessed themselves he is out of their lives. Get a grip
Posted By: KKCSanDiegoUser Verified | 4/15/12 7:24 PM
Well, you were sucked int his sick world and be happy you are out of it. stick your head in your ass or check the court records like I said earlier or live in your la la land. Be smart Girl!
Posted By: KKCSanDiegoUser Verified | 4/15/12 7:20 PM
You are stupid and don't even know this guy... so get with the program and don't comment unless you know who you are talking about! You obviously don't know this guy.....
Posted By: bakerygirlUser Verified | 4/15/12 7:27 PM
no you are stupid I was with him i know him ,maybe i am not a bit*h like you ,i was never saying he was perfect far from it i just never experienced the evil person your talking about.
Posted By: AliceShay | 4/17/12 4:04 PM
You ladies should quit fighting between each other. We have all been victimized by this evil human being. We have all fallen for his deceitful charm. We need to ban together and put him in jail where he belongs. He is a fraud on all levels. We need to find a email address we can all get our information together and get this guy for fraud. If you read the message from "exhausted", you can tell he wrote it. What does the sister of one of his victims have to do with his lying, cheating self. Nothing. If his parents were alive today, they would be ashamed to call him their son.
Posted By: Cheaterproof | 4/17/12 10:48 PM
The younger sister of the last wife is responsible for the marriage breaking up by her constant interference. Now she is breaking up another marriage so she can have her cheating lover from Arizona to herself. She is a home wrecker. She should look up her boyfriend on this website.
Posted By: StrayedUpon | 4/30/12 12:28 AM
KKC's husband commited suicide under very suspicous circ*mstances, look up his death in San Diego Cohen is the last name. It seem s very supicous that they were to be divorced that in just 48 hours and he turned up dead. The police report states that something seems suspicous, but did not have enough proof that it was Kristine.
She wants to point fingers about cheating, she got caught cheating many times. How was the birthday with the ex in sheets that ended your relationship, Or the trip to AZ to families house that you caught with the next guy.
Posted By: StrayedUpon | 4/30/12 12:35 AM
KKC Remember this there are people who have information on you too, you shouldnt be pointing fingers just because you are jilted. I know what you hide in your daughters room, becareful. I am stating facts(well hinting at)(All of which you KNOW to be the TRUTH), you are slandering, which is a SUEABLE offense.
Posted By: StrayedUpon | 4/30/12 1:15 AM
OOOO did I mention that she inherited everything over a million dollars at that, funny she had a lot to loose. His family fought her because they thought she was responsible. The divorce wasnt final so the court had to legally give it to her. Kristine your dad still alive? Have you knocked everyone else out of that will? WOW AND SHE IS SUCH A VICTIM.
Posted By: StrayedUpon | 4/30/12 1:11 AM
Funny, I know the tenant that lives in the house, lol and the fact he gets the rent check from that tenant. Hmmm.... funny how he lost the house, huh . Yes I know him personally and you too, yah your a classic size 2,, this crap you have posted is just that CRAP! Why dont we put up some truths here, did you know you can get a domestic violence charge for yelling at someone, yes Kristine you forgot to tell everyone that you got a restraining order for him yelling at you and slamming a door because he walked in on you screwing somoneone else. Wow, talk about a manipulating b**ch. You waited 2 weeks at that to get that restraining order. Did you see him after that night , no you didnt. But you couldnt take the rejection from a younger man, could you, you cougar you. You give women a bad name. Its about time that some stands up and puts an end to the lies, I know the truth, I was around,
Posted By: bakerygirlUser Verified | 4/30/12 5:10 AM
Wow there is a lot of crazy back and forth being said co you truly know what to believe.some shocking acusatioms.hope you all figure it out.i never knew him the way he is portrayed with that I choose to remember him that way.wish you guys all the best in your search for your answers.i just don't want to be a part of the bashing anymore.if you can't say anything nice then don't say it at all is what I was grown up to believe.we have all done things in our lives we are not proud of and wish for people not to judge us so I am not going to judge based on what happened to someone else.i truly hope you all find what your looking for.
Posted By: KKCSanDiegoUser Verified | 4/30/12 7:29 AM
This reply is to Mr. Patton who is the subject of the post on this site. Let this be a warning to you as you have posed most of the comments in the last several days under the moniker of "Strayed Upon". You realize that your probation is dependent upon absolutely no contact with me. I will be forwarding this string of emails to the District Attorney in San Bernardino for action. If you are determined to have broken your probation requirements, you have an automatic ride to prison for 6 years. You are showing your true colors again by making up lies and it had better stop now!
Posted By: StrayedUpon | 4/30/12 9:00 AM
I can assure you this not Ross, just someone invested in the truth! Do what you may but I assure you that you will find the truth in the fact that Ross nothing to do with this at all. Just somone who is sick of the lies and meaness of all situation. You are the one who posted on this site and started this line of hatefulness. The past is the past and you should leave it there. Not post on some site with all the lies that you have.
Posted By: Warrior7 | 5/02/12 3:41 PM
If he dated you when he met up with his high school sweetheart, he was living with Zayda at that time. He also threatened her saying he would k*ll her son and bury him in the hills (and told her, rest assured nobody would find him) if she didn't cooperate with the police. He wanted her to keep quiet while he accused her of trying to k*ll herself when he was the one with the gun in his hand, not her. For her sons safety, she did as he said. She now has a "protective order" not a "restraining order" The significant difference is he will go to prison for 6 years, no questions asked, if he makes contact with her. The state issued the protective order for her safety. Check San Bernardino Superior Court records to verify this information. These orders aren't given out lightly. Two other women have protective orders in effect to. This guy needs more then a "cheater" warning. He is extremely dangerous. Zayda still lives in fear. Be careful who you date and please, for your safety, check public records where you live and learn as much as you can about the person you met or decide to date. I know Zayda and I feel sorry for her because of all the trauma she's been through.
Posted By: KKCSanDiegoUser Verified | 6/29/12 12:26 PM
It is quite interesting that when the threat of going to prison was made, Mr. Patton [StrayedUpon] stopped his posts of lies and nonsense. He may have checked with his parole officer and purchased a new computer. The 5 year criminal protection order is a blessing. Happy 4th of July!
Posted By: StrayedUpon | 8/17/12 1:29 PM
KKC please contact me at this email address, I have information that you really should have Its time for the abuse that Mr. Patton has been inflicting on someone that I know and care very much about to stop, he has victimized enough people and it has to stop once and for all.
Posted By: StrayedUpon | 8/17/12 2:10 PM
Alls I can say to all of my previous posts is I was increadably stupid and god was I fooled. The past months the truths have come out boy was I wrong about him.
Posted By: KKCSanDiegoUser Verified | 8/17/12 2:33 PM
I don't believe that you are someone other than Ross because you know too much about me even if the majority of it is false. I believe that you want me to contact you so that you can go to your parole officers and inform them that I contacted you. I am a little too smart for you. If, on the very off chance, you are not Ross, then you need to explain WHY I should try to contact you. Surely, if you know Ross so well, then you know my email address, my home number, and my home address. You may contact me there.
Posted By: StrayedUpon | 8/17/12 4:30 PM
I know Ross, yes and the information that was put on here was given to me by him, and just like you he played me and played me hard. I have no contact with im at all now, but I can assure you of this he is everything that he was stated to be. I understand if you choose not contact me, but obviously you know that the information was given by him. He should have thought about what he was doing when he messed with me and my family. He needs to be stoped he is a sociopath and dangerous! He will hurt anyone and stop at nothing to get what he wants or to get revenge.
Posted By: KKCSanDiegoUser Verified | 8/17/12 9:25 PM
If it is revenge, I am waiting. Unlike so many women, I took the hard way ad fought through a restraining order. You should be very ashamed of yourself for posting things about me that were not true and made up by Ross. You are no better than him. If you read that someone has restraining orders against him, hello... wake up and do your own investigation. My investigation saved two other women who were his former wives. You are not communicating with a dumb woman. You owe an apology to me for the personal things you wrote - most of which were lies. I hope you learned your lesson. Another protective order against him and he will likely go to prison.
Posted By: StrayedUpon | 8/18/12 2:11 AM
I apoligize, you were the villian in the begining and I believed him and in the end I saw him for what he really was, it was a harsh realization. I got played just like everyone else that has posted on her and I didnt see things until it was to late. He has hurt alot of people in my life that I love with not one ounce of sorrow, he has taken pleasure in it. But I will be damned if I will allow it keep happening. I will do all I can to put a stop it it. It was stupid of me to have believed him about everything, and I am sorry that I did because he used me to hurt you and others and for that I am so sorry and I have to live with my self for it. But this psychopath has to be stopped and the only way to make right some of my wrongs is to do all I can to put a stop to it.
Posted By: KKCSanDiegoUser Verified | 8/18/12 3:23 PM
You posted some very personal things about me. Ross used you to hurt me further. All you have to do is go to court and file for a restraining order if he keeps bothering you. Doc*ment everything thoroughly. Forms are available online from your local court. You do not need an attorney to do this. It will make you stronger and safer. He will get an attorney. Let him pay for that. You don't need one. I was never the villain in this deal. He currently has restraining orders against him from three women and their families. One more could send him away particularly if he is breaking any of his parole requirements. Those requirements are posted on the San Bernardino Superior court site. If he is breaking any of them like drinking, add that to your petition for a restraining order. Search criminal records and his name. Get a gun and learn to shoot. Next time, think before you post hateful things about someone you do not know. PS - Ross does not know what sorrow means. He is only in the game for his own gratification. I be*t him at his own game and took great pleasure seeing the old white man in an orange jumpsuit - shackled in jail with a bunch of punks.
Posted By: StrayedUpon | 8/18/12 4:11 PM
I have information that you will want to know and its important, when you feel comfortable contact me at the email address that I provided, or send me a way to contact you. Again I am sorry.
Posted By: KKCSanDiegoUser Verified | 2/09/15 7:41 PM
Finally justice prevailed.... found guilty of criminal injustices... 7 years probation... small change for his behavior but he is not to possess a firearm... if you meet this guy BEWARE... I have all of the court records to prove everything. He is a scam of a man.

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Name: Ross Patton
Age: 58
Sexual Preference: N/A
Location: Victorville, CA
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
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Relationship Status: In a relationship
Profession: Other
Education level: Bachelors degree
CheaterVersity™: N/A
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Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 195
Tattoos: Yes

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