Nadine Donovan
Female | Rocky Point, NY  
Cheating Wife
Posted By: tibbsUser Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Male
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Bar
12/22/11 5:17 PM
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Had many affairs and a few one night stands with many men and a few woman outside of here 10 year marrage. And now lives with her bisexual lover and likes to date married men

Proof of Cheater's Actions

Bar again

Her and Girlfriend -
WON best couple

Shock - bar again

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Posted By: MoralityUser Verified | 12/22/11 6:10 PM
ouch. she sounds seriously messed up
Posted By: Mizzthang | 12/22/11 8:55 PM
I actually know this girl... Weird to see this on here... Funny thing is her husband cheated and left her...
Posted By: tibbsUser Verified | 12/23/11 6:43 PM
NO he did not - he got her in to therapy and supportted her and she only got worse . . . and more abbussive to their kids. . . I think the dumb *ss still loves her and misses her . . .
Posted By: artaab | 12/24/11 6:30 PM
WOW!!!!!!!! You have to love a lonely, suicidal, child touching, wife be*ting, DUMB*SS , of an ex husband who just trapped himself in the court system you F*CKING MORON HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH........ You actually spewed sexual lies and slanderous remarks on the internet where she has proof hahahahahaahah... YOU IDIOT!!! WHAT IF YOUR KIDS, POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS, THE COURTS SEE THIS????? You just threw out proof in public that you lie and slander her hahaahahahahahahah...... you know nadine would never be this nasty and stoop to our level but ill defend her I AM SURE SHE THANKS YOU FOR THIS BIG *SS MISTAKE YOU FOOL HAHAHAHAHAHAH
And since you and i are *ssholes ill be mean for her ... bye bye fool
Posted By: tibbsUser Verified | 12/24/11 11:43 PM
This must be Artie Baley ? the self proclaimed child *********er, that use to bl*w guys for crack at the park and rides, that was one of the many affairs she had while married. . . I have heard of you. . . Keep thinking you matter - chief ( just another notch in the bed he made her )
Posted By: artaab | 12/25/11 7:16 AM
it doesnt matter if i think i matter or what you think of me do you know what really matteres eric????? THAT YOUR KIDS CALL ME DADDY HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Posted By: tibbsUser Verified | 12/26/11 12:30 AM
You , John-John G , Holly B, J Hanna , Micheal I, Harry C,and any other dou*hebag that Nadine ends up on her back or knees for. . . which is why those kids need to get away from her and last I heard didn't he leave the island with the kids on christmas day? so Nadine could have another orgy with out getting interrupted by a 6 year old - like last time ? So enjoy the ***s there "little Daddy"
Posted By: people | 12/27/11 10:23 AM
Not sure if either one of them is suitable to raise children. She is overtly sexual (look at all her half naked pictures she posts of herself on facebook on other sites). She does seem to have a drinking, p*t and p*ll problem. She refuses to work to financially support herself let alone her children. She prefers to have tax dollars give her food stamps, heating oil and electricity as well as using her 75 year old mother for everything she has. But they both have poor working habits and are extremely emotionally unstable. They DO belong together but need to give the children over to a family who will dress, feed and teach them properly.
Posted By: artaab | 12/27/11 5:46 PM
wow thats funny (comment by people) ... your last statement was they are both extremely emotionally unstable yet they belong together.... doesnt that sound like the advice of a fool? yes it does... but on the bright side tibbs family member you did try your hardest to belittle and degrate her with 14 bad things towards her and 2 towards him... nice try move along and may god be good to all you tibbs and all of yours
Posted By: people | 12/27/11 9:20 PM
There is no score board in this. She does have custodial custody and the children are with her 95% of the time so who she is and what she does is more important. If he had custody it would be the same. They both have had years to adjust to this but to this day they can not stop talking to and about each other. They are obsessed, so yes they should be together. If they spent just half as much as time obsessed with the well being of their children maybe the children would have healthy food to eat, a home to live(the mortgage has not been paid in years and is in foreclosure) and healthy parents who have been working on bettering themselves. So on behalf of their children's future girlfriends, boyfriends, wife's and husbands, thank you in advance for raising yet more emotionally damaged adults.
Posted By: timmm | 6/08/12 1:12 PM
Posted By: artaab | 6/08/12 3:50 PM
To: timmy .... From : I f*cked your mother ......... Re: Physical appearance comments???? hahahahahahwell physically we all have opinions of one another but as a "REAL" man ill skip over that and let you in on what a kind, spiritual, loves her children, fun, witty, playful , hilarious, deep thinker, devoted to better herself each day type of gal she is...... oh andbtw my opinion or anyone elses on her looks does not matter cause its soooooooooooo shallow but i wish i could be with a girl as physically beautiful as she is....... so in closing timmy pooh suck my balls and be well son
Posted By: timmm | 6/15/12 7:43 AM
Save your morality speech for your house squatting, welfare collecting, embarrassment to herself, kids and family, uneducated, horse yellow teeth, transvestite looking friend.
She is the one on this website.
Based on your syntax, it is clear she is not the only one who did not graduate high school.
Posted By: RockyPoint | 8/08/12 8:13 AM
As concerned neighbors in Rocky Point we have discussed how terrible it is that she allows her children to live in such a dirty, dilapidated house. Everything is filthy from the outside to the inside. She is bringing down the value of all our houses and the sooner the sheriff's evict her the better.
Posted By: artaab | 8/08/12 7:28 PM
I am sooooo glad rocky point said what we were thinking.. First off property value is by far one of the most important things in life and if she is messy by all means try and get her evicted and hopefully the kids get good foster care and hopefully she dies on the streets ... im surprised that her house is dilapidated though her ex husband put five years of hard work into it and he was a union carpenter for almost 10 years when he started so maybe dilapadated isnt totally correct .... but messy on the inside and out!!!! thats probably true ........ well i shouldnt jump to conclusions that girls mom does ALOT of the babysitting for her and that mom cant stand a dirty yard or house and pitches in so maybe im just being too judgemental and harsh.... but if im wrong and what rocky point says is accurate i hope that girl dies by grasshoppers attacking her she would deserve it

Cheater Details

Name: Nadine Donovan
Age: 38
Sexual Preference: N/A
Location: Rocky Point, NY
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Maiden Name: Nelson
Relationship Status: Divorced
Profession: Other
Education level: Less than high school
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 135
Tattoos: Yes

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