Robert (Bill) McLeroy
Male | Eatonton, GA  
Married but still cheating!!!
Posted By: karma92User Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Other
12/14/11 9:48 AM
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I met a guy I thought was named Ryan online, turns out his name is Robert. We talked online for over a year before we met in person. One important detail he left out was the fact that he was married. Once we met in person, he still stuck to the story “he wasn’t married”. Months went on and we still saw each other and talked almost every day. I became suspicious because he would only talk to me at certain times, would log offline spontaneously, wouldn’t let me call/txt him and wouldn’t send me pictures while he was at home. I confronted him about my suspicions, which is the only reason why he came clean. He said “he was ‘getting’ a divorce”, which then turned into “I’m getting a divorce once I finish school”. He claimed he didn’t love his wife and that she was moving out because they were separated, which was a lie, she never moved out. I don’t think they are separated because he was always too worried about what she thought. He blamed it on her wanting to take everything in the divorce, but I think it was him not wanting to admit the truth. He never told anyone how ‘he didn’t like his wife’, which was very odd. Point being, he is a lair. He will make you feel like the most amazing girl in the world, but it’s all a game.

Yahoo IM: *******

Proof of Cheater's Actions

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Posted By: karma92User Verified | 12/14/11 10:16 PM
I have more pictures and videos (to prove this), but I am unable to upload it due to the contents. Also, I have message sent from his IM to mine, which proves he is guilty.
Posted By: happyilymarried215User Verified | 4/11/13 9:49 AM
Is there a way I can contact you? I know this guy from college and I'm hoping you might be able to help me with something EXTREMELY important and urgent.
Posted By: Nopenope | 3/16/14 8:52 PM
I'm same person as 'karma92', unfortunately I forgot my password. I just came across your post from 2013, if I can still help you out then let me know. :)
Posted By: happyilymarried215User Verified | 3/17/14 11:16 AM
OrIs There A Way I Can Contact You? Email Or Phone?
Posted By: Nopenope | 3/18/14 7:00 AM
It took away my comment with my email address in it. We can talk about it through this site if you want.
Posted By: Awomanscornedx2 | 10/03/14 1:51 PM
I would really love to have any info y'all have in him! I am currently dating Bill and I have caught him in several lies and I know there are other women! He is really good at this game! Obviously he hasn't changed a bit! And probably never will!!!!
Posted By: Nopenope | 10/03/14 3:10 PM
I "dated" him over three years ago, it seems like he is back to his old games! Sorry, you met such a worthless POS! I would love to give you more information but this site won't let me post my email or phone number. I think they have a chat on this site that we can talk on?
Posted By: happyilymarried215User Verified | 10/03/14 7:18 PM
Could either of you meet me in the chat here at 11:00 tomorrow morning? I still need some info.
Posted By: Nopenope | 10/03/14 8:02 PM
Can we all meet in the chat? I'd love to know what everyone has to say.
Posted By: Awomanscornedx2 | 10/03/14 8:08 PM
I am new to this site! How do we chat?
Posted By: Awomanscornedx2 | 10/03/14 11:32 PM
I figured it out! I will be on tomorrow at 11 for sure!!!!!
Posted By: cheatedonbybillUser Verified | 11/24/14 11:24 AM
I've also been dating him since September!!!
Posted By: KarmaBioch | 1/02/15 10:18 PM
My dear...join the club. It seems that we were dating him at the same time. In fact I have heard from him as recently as the 30th. He has gone so far as to introduce me to his daughter. And good lord you should see the texts declaring his 'love'. Nopenope is right....he is a total POS. I just found out about this site but I hope more women see this and are protected from this predator!!
Posted By: LeamanxUser Verified | 1/03/15 7:12 PM
You people are amazing, you will say anything hateful because some guy won't sleep with or date you. I have known this gentleman for a long time and this is nothing but lies but unfortunately nothing can be done about what is already posted here because this site profits from this garbage.

Cheater Details

Name: Robert (Bill) McLeroy
Age: 33
Sexual Preference: N/A
Location: Eatonton, GA
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Married
Profession: Other
Education level: Bachelors degree
CheaterVersity™: N/A
Found Cheating On: Other
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5 ft 5 in
Weight: 185
Tattoos: No

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