Dan Kavanaugh
Male | San Diego, CA  
Narcissistic, Lying, Cheating SCUMBAG!
Posted By: LoLoKnoKno
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim's Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person - Bar
12/01/11 4:01 PM
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I had been dating Dan for close to 3 years, and boy did he have me fooled. He acted like he loved me so much, when all he really wanted from me was for me to cook, clean up after his disgusting messes, have sex, do his laundry (his boxers always have stains in them) and to show me off to his friends. When I started learning more about computers, I figured out how to check his email and Facebook, and he would always be having sexual conversations with girls, saying he was single and they should come spend the night, etc. And we lived together! I learned that if I were to spend a night at a girlfriends, or go visit my parents for the weekend, he would bring home girls from the bar and have sex with them in our bed UNPROTECTED! In a matter of a year, he did this with at least 8 or 9 girls. I wouldn't have stayed with him if I had found this all out at different times, but one of his friends ratted him out and I got all the info at once. The worst one was when he had me come pick him up from his "friend's" house, which was actually a girls. He had been staying with this girl who's last name he didn't even know, having unprotected sex with her for two days straight. When I picked him up, he hadn't even taken a shower, and because I didn't suspect anything, I had sex with him while she was still technically all over him. Beyond disgusting. He is a master manipulator, an advanced liar, and the most evil horrible person I've ever met. He thinks he's a San Diego DJ, but he's only played like 5 small shows in dive bars. Everyone in the city hates him, and he acts proud of it. He's such a great liar, he can convince ANYONE of ANYTHING. LADIES!!! DO NOT trust this sorry excuse for a man! He's like a sociopath. He has no feelings for anyone but himself. He is jobless, homeless, and worthless, and will try to latch onto any unsuspecting female that he finds drunk at a bar. He's mentally unstable and is a psycho stalker as well. A complete loser in life.

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Posted By: stevepure | 12/01/11 5:31 PM
i should of knocked this guy out when i had the chance at 710.... hope you see this dan.. i will deff act upon my actions next time..
Posted By: Janie121 | 12/28/11 1:00 PM
Hi there – I’m sorry to hear about your experience, what a jerk. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but DK used to work for a family that ended up disappearing in Feb of 2010 and he was one of the last people to see them. Did DK ever mention the McStay family or Earth Inspired Products to you? While you were dating DK, did he ever have large amounts of money on him? Did you ever know him to steal or scam people out of money? Sorry for the personal questions, it’s just that many people have suspected this guy may be involved with this families disappearance and you are the only person that has come out saying this guy is a liar and a creepy, which is what many people have suspected all along. If you have any info to share, it would be greatly appreciated, there is a family out there that no one can find.
Posted By: fives | 12/29/11 11:07 AM
Please, if you can contact me, I have questions to ask that are very important to your story. All info will remain anonymous. Thank you!
Posted By: worstnitemare | 1/17/12 5:53 AM
if i ever see this piece of sh*t..he'll be heading to intensive care..i hope you read this you little p*ssy..i will find you..and when i do..its all over for you!!
Posted By: wiseoneUser Verified | 7/25/12 8:20 PM
Hello, this guy is dating someone i know and has been harassing and stalking her. Can we talk so i can find out what he has done. He denies everything you say.
Posted By: loloknokno13User Verified | 8/03/12 1:23 PM
of course he denies everything. would u be proud? pissed off that he got caught and blasted out.
Posted By: rickbaker | 12/04/12 11:51 AM
Hey lolo, please contact me, writing a book that includes DK, have questions. thanks, rglennbaker@mac.com
Posted By: JosephsanUser Verified | 8/04/12 8:16 AM
There is a Google search result for a charge of battery for domestic abuse against him, so apparently, according to police records, he has a least one violent incident on record against a woman. It's a charge so whether or not he actually did it and the circ*mstances around it can't be assumed but it is on record with a $30,000 bond so someone was afraid enough for her safety to call the police. Based on the above account by LoLoKnoKno and that police record, he sounds like an A-grade slime ball and your friend should probably make a clean break ASAP before he gets too comfortable. If he is denying everything said above, yet has the audacity to harasses and stalk her while doing so, it seems quite clear that not only is he a dou*he bag loser, but not a very smart one. Does your friend like the bad boy type or unaware of his past? Have you told her about this account from LoLoKnoKno? I have zero tolerance for men who cross certain lines with women. The note above about the family is very disturbing.
Posted By: Dotcomoz | 12/19/12 1:04 PM
I was shocked to read this page. I've known Dan for a really long time, he's a really nice guy. This girl seems a little crazy and sounds like libel. Dan is a very successful and this sounds like an act of jealousy and we live in an era of criminilizing the successful!
Posted By: loloknokno13User Verified | 12/20/12 4:43 PM
Ok. Ur either his pill popping mom, one if his half wit idiotic friends or someone he paid to write that response. If u need proof, I have the entire text AND Facebook conversation between myself and his current girlfriend, Christina, stating how many times he cheated on her TOO, including mouth ****d her in a parking lot and raping another 20 year old girl. Trust me. Show me where to send it and I will. U dumbass. Check ur facts.
Posted By: DMM22 | 1/23/13 5:18 PM
Cant believe I found this. I dated Dan K back in 2007. I was going to college in San Diego at the time and met him at a party that my friend had invited me to that was his house. He seemed nice enough. We then hung out and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I always knew something was a little off about the guy. Certain things didn't add up. He has something off about him. He basically kind of manipulated me, and kind of pretended I think to love me. He screwed with my head big time. I then went home for the summer thinking he was my bf to later find him having a threesome with some girls he had met while I was away. I then read all this crazy stuff about the case. Even though it was 3 years before, what dan did for a living was the fountain website. He generated sales through google search method or whatever. He would be on the phone with the guy who owned it as well. Its just crazy to hear others stories and look at your past and think that sometimes you need to trust your instincts.
Posted By: loloknokno13User Verified | 1/25/13 3:57 AM
Hey there, I'm assuming this is Diane. Trust me, ur so lucky that u got away from that relationship as easily as u did. He told me about that whole threesome thing, how he put those chicks on the phone with u when that was all going down. So messed up :/ but yah, I'm glad he never got the chance to do anything worse to u. I'd give anything to have those 3 years of my life back.
Posted By: DMM22 | 1/25/13 6:00 AM
Yeah. He has some deep issues. He always made me feel like I was crazy but thenI hadn't thought about him to the other day to be honest and then for some reason I found this website and wow, there someone I dated on there and that went through the same stuff. He messed me up for awhile. Im so sorry that you went through that. Three years is awhile. The great thing is is theres so many good guys out there. One of his friends actually helped me through the process and let me know everything. How did you date him for three years? Hes so twisted that he prob is happy people are on here talking about him
Posted By: gemmasky | 11/18/13 12:49 AM
Please message the FBI with any info you have on him... he possibly could have been involved in the McStays' disappearance... innocent kids died.
Posted By: drstrangelove | 11/18/13 5:01 AM
I'm sure they are on him and have been for a while.
Posted By: denicharg | 12/16/13 12:44 AM
The FBI is not on him, nor the local PD. I've heard about DK's self-proclaimed success stories of the burials in the desert. I think he did it to play the cool guy and scare me into sleeping with him... if any of you have information relating to the McStay family, it should be reported immediately... I urge you to go forward! This guy is a creepy, psycho beyond belief! He manipulates and harrasses anyone he thinks he can. Women and Men... BEWARE... he plays both sides of the field.
Posted By: denicharg | 12/16/13 12:52 AM
Clearly... your instincts are off! he is a cheating, lying, manipulating jerk off!
Posted By: drstrangelove | 11/16/13 1:18 PM
you all do realize this is the man who ******ed the mcstay family?
Posted By: VBReynolds | 11/27/13 10:26 PM
The dude transfered thousands and thousands of dollars out of Joes' account before anyone knew the family had vanished. That speaks volumes!
Posted By: shane12User Verified | 11/24/13 12:40 AM
Wow.......I don't even know where to start. First and foremost; have you noticed there have been over 4 MILLION visits to this site to read about this loser?? You KNOW it's because of the McStay case. Did you read Rick Baker's book? There's no WAY this guy wasn't - at the very least - stalking and harassing that family days before they vanished off the face of this earth only to turn up in dead and buried in the desert near Victorville. He appears to be too STUPID to have covered his tracks very well so let's hope that justice prevails here if he had anything to do with the demise of that family.

Secondly, I have a REAL hard time truly having sympathy for anyone who would continue a relationship w/a known philanderer and not kick his sorry butt to the curb the minute they even suspected he was cheating (come on...the guy's "homeless"??? What's not to love about him, right?). Didn't any of you women used protection with him? I can only imagine how infested w/***'s he must be by now... Some of the women on this site are actually talking about how he was having sex with other women while they were away from home or while their backs were turned. Well, if that made you drop him on the spot then more power to you. If you "stuck it out" because you thought he'd change well, sorry...no mercy here in my book. I'm a mother of two beautiful girls in their mid-20s; they wouldn't give this low life the time of day - just based upon his appearance alone. I'm just saying that developing self respect and s****s that will help you all make better decisions next time is advice coming from a woman you don't know and NOT from the mother's who should've been instilling that virtue in you a long time ago. I hope better choices now prevail!
Posted By: TanyafromCanadaUser Verified | 7/06/14 11:21 AM
Wow! You people on here are absolutely insane!
Who ever wrote this is probably writing it from a mental institution and the rest of you deserve to be tied up in a straight jacket!
None of you know this guy. He has obviously met some messed up women, been entangled in a case he has zero connection to (yes, the FBI are farrrr... more savy than you lonely wierdos!), and is the target of lazy brained lunatics running around with their pitch forks! If he were really a stalker, why is this 'person' going on about him in infany? She/he sounds like the stalker!
Posted By: TanyafromCanadaUser Verified | 7/06/14 11:29 AM
What is even more hilariously nut, is the "broken-telephone" game some of you are playing. You have fabricated facts in this case, he never stole money. He paid off business debts. The police told everyone that the Mcstays went to Mexico, if they returned do you think it would have been better if the business was kept intact or do you think they would count of DK to be a reliable guy if he just let the business wither away??
It's simple logic you nuts can't grasp= if he committed the ******s, he would have taken the money and run. In fact the FBI know where the money went.
Get a life people! Stupid people always think they are wiser than professionals (it must be a conspiracy!!)- it's absolutely crazy-making!!
Posted By: OneeyedJackUser Verified | 7/17/14 6:53 PM
Why was Dan trying to get access to Joe McStay's Quickbook account on the 8th of Feb., 2010, then, Tanyafrom Canada? No one even knew they were missing, yet.
Posted By: OneeyedJackUser Verified | 7/17/14 10:24 PM
You're obviously seriously misinformed, TanyafromCanada. Dan was transferring money from Joey's bank account into his Paypal account LONG before law enforcement said the McStays went to Mexico. As a matter of fact, he was doing this before they were even reported missing. Why don't you ask your buddy Dan how he got Joe's password? It's well-documented that Dan was using different names, methods, and email addresses to siphon the accounts. He was also harassing Mr. McStay with constant and persistent phone calls, Joe tried to ignore in the weeks before the family disappeared. Why do you think he was doing that?

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Name: Dan Kavanaugh
Age: 34
Sexual Preference: N/A
Location: San Diego, CA
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
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Relationship Status: Single
Profession: Technology
Education level: High school
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Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: N/A
Weight: 165
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