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Which country has the most cheaters?
Article by: CheaterVille Staff
July 12, 2011

It's sad but true: cheating is universal. Every country in the world has to deal with adultery. In some, it seems to be almost a given that an extramarital affair take place, but which countries actually host the largest number of cheating spouses?

According to AlterNet, although international infidelity varies across the globe, some countries take a more lax approach to the subject. For example, in Nigeria, it's referred to as "sexual networking," while in Finland they like to say "parallel relationships." Call it what you will, but cheating is cheating no matter how you slice it.

It seems that one of the best predictors of infidelity is wealth. Men and women in rich countries are actually less likely to cheat on their spouses than those in poor ones, the news source reports. This is probably due to the fact that developed nations tend to impose harsher penalties on a cheater, be it socially or financially.

The best we can say is that the region of sub-Saharan Africa has the highest incidence of infidelity in the world. An astounding 37 percent of married or cohabitating men in this area say they've had more than one sexual partner in a given year. That puts Silvio Berlusconi to shame!

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