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Bam Margera Cheating on His Wife
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February 28, 2011

Bam Margera has been caught cheating on his wife Missy Rothstein Margera, who doesn’t look too bad without her clothes on. Bam was caught after pictures were leaked that showed him with a 17 year-old girl from Canada in his hotel room.

I know what you’re thinking. OMG she’s under 18 years-old, and is therefore not of legal age. This job always has its surprises, like finding out there are different ages of consent everywhere. In Canada the legal age of consent was raised from 14 years-old to 16 years-old in May of 2008, and the last time it was raised was in 1890 from 12 to 14.

According to Canadian law a 17 year-old girl is of legal age, so the only thing Bam is guilty of is cheating. There are rumors that Bam has several girlfriends in different cities, which makes me wonder is Missy and Bam have an open marriage that allows both of them to see other people while apart. If you don’t hear about Missy filing for divorce then you’ll know she’s okay with Bam seeing other girls.

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Posted By: sassyitalian89 | 2/15/12 11:30 AM
omg Bam you bad man you have a wife why???? i still love you funny guy but why??
Posted By: Anon1993 | 6/22/12 3:46 PM
Noooooo Bam :0 :(

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