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How Straying Partners Tend To Justify Infidelity Internally
Article by: CheaterVille Staff
September 21, 2012

How Straying Partners Tend To Justify Infidelity Internally


“What goes through the mind of a straying spouse during an affair?” This is a question that may run through the mind of a victim of a cheating spouse. Meghan Cole, a psychotherapist, suggests that most often, if not always, cheating is something someone chooses to do.  Cheating is not something that “just happened”; it is something that was planned out.


Here are 2 ways that we justify internally or talk ourselves into reasoning with the idea of infidelity prior to actually cheating according to Cole:



The first and most common way that patients report talking to themselves prior to cheating on their spouse is through denial. Denial is when we insist to ourselves or others that something is untrue. For this column we are going to focus on our self-talk. Prior to an affair, a person may deny the implications or consequences of their proposed future actions. This may sound like “we’ll get through it,” “she’ll never divorce me,” or “it’s not really that bad when you think about it.” These statements are statements that I’ve heard from patients recalling self-talk from prior to the start of an affair.


Now in counseling due to the repercussions of an affair, the patients are often able to see these thoughts as red flags, but prior did not recognize them as troubling. Now statements like “I’ll only do it once” seem ridiculous and obviously not true but hopeful.  Another common theme includes denying that what you are doing, maybe having an emotional affair, is not wrong because it’s not a physical affair, or justifying kissing because it is not sex.


Many times the person engaging in an affair is exerting unfair control in the marriage. Inappropriate use of power and control in marriage is synonymous with abuse, however infidelity is rarely thought of as abusive by the infidel. I challenge you to think this way by recognizing how the physical and emotional safety of your spouse is being violated.



The second way that many people justify infidelity internally is by accepting that they need more from the marriage. This looks less l   ike denial and sometimes more like anger. “I had been trying to tell him for years!” or “She always took me for granted” people will say justifying an affair after the fact. In reality, these thoughts were there prior to the affair also, but most likely not shared in a healthy way with the spouse.


Women often feel lonely and want to have someone make them feel “special,” important, and listened to. Men often want attention, creativity, and to feel handsome or sexy to someone. Men may want to add on perks to their marriage whereas women tend to look for a replacement of an emotional gap. Whether your male or female doesn’t matter when you think about a healthy marriage as an entire pie, and then an unhealthy marriage with one of the above things, a piece of pie, missing.


Couples that recognize a lack of healthy communication or thoughts like these should seek professional help soon. Professional counseling services can help you organize and share your frustrated thoughts so that they are heard to your satisfaction. Cheating on your spouse is not a way to transition out of marriage.


Cheating is a complicated issue.  If you are in an unhealthy marriage, try to make it better instead of putting time and energy into someone else. 



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Posted By: Shamrock33 | 9/24/12 11:43 AM
Denial aint just a river in Egypt!
Posted By: BustaCap | 9/24/12 11:49 AM
Internally you must have a lot of liars in your head if you can convince yourself that you did nothing wrong
Posted By: G4life2 | 9/24/12 11:57 AM
What you NEED is to fix your marriage not be a dog and cheat behind their back
Posted By: PottyMouthed | 9/24/12 12:03 PM
Liars just lie to make them feel better. They even lie to themself!
Posted By: Fizzy | 9/24/12 12:11 PM
seeking professional help doesnt mean going to a prostitute......

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