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Should You Be Friends With An Ex On Facebook?
Article by: CheaterVille Staff
September 05, 2012

Should You Be Friends With An Ex On Facebook?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and texting are apart of most of our everyday lives.  This means of communication makes it more convenient to keep up with our friends and families.  Most of us cannot imagine a world without them.  Although it may make it easier to keep up with our social circles, it can also make it easier for us to behave badly. 

Have you ever looked up your ex on Facebook? Have you ever gone on their page to see how they are and what they are doing? Have you ever messaged them, poked them or friend requested them?  If you did any of these things, did you fill your partner in on it?

Has social media and texting blurred the lines between right and wrong in relationships, particularly where exes are concerned?

“That's a question that was recently asked by the QMI Agency for a sex survey published in The Calgary Sun. According to the study's findings, 45 per cent of us are happy to be contacted by an ex on Facebook, and yet the vast majority of us would be angry if our partner befriended their ex. In other words, we're hypocrites. Study responders felt meeting up with someone you've contacted online -- and dated -- is cheating. Additionally, 35 per cent think exchanging photos equals infidelity and 25 per cent say texting goes against relationship rules.

“It's no secret social media is known as a relationship wrecker -- lawyers now claim Facebook is mentioned in 20 per cent of divorce petitions. ‘Being in communication with an ex is opening the door to suggestive emails and cheating. It might not happen, but some people just don’t want that door open at all -- and that’s a fair point,’ relationship expert Laurie Puhn tells The Sun.”

Still, infidelity is subjective and it depends on the couple. ““For some couples. Cheating is emailing with an ex. For others, it’s having drinks with an ex. Find out the line in your own relationship,” adds Puhn.

Don’t allow your online friendships get in the way of your real-life relationships.

“The Internet is so enticing -- the world is open to you and you can be whoever you want on Facebook -- that people put it ahead of couple time and family time,” says Puhn.

Where do you draw the line in your relationship?  How would you feel if your partner messaged their ex on Facebook?


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Posted By: Coast2Coster | 9/05/12 3:34 PM
Only if you let your new lover read your conversations
Posted By: Minger22 | 9/05/12 4:39 PM
absolutely 100% no talking to exes online
Posted By: Rayden | 9/05/12 4:50 PM
Figures dont lie, liars figure. Stay away if you care about your relationship
Posted By: Bynum | 9/06/12 1:58 PM
I would be pissed if she wanted to be friends with with her ex for real
Posted By: Shala4467 | 9/06/12 2:10 PM
anytime an ex contacts you just consider it a booty call no matter what the content of the initial message

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