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11 Signs He’s A Cheater!
Article by: CheaterVille Staff
September 03, 2012

11 Signs He’s A Cheater!


Cheating is the ultimate betrayal.   Some people find out by catching their partner in the act or have incriminating evidence.  What if you don’t necessarily have evidence but you think that something is up?  What are the signs that maybe they are in fact cheating?


College Candy listed 11 signs that he might be cheating:


"You Never Did That Before"

There’s stuff you pick up from porn and there’s stuff you can’t know about unless you’ve been doing it to another person. When he breaks out a new repertoire that clearly isn’t something you have a taste for but he seems to be used to, you bet he’s not learning the tricks from your, time, together.


Accuses You Of Cheating On HIM!

It’s called projecting.


Becoming A Metrosexual

He starts spending more time in front of the mirror than The Situation, he’s switching to vodka from beer, and he begins DVRing “The Chew” instead of “RAW Supershow”! The signs of a content boyfriend are sloth and gluttony. Routine is your friend. Buy it a beer.


Becoming Invisible

Flipside of overcompensating by doing too much, he just stops showing any interest at all. Guilt manifests itself in all sorts of different kinds of habits and behavior.


Conflicting Stories

Your boy: “I was at Steve’s house.” Steve: “He was at Jerry’s house.” Well, that doesn’t raise an eyebrow, does it?


Covering Techno Tracks

New password on his e-mail? He won’t let you use his phone? These may be signs of hiding incriminating evidence of an illicit affair. You can’t subpoena the electronics and I don’t recommend invading his privacy. But when he suddenly becomes more private and borders on paranoid with all means of communication…what do you smell?


New Facebook Friend

It’s a socializing tool. And it’s less skeevy than Adult Friend Finder. When you check his Facebook wall do you notice a hot girl you’ve never heard of “Liking” every post he puts up about being done with work for the day? Yeah, that’s her.


Suddenly Growing A Romantic Bone

When the courting’s done, it’s f*cking done. I mean, there will be the occasional romantic gesture. There will be the Valentine’s Day dinner. But if, out of the blue, he whisks you off to Hawaii, buys you thousands in jewelry, and starts reciting Lord Byron or the hipster equivalent to such things, that’s called overcompensating for his guilt.


Suddenly Lower Libido

There’s a guy being too tired one night, or two, and then there’s not needing to have sex with you because he’s getting it from someone else. Be wary of a sudden string of headaches.


The Man Doth Protest Too Much!

“Big boobs? I don’t see ‘em.” “Yvonne Stahovski doesn’t do it for me.” CHEATER!


Getting Caught!

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, acts like a duck, and is dumber than a duck to get caught!….Obvious, but conclusive.


Being guilty of one of these signs may not be enough to prove they are cheating.  If your partner is guilty of multiple signs, it may be worth bringing it up to them.



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Posted By: Tadpoler2 | 9/04/12 2:33 PM
busting out new moves in bed doesnt make you a cheater it makes you an explorer
Posted By: Noneofit66 | 9/04/12 3:47 PM
spending more time in the mirror than the situation lol great line
Posted By: PATRIOTS12 | 9/04/12 3:58 PM
12. you catch him in bed with another fat nasty tr*mp
Posted By: Binked | 9/04/12 4:26 PM
if getting caught in a lie about where he was at doesnt tip you off then you are naive
Posted By: ComeHither | 9/04/12 4:56 PM
new facebook friend.....god that brings up bad memories
Posted By: SoopremeBeing | 9/05/12 11:16 AM
Sexual messages being swapped back and forth...regardless f he acted on them or not.
Posted By: Opihikao | 9/07/12 3:51 PM
Pretty much the slippery slide to doing whatever. I figure if he's talking about it now it's likely already been done and he's now getting real comfy with the concept enough that he can actually say it wherever to whoever.

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